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> Sakamoto) wrote:
> ->John K. is a
> ->latent SubGenii and (this is personal opinion) that Billy West sucks!
> Better not tell that to Bleepo, sister. Hey, I thought he wuz supposed to
> be at the drill (didn't see any mention of the name in all the reports...)

Bleepo couldn't make the Drill due to... life... but is gonna be helping
do live HoSlack at Starwood. Where he is ALSO one of the "youth group"
"counsellors" and kids' event organizers, like Jesus. They're the two main
people who do that for ACE now. What manner of world is this where
SubGeniuses are allowed to babysit pagan children??? (And Jesus USED to be
a CHRISTIAN youth group leader!!)

Who's next? JANOR???

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In article <4sjh69$>, Sakamoto) wrote:

> It was the episode where Stimpy was posing as a professional mouse-catcher
> and Ren was a mouse. The husband in that ep, you never see his face, but
> an occasional shot of... A PIPE! A sign? Yes! A sign that John K. is a
> latent SubGenii and (this is personal opinion) that Billy West sucks!
> Praise "Bob"! Or something.

I know John K. One day I was in his office, and I saw Revelation X on his
desk. He is a true Yetisyn...a living SubG saint, actually.

But "Dad" is not "Bob." I asked Vincent Waller, the writer of that
episode, and he said that "Dad" is just a typical '50s dad.

Billy West SUCKS because he told John K. that he'd stay loyal to Spumco
and not go over to Games, but did the opposite in the crunch. If Billy
Wuss hadn't gone over to Games, Nickelodeon might not have been able to
take over production of Ren & Stimpy.

Stimpy is an example of Cat Slack in action....he is an Idiot Zen-Slack
Master who maintains his calm center of Slack even when he cannot
manipulate the Luck Plane.

His opposite is Felix The Cat...he's an Emergentile as opposed to Stimpy's
Rewardian. Felix actively *manipulates* the Luck Plane, with the help of
his detachable tail and Bag of Tricks. Check out The Twisted Tales of
Felix The Cat before the moron Pinkboyz at CBS Entertainment take all the
edges off Felix in the next season. It's on Saturdays at 10 AM.

For further discussion of the mysteries of Cartoon Slack, come see me at

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