Rev. David Hope on the Trinary Dobbs Computer Code


Stang intro with Friday WOTAN JAM 2 in bg

Susie & Stang discuss Squid... GOOD squid audio quotes.

THE SCOURGING OF JESUS and CRUCIFICTION OF DOBBS: (Stang narrates occasionally)
Legume lectures: "We're living in an age when you'll see the corpse of the old world and the broken bones of time." Follow the smoke...The con's against you... Legume introduces the unholy rituals, provides visual aid of calendar.... X-DAY RANT!

Legume leads crowd to CRUCIFY Jesus... Crowd chant "CRUCIFY!" Legume: "Take your crosspiece -- you're gettin' dragged to the Golgotha!" Legume scourges Jesus as crowd of masked revelers head up the hill at sunset to Golgotha... Pope Phred chastises Jesus... "Bleeding Jesus good! Healed Jesus Bad!"

Stang rants... "So, King of the SubGenii, eh Jesus?" Stang looks for Sacred Hammer and Nails.... The Grey suggests a judgement. Stang: "Someone must die here today. Jesus is trying to make up for what his followers have done... he tried to make amends. Must we prove our faith by killing just another messiah, or shall it give us more Slack perhaps... to kill "Bob"??" Crowd demands "Bob"'s blood!

Dobbs grins and smiles as they lay him on the cross... Jesus hammers nails into "Bob"'s hands, feet... Stang narrates tearfully as Jesus hammers Dobbs down, re Satan and Jesus cooperating in the nailing of Dobbs... The sacred Stump is hoisted by many volunteers, a thousand Judases... Dobbs is hung up against the sky, crowd chants to kill "Bob"... Stang, Philo, many spit on Dobbs, Susie the Floozie washes his feet with her hair, washes her armpits with his feet -- the OverMan spits on "Bob"... "He thirsts... pee upon him."

Legume sprays "Bob" with starter fluid... sprays fire across Dobbs! Dobbs goes up! His ass burns! Bloodthirst! Horror! "Anyone have any marshmellows?"
... the crowd cries to kill JESUS NOW!!!

SWINGING LOVE CORPSES jam (W/ BRENT HENDERSON (Dr. PSYCHOTRONIC RADIONIC)... Bill T. Miller starts "If 6 Was 9" jam... *Dr. Radionics starts ranting. Osmotic jamming. "We will continue to shovel out truckloads of slack, 24-7... " Miller, Steve Slack, Love Corpses, Tehudi, misc. audience jam

Stang introduces SUSIE THE FLOOZIE
Tassles a'wagglin, Susie drenches us in the breadcrumbs of slack while Dobbs fries us up and dips us in Connie's honey mustard!
(Susie delivers too fast and good a rant for me to keep up with typing) -- Susie is shamed by crowd for carrying Dobbs' baby... "And as wet as that dream is, we've gotta follow it every step of the way. Take that despair and crack it like a whip! "Bob" is that entrenching tool..." Great Susie rant.

Stang intros:
In full Nazi regalia, delivers rant re: the Reich and the blood flag. Reads the sacred document: WATERING DOWN DOBBS. SubGenius genocide... "to saboutage our seed, to rob our men of their precious bodily fluids!" Rant on human inbreeding. Captain Bob's Star Crusier... "what if his crew fraternizes with the enemy? The crimes against the chosen race.... they label us... the untouchables... -- what to do with the Vermin. Pink infestation... how to deal with it REASONABLY. "We'll be merciful... but we can't let them taint our race. There'll be plenty of blood mixing on X-Day... we'll give them the same chance they gave us when they were in charge. Not hate, intolerance; just common sense! When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. There's no such thing as safe sex with normals. Don't give a Pink an inch of what they want... let alone 10. It is more blessed to spill your seed than to plant it on noxious ground. For what profit the body that perish for the part?"

Dynasoar does intro to hymns. ...

Stang reminds everyone of the 7 am ceremony; DON'T TOUCH THE PILS until exactly that time... mentions the iron-on tattoos... intros Nickie

Nickie speaks re GUILT and removal of guilt... calls for volunteers, strips off overcoat, revealing nun dominatrix outfit.
Stang demands punishment, voices his support for strong women... gets butt whacked, demands more. Bill Miller suipplies excess sound effects. Steve Slack offers tapes, gets extra hard spanking for his cheapness. Stang gets another whipping.

KING OF SLACK BILL T. MILLER "PRAISE BOB KILL BOB" duet Stang/Miller... Stang attempts to exorcise the demon from Miller as he denies the truth of "Bob"... then Stang gives in, agrees that Dobbs is fucked... exhorts all to kill Dobbs... Stang attempts to cast out demons of blabbering bobbie assholes, those who buy no OBE CDs, ...

Stang & Miller intoduce Tarla.
TARLA STAR does poems:
"Mary Jane"
"Wake Up and Smell the Dead"
DOBBS poem... !!

** Susie applies her make-up outside the cabin... "The higher priced spread." Susie does GREAT routine re: make-up, product testing.


"BOB" DON'T LIVE TODAY... (Henrix redoux, good improv rant in instru. break)



"BOB" DON'T LIVE TODAY..."Oh, there ain't no slack nowhere!"

Andrew the Impaled, short Apocalypse rant: "the Apocalypse is going on all around you, the slow steady degradation of mankind, the breakdown of psyche, family, brain... that is the constant apocalypse."

Bill and Stang speculate re: Special Alien Update by
AVATAR speaks -- information on surviving X-Day regarding multiple types of aliens. There is a way to identify which aliens to gravitate towards.. SubGenius individuality vs. alien collective consciousness computer. Phobos probe ... *** this is the source of the Grey's intelligence. The Xists use these same Greys to do their work... .. look for the Greys that have a SMILE on their faces.

TEHUTI speaks: Glad to be affiliated with "Bob", Slack, Life... as the aliens approach, as the planetoid Halle Bop approaches, we will be faced with CHOICES... espouse Slack."

"The Shape I'm In"

PAPA JOE MAMA 3 (in executioner gear)
The PSYCHOLOGY OF DEATH... "PAYING YOUR DUES TO DOBBS". "Have you truly PAID your dues? The rest are all destined to Hell, that's a given. There's only so many places on the Saucers on X-Day. Why waste fuel on the deadbeat Bobbies, etc... why import problem people to the promised world. SOME think that's severe... but "Bob" is a pioneer... can't afford the luxury of pity. Excess baggage must be jettisoned. NOW how many feel secure? Is it FAIR that he save only those who benefit him? Sure. SO MANY SubGs expect to be pampered, validated, saved. But they leave the saving to the preachers. "Bob" wants YOU to save your neighbor, your state, your planet. It's not like "Bob" didn't try to do it himself. Not like there's no reward... a waiver from HELL! -- yet THAT PAIN is NOTHING compared to Hell. Those Japs had HOPE... the HOPE of DEATH... an end to suffering. The Pinks won't have that... kinda funny, ain't it? -- eternal bliss, or eternal torment -- choose with your DEEDS! Don't sit and wait... it won't be easy... but it'll be WORTH it. Try burning your hand in the skillet... then imagine thaT PAIN FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS. THAT IS THE ALTERNATIVE TO "Bob". I WARNED YOU..." -- "Some will mock us and laugh... but come July 5 1998, they'll be screaming for a chance they were given but CHOSE to ignore!"

Stang torturedly intros:

ST. @NDREW rant
Why Hate? Excellent Hate rant. @ndrew proves his worth despite all the tortue by Legume and Stang in superb rant. "Enough of their egocentric hate, boosting their human egos by stepping on others. "**** Good CUs. Racial rhetoric... why hate only humans? GREAT!***

"For What It's Worth"

SLC first jam con't.


Killer X-Day rant... intense heartfelt impromptu rant. "Smells like fish... tastes like chicken... SQUEALS LIKE A PIG!" etc. On the SubPresidential election... "ONE VOTE, ONE DOLLAR! They get one... we get THOUSANDS! They won't be able to keep track of us! ... The Conspiracy wants to love you to death!"

Stang rants re today's youth, bars through peckers, the broomstick up the ass.

Rev. Pee Kitty despite his ludicrous physical appearance delivers unexpectedly intense and heartfelt KILLER DEATH RANT for Dobbs. "Pump up your calibre, increase your power, eat your parents, hate me, hate yourself for not hating enough!!@!!" (This needs to be transcribed) "IT IS YOUR MOVE!"

Bill T. Miller introduces Cheshire, the Condom Lady, who demonstrates how to apply a condom by mouth.

Stang encourages sin in

St. @ndrew and Pope Phred
Taped intro... (solemn voice spacey thang)
Moving Hands (opens with Stang Intro barrage Con/JHVH-1 bit, w/ music) -- 3. @ndrew intros band... Funk Song w/ Phred dancing.... "You can't dance to JHVH Hates Phred"...

They launch into Pink Cover Tune Section, asking for requests: Stang suggests: PURPLE HAZE. Girl from Ipanema. Attempt PURPLE HAZE (!!!!) Requests: Sweet Home Alabama. Mississippi Queen. Smoke on the Water. Rocket Man.
They attempt "William Shatner singing Rocket Man." Philo apologizes...

The Prima-Donna Project. "How many of you also wanted to get up here and rant? How many thought, I'll be a SubG preacher? First you have to be a SubG prima donna. All the greats were prima donnas... they have something special. But to develop it you have to calm down... get down and ask, "Why do I want to be a SubG prima donna?" For the slack? If you find a reason, let us know. Through all history, people have needed the prima donnas, the greats, to explain what it means to be alive, to exist. The Church is committed to producing prima donnas... Let US tell you how. If you don't want it, get started, send $ to PO box... As you get slack you'll lose sight of your heroes... you'll be an equal with them. And it only costs $30..." explains Prima Donna Project a little... "stop working, develop abnormality... won't have to compete with Hendrix, Einstein or Pat Benatar.... "

Bill T. Miller: Leading crowd in Onan's song "B.O.B."

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