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Kitty) wrote:

> St. Pomp Prideless ( spewed forth:
> > In article <>, (Peter
> > Hipwell) wrote:
> > > In article <> (Lou Duchez) writes:
> > > >In article <>,
> > > >Peter Hipwell <> wrote:
> > >
> > > >> Feck me this, I never did so, but I could MELT CHEESE
> > > >> with the pondering of WHOMSOEVER could be entertained by MEETING people
> > > >> from THIS GROUP? The very thought SICKENS and BAFFLES me.
> > > >
> > > >Yes, in much the same way that one first hears about sex as a child
> > > >and the thought initially seems ucky.
> > > >
> > >
> > > No, in the same way that one first hears about drinking a pint of
> > > someone else's snot and the thought always seems ucky.
> > Warning: Falling rocks. Hipwell ROCKS!!!!!
> Aw, you're just mad cuz Legume tried to stick a golf club up your ass.

Did he wire it up to his electroshock machine first?

- The Irreverend Friday Jones


From: (Peter Hipwell)

In article <4s0ql5$> (TarlaStar) writes:
> (Peter Hipwell) wrote:
>>morphological scribblings, a kettle, 400 teabags, a pint of fat-free
>>milk, a toaster, a loaf of Highland Crofter bread, a stockpile of fags
>>and an old battered copy of Lucretius with IMPORTANT UNDERLININGS in
>>thick blue felt tip that has leaked through the pages. This is what
>>living is really all about! Everyone should have agoraphobia, and then
>>the world would be a HAPPIER PLACE!
>Pete you are too precious for words. I imagine all you Crossponders
>living exactly this way. Just add plenty of good art on the walls. I
>suggest 18C pen and inks.

Well, I've got a framed teatowel depicting Marine Life in a garishly
clumping manner with a stuck on paper-cut out of a brain scan (being
eaten by the peeved shark), a Cultural Revolution style child picking
poppies converted into an advert for the Wonder Product ELK!, a poster
of Brighton Pavilion's ceiling bearing the legend "Extraordinary!", a
blue Grey with a swastika covering its non-existant genitals groping
the left tit of a woman painted by Munch, a Picasso piccie of a cat
savaging a bird, a picture of Noel Godin holding a cream gateau, a
picture of me "wearing" a Hula Skirt made out of dried flowers with a
dog raping my left leg and two chameleons have it away on my left
shoulder while God floats past on a sofa watching in amazement, a
NOMEANSNO poster of a guy injecting heroin with the slogan "FUN", a
poster depicting fishing paraphenalia with the slogan "I'm Hooked", a
Frank Zappa poster advertising Honker Videos with NO-D glasses so you
can censor them yourself, and quite a bit more. Is that OK?

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From: ( Rev. Nickie)

In article <>, (Peter
Hipwell) wrote:

~ Well, I've got a framed teatowel depicting Marine Life in a garishly

What the fuck is a tea towel? Man, you're a lime-sucker.

*you have been blessed by a communication from*
-----Rev. Nickie the Hated


From: (Peter Hipwell)
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 1996 12:39:42 GMT

In article <> writes:
>But don't you see, Pete, that's the beauty: everyone that made it to
>Brushwood IS agoraphobic and antisocial. Except, perhaps, for Andrew
>the Impaled who has shuddersome piercings AND beautiful manners (to me
>anyway). Oh. And Pee Kitty: I don't think HE is antisocial, either.

AXE-DAY. Down with this kind of thing. RIP DOWN SubSite, delete the
books, KILL THE CHURCH. From overt to covert is one C. WAKKER the
snouts and heel caul the MEW TINERS. BOUNTY bar the taste of
paradise. I LAND C. ARRYON NINGERS with LONG ZIGES. Zag Hyle Rhodes,
KO LOSSES, Grassius Grey the ingrate isthmusCLEments a mule. A TAK FIV
wak at jawak tak mulchEeze Shorn Riders in the STORE. EMpsycho PATH
tore NAD O, murdoch ONE. Kernel Bogeys at FIV O'Click. Her Flick,
guess TAPO OCHRE flan SAGE O LO O LO. Brian the SNAIL. Repeat, Dougal,
SHUG HER LUMPS. Acid HOWS simiLEEchewed A BORT klaaTU-TU: more E,
VIKERS? Flo RENTS nighting ALE. MendiculousPENSKY NINGERS with
BLIZZENOINGS. Slothrocanthropy MOONING RIVERING styxy styx PICK UP. Do
not parse GOnad BALL. Peeneroun' Sludge. Hammer HAUSER
WHORER. MemBRAIN or E. VICKERS, pikKNICKflik Mulder F-root
cornered. GOOSE bury FLANS. Oberon DRIVING. Ken O'Brien no
SCOOBIES. Geddit LEE murlitzer WE WE shriller killerOGENIUS skew BALD
forge INGot entots in BROIL CRISIS. Tine Chapel Kirk Grey FRIERS
Bobbie. Boobie GALLER LAPPER goose.

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