XXDay Europe

From: Rev.David Lee Black <revblack@hotmail.com>

Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999

Dear Mutant,

I have been getting a lot of positive feedback about XXday Europe and it looks as if the world is going to end with a big bang. For those of you who are still interested the agenda is as follows:

Friday night-- Arrival-- I will gladly arange to pick up anyone from the central train station who shows up. Anyone coming from out of town has a free place to stay here for the weekend. We have lots space for lots of people and there is plenty of parking.

Friday 10:00 The opening ceremonies for the XXday festivities in the house bar. Lots of alcohol will be served at cost and cost is about 1DM per beer or about $.60 US. Drinking poison and handling snakes will ONLY be permitted by card carrying members of the Church of the SubGenius, so send in your $30.00 if you have not already.

Satuday--The Last BBQ---- We will celebrate one of our last meals here on planet Earth by cooking out in the back yard. This should entail lots of eating and more alcohol abuse, German style. This affair will retire to the house bar in the early evening for a night of preachin and songs of praise and worship.

Sunday---Bobtisms in the Kiel fiorde-- I live right on the Kiel fiorde and the plan is to go for a swim for BOB so bring your swimming gear. If we are lucky maybe we can go for an outing on the SunGenius yacht. Drowning humans is encouraged.

Monday----XXday--The Bording party-- Need I say more?

Kiel(Dobbsburg) is located about 90km NE of Hamburg in the north of Germany. You will need to take a train from Hamburg Central Station to Kiel and arrive on Friday afternoon (2nd) if possible. Anyone interested in coming to XXday Europe should contact me asap at:


May the SLDCK be with you.

His divine grace, most holy,
Oberburgermeister Dobbsburg(Kiel) Germany The Apostle Pvpe David Lee Black

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