From: jesus@subgenius.com (Jesus@subgenius.com)

Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999

Everything looks great, it looks like yet another weird end of the
world party. I just hear GGG will be going again this year. I've
also heard from just about everyone else you love to hate and they
will all be there. Bill T Miller will not be there this year which is
unfortunate, but he sends his Slack. Also Dr. Dyna will be in finals
week in order to become Dr. Dr. Dynasor I guess.

Many caravans are going up and people are still swaping rides, check
out modemacs rideboard at:


We will have Slack Barter this year. Same as last year you must pay
to get in then get your money back at the end of festival. This will
be a refund of your event fee only not your camping fee, which we have
nothing to do with.

Pre Reg! I hope to have an easy prereg up on subsite by fri. Check
out the Scatalog. Please PreReg! It makes it easier for everyone, and
you get in quicker. (You do not HAVE to pre-reg and can pay at the
gate, there is no penalty for doing so)

REMEMBER MEMBERS ONLY! This year is members only. You can buy your
membership at the gate. So, If you are not ordained it will be $30
for your lifetime membership + $30 event fee.



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