Cape Brushwood Roars Again

From: "chas smith" <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 21:30:25 PDT


What will probably be the last test launch was held last weekend.

Rockets roared DAY and NIGHT. We actually even mounted a couple of high power motos TO THE EARTH ITSELF.



So we stuck some rocket motors into the EARTH ITSELF and LIT THAT FRUCKIN' FUSE. It was soooo beautiful to watch the earth cumming gobs of LOUD BLUE-WHITE FLAME and SMOKE. I thought I might actually be able to alter Earth's orbit. I DID MY PART. Since we did this at night... at some sub-micro-quantum level... I shifted the Earth's orbit toward the sun just a weee bit. Over the course of many orbits... it might change where the Earth should be when the Xs arrive. Sorry if that causes any inconvienence.

The weather was GREAT...the pool and hot-tub were ass coolin GREAT. We got back EVERY rocket we launched except for one super duper bad boy high powered one I launched out over the woods with no intention of retrieval - it didn't have ANY recovery system... (AND I lit the fucker with a FUSE... A SHORT FUSE AT THAT. Ya' should have seen me dancin' the rocketboy dance as it started igniting before I got ten feet away.) Just one bad ass rocket with an empty nose cone. 3...2...1... gone-daddy-gone. I think it's safe to say that if the Yaquatisma (sp) show up we can at least give 'em a respectable fight. With the right creative payloads, we just might blow 'em out of the sky.

BUT... The coolest part of this last test of the Cape Brushwood Launch Center (CBLC) was that Michele and I went hunting for the monster rocket we launched and lost two weeks ago. We were ready to give up yet again... then... miracles of miracles. The Pleasure Goddesses smiled on us as Michele called out "I found it"! It was 20 feet up in a tree right by the road back into the fairie woods. It was in perfect shape. I mean ready to fly! Amazing how the rocket gods and goddesses look out for my babies. She'll fly again at XXday.
****************************************************************** ****************************************************************** Thus and forever more Michele and I were given new magickal names at the Brushwood Air Defense Command High Council gathering that night at the new Brushwood roundhouse bonfire. (Wait'll you guys see the new roundhouse)

Michele shall forever more be known as "Eagle Rocket Hunter" I shall forever more be known as "Dances With Rockets"

Please address us by our new rightful names. Those old names represent our slavery to the CON. But we have have been emancipated, my friends - I tell you... by the GAZE up the rocket butt as it ignites... We have emersed ourselves slowly into the solid rocket fuel... and found that if you let go to it's intent - it's not solid at all, but soft, inviting and nuturing. We have heard the Sound of the Sand.
****************************************************************** ****************************************************************** What we need for XXday is a TARGET in the sky. Does anyone have a weather balloon?

Everytime I launch at Cape Brushwood another SubGenius comes walking out of the woods there. This time it was Rev. Sosa Dadda, who is traveling about the country and decided to spend a couple of weeks at Brushwood. We fropped and shared the fellowship of church air and rocket butt alike.

Rockets Away

Dances With Rockets (the Cantor formerly known as Chas)

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