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From: (Modemac)
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 1999 23:09:05 GMT

Want to send email to Little Fyodor? Then go to:

Here's what I sent him, excerpted from the XX-Day confession I'm in the middle
of writing. (And dammit, I haven't even gotten past Friday yet! Though how
anyone could pass Friday Jones is beyond me.)

"Fellow mutants, you MUST experience the spastic seizures of the incomparable
LITTLE FYODOR and BABUSHKA, the 85-year-old wrinkled arthritic sex goddess!
Picture David Byrne in that old "Once in a Lifetimeo/oo video, multiply his
frazzled nerd postures by one hundred, and you might come close to the
hopeless futility projected by Little Fyodor. He is a TRUE MUTANT, and his
very first song "I Am Insane" brought the crowd to attention and had us all
SCREAMING after only a few minutes!"

I am insane
There's strange things in my brain
I don't know where they came from
They're not a part of me
I wish that they would go away
And leave my poor brain be.
I am a nut
If there's a joke, I'm sure to be the butt
I hear the voices laughing at me
I wish I could laugh too
I hope I'm giving them a good time
It's the least that I can do

First Online Church of "Bob"

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