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Date: Thu, 03 Jun 1999
Organization: SubGenius Foundation

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For all those going up for the "Day":

I've been getting a few calls and emails about some of the
rules outlined in the various brochures, Fist's, Website, etc.
regarding XX-Day. Most of the confusion stems from the


This was sort of a joke -- a take off of the many hippie
rallies and bike meets I've attended in the past which
usually include something like: "No Drugs, No Firearms,
No Attitude" or some variant of this in their flyers. This is
so incredibly subtle that I blame no one for not getting it.
However, it was not completely tongue-in-cheek as I tried
to pick some things that may actually be problems. I wasn't
going to say "no drugs" and definitely not "no attitude"
because then there wouldn't be an X-Day. So here are
some more clarifications:

No Fireworks:

This IS actually a small problem at X-Day. The
potential for an accident is prevalent (blown off hands,
burnt down tents.) But the real reason we discourage this is
that for some reason people decide 2 AM is a fine time to
shoot bottle rockets around. Personally I could care less, as
I am in the heated splendor of a private Hiearchite Cabin
while Magdalen and I are getting squid-jobs from adoring
followers. However, this does break our ONLY rule: Don't
sully others Slack. Some Subs do actually sleep at X-Day,
not many, but some.

So the rule is as follows:

Bring fireworks if you want, spend $500 on 'em --
but if you light one before the fireworks show, Dr. Strange
has full permission to confiscate your entire stash. And he
will, trust me... more free ammo for him. If you manage to
hide your goods until the fireworks show then you win. It's
you against Strange in the Battle for Pastor Craig Island.

*Those of you new to SubGenius Fireworks shows
should keep in mind that the fireworks are usually directed
at the spectators.

No Motorcycles:

I have absolutely NO fucking idea why I wrote that.
I guess if you bring a motorcycle and race it around the
campground then you are a dick and will be thrown out.
No one has ever done this or even thought of it. Some
people ride their bikes to X-day and I understand this year a
whole gang of people are riding up. This is great, go for it.
Before I worked for Dobbs, I owned a motorcycle and was
in a biker's club (The Desert Rats MC- Nevada.) So I have
nothing against bikers, or bringing a motorcycle to X-Day.

No Firearms:

Well this goes without saying, only members of
the Hierarchy can be armed. You will be removed if you
bring any weapons capable of killing someone. (i.e., Potato
and Panty guns are OK) If you can't walk into a high
school with it then don't bring it to X-Day.

Some other rules that have come up:


By this we mean specifically NO DOGS. Yes, the
campground has a dog, but this doesn't mean YOU can.
Don't even try, even if the campground says it's OK it is
still NOT OK. NO DOGS. The people you'll piss off the
most are the folks who followed this rule and paid good
money to board their beasts. But don't worry you will not
get that far. You will not be allowed in if you bring a dog.
Leave all animals at home or in a kennel.


We have no rule on children. Personally I would not bring any child under 12, it is without a doubt an "Adult Only" type party, but you *can* bring them.. I also wouldn't bring my 12 -15 year old for a whole other set of reasons.
"Kids...Fuck 'em" -- G Gordon Gordon

That's it. Hope that helps

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