A couple of questions...

From: nenslo@teleport.com (NENSLO)

Date: 17 Jul 1996 06:52:48 GMT

Jason R. Pascucci (jrp@seachange-tech.com) wrote:

: I have a couple of questions...

Hello Jason. Intimately familiar as I am with the caliber of
tribe you are liable to get from the lesser beings on alt.slack, I will do
you the favor of giving you the CORRECT answers here immediately.

: 1) Has any subgenius minister ever had their membership revoked?

Yes, all of them.

: 2) Even if "Bob" manages to get lucky enough to hitch us all a cosmic ride
: with the Xists, and get our asses hauled off this hellhole wartpit of a
: planet, aren't the Yists (if I recall, aka the Yacitisma, not to be confused
: with Yacitizma) gonna just gang-rape the Xists sometime down the line? When?
: What's "Bob" gonna do then? And, most importantly, do the Yists have good
: lubricant technology? I hear the Yists 9 inch worms are 9 inches AROUND.

If, if, if. You'll be lucky if you live to see X-Day as it is.

: 3) Did you ever get the impression that the universe was laughing at you
: behind your back? I've always suspected that was wrong, that the universe
: doesn't give a drowning ant's fuck about you...I think it's NHGH who's doing
: all the laughing.

This is not a question.



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