Independunce Day

From: (Rev. Ivan Stang)
Subject: Re: Independunce Day
Date: 14 Jul 1996 20:41:56 GMT

I finally saw that movie yesterday. I'm surprised that I haven't seen
anybody point out that those aliens are a watered-down version of the
Yacatisma, i.e., the Ysts, planet-eaters who -- AS IT SAYS SOMEWHERE IN
ONE OF THOSE BOOKS -- could possibly arrive a few days BEFORE the Xists
do, and fuck everything up.

(And just after the Pinks breathe their big sigh of relief on July 4,
WHAMMO -- they wake up in EVEN WORSE SHAPE!!!)

As Papa Joe Mama pointed out, the movie is good for the Church. We WANT
the humans to THINK they can win. Otherwise -- as Legume pointed out --
without their having some HOPE, what is there left for us to CRUSH? It
would take all the fun out of it if they knew just HOW bad it'll be for

I must say I did enjoy the porno scenes of cities being fire-balled, even
if I did get a little tireed of seeing cars flying through the air. It
could have been more explicit, i.e., for crisping bodies.

The aliens themselves were PUSSIES!!! A real Yacatisma's FEET are as big
as those wimps' whole MOTHERSHIPS!

I resented the fact that they played the Ivan Stang lookalike, the crazy
scientist running Area 51, as a silly creep. But at least they had a drunk
poebucker abductee save the planet in an almost Janorian manner.

Did ya'll like my special effects?


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From: (Dennis McClain-Furmanski)

On 07-14-96, wrote:

> I resented the fact that they played the Ivan Stang lookalike, the
> crazy scientist running Area 51, as a silly creep. But at least they
> had a drunk poebucker abductee save the planet in an almost Janorian
> manner.

They wanted to use me, but SOMEONE told them I looked like a BIKER.

> Did ya'll like my special effects?

Excellent. I like the way your face zoomz in and out like a 3-D effect, in
time to the music. How do you do that on a text-only newsreader?

* 2qwk! 2.0 * Every cloud has a wet spot.

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From: (NENSLO)

I am totally amazed that anyone would see this movie and then
spend even ONE SECOND listing flaws and inconsistencies, present company
excluded. It lacked only a musical number to contain every possible
string-puller. A brilliant work, a truly UNIFIED WHOLE. Wifey and I were
choking in astonishment at every new gimmick - the last-minute wedding was
a real killer. Logic? Rationale? Pardon my language but "fuck you." If
you want logic go see a movie that doesn't have fifteen-mile wide flying
saucers in it killing 90% of earth's population in one day.
Plus, there's room for a thousand crappy sequels - there must be
millions of survivors in every ship, providing endless opportunity for
shots of sweating people with big guns running through the same two pieces
of passageway set over and over, blasting into the fog at a twitching
Oddly, Godard's "Weekend" is essentially the same film. A string
of acts of mindless violence held together with lots of noise and
political jingoism. Same number of burning cars in both films.



From: (MegaLiz)

I saw it yesterday, too. The following ratings in no particular order:

Whiplash inducing insults to higher intelligence: 10

Acting by all assembled players: 7 (-3 for the fact that ANYBODY can
handle gimme lines like, "Let's go kick some alien BUTT!")

Special effects: 10 (Would that there were only some SUSPENSE or
INTEREST to the story. Gee whiz, do you suppose the president is gonna
get outta there in time? Who CARES?)

Dialogue: 4 (and it's only that high because there were a few good
yucks. Just COUNT how many times some unidentified character, such as
"radioboy four" says, "Uh. Sir? You should take a look at this").

Butt Index: 1 (My butt fell asleep during the PREVIEWS. This most
likely is the fault of the crappy multiplex seats and my bony butt.
The movie did NOTHING to ease my pain, however).

For the most energetic death scene I can remember: 10 ("Oh honey,
since I'm bleeding to death right now, I'd just like to tell you that
you were right about everything." Yada, yada. As IF!)

Editing by and for epileptics: 10 (The use of super-short cuts was a
nearly effective work-around for the lack of any real plot tension.
Cut to hospital bed - but WAIT something interesting might begin to
happen here so....Sploosh! Here we are in Iraq - and just as me might
begin to get any sense of the character of these guys....WHAP! We're
on the moon again).

The WASTE of good money just PISSED ME OFF. It shoulda been a CARTOON.

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