Top XX things I liked about the X-Day Drill (fwd)

From: Pastor Craig <>

Here's a list of things which I liked about the X-day drill

1. Friday Jones' Internet = International New Age Terrorism flyer.
2. Friday Jones' Swimming Goggles.
3. The John Wayne Gacey (from the group Marilyn Manson) anatomically
correct doll of Betsy F'n' Ross.
4. The Slack Vortex in the Bobdismal pool.
5. Betsy and Pee Kitty's matching socks.
6. Lou Douchez' bottomless suply of Warheads.
7. Suzie the Floozie's CD of Miss Marvel.
8. Rev. Groovy G's Crazy Christian Conspiracy Comics.
9. $t &drew's finding just the right cable to hook up my Radio Shack
cheezy keyboard.
10. TaHootie's police interigation pamphlet.
11. Jehova Hates Phred's tribute to Nenslo "Shut up".
12. Doing "Don't pull your love" with Reverend Matt.
13. Blasting Francis E. Dec on Suzie's Boombox.
14. Steve Slack's Internet mail printout.
15. Gossiping about Thomas K. Odell.
16. Getting hogtied.
17. Getting burned on the forehead.
18. Getting shot.
19. Getting brought back to life by Jesus.
20. Susie the Floozie's Bee Hive.
21. Finding that Susie the Floozie and I share two favorite bands:
The Insect Surfers and Southern Culture on the Skids.
22. Meeting some Delaware Valley SubGeniuses: Ed, Heather and D.C.K.
23. Ranting about hating to rant.
24. Getting some folks who might have been to shy to try to get up
and rant.
25. Meeting Selina (looked nothing like her videos (ooops, wrong
26. Dynasoar's Red Cocktail dress.
27. Dynasoar's original songs.
28. Steve Slack's tapes.
29. The Pizza Place in town.
30. Talking hacker stuff with Rev Jack.
31. Finding out that all of the alt.slack net ladies are indeed that,
32. Meeting tons of cool people, especially Betsy, Pee Kitty,
Godfather Gillian, Susie the Floozy, Maxamal Heather, Ed,
TaHootie, Bill T. Miller, and Friday Jones.

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