Holy Temple of Mass Consumption

Sacrifices to the Sacred Zine Altar

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Obloquy - #1 Summer 1995 - This issue details the ultimate blowout devival
at the DragonCon 95 convention. Exposed in gory detail is the parade of
preachers and ranters, with Ivan Stang, Dr. K'taden Legume, Papa Joe Mama,
Janor Hypercleets, Sister Susie the Floozie, and tons of local talent from
"Bob"'s Slacktime Funhouse on WREK. 7 FULL HOURS, ending just before 6am.
[The head HToMC commander was there in full nuclear/chemical warfare gear]
Plus, other info on modern idols, slackness, and contacts. Send a plastic
spaceship to: obloquy, PO Box 5902, Wilmington, NC 28403-0879

OGYR NETWORK - vol 4 #4 - $aint @ndrew has had the kind of year that I wish
I had, as I was busy blasting away monsters. He has full details, with
pictures of the Cleveland Devival (apparently not the Legume "memorial"),
but the earlier one with Indian Rope Burn. Also detailed is the Chicago
Underground Film Festival, attempted assassination of Stang, zines, band
interviews, tons of great gothic/alternative/industrial/noise/rant tapes
and CD reviews (unequalled anywhere, even in the purely music-oriented zines),
and lots of neat new products from the Church of Euthanasia. Also get the
Ogyr Network Online Web Site at http://www.prairenet.org/~saint/homepage.html
$2 cheap! from PO Box 53, Plainfield IL 60544

Shish-Kebob - The Bran Flakes Quarterly Journal vol. 1 issue 1 - A truly
demented zine, this one goes on a whirlwind tour of World History, with
chapters on serial killers, mass murderers, cults, the Burning Man festival,
growing hemp, subversive "churches" including the Church of Satan, SubGenius,
Discordians, and Cthulhu worshippers, and more. Plus, its a great reference
for Subgenius contacts on and off the network, including radio shows. Bran
Flakes is a righteously slack-infested Subgenius offshoot, which has made
several appearances on the radio shows, and they also have a variety of
tapes. Don't miss the Commandments of Mofo. Only $1 to Rev. Otis F. Odder/
MOFO, The Bran Flakes, PO Box 2704, Reno NV 89505, Planet Earth

So What? #8 - The official blasphemy, cynicism, and irreverence zine of the
Temple of Holy Electronic Media Unadulterated Slack (THEMUS). This month,
Rev. Groovy G brings us more Crazy Christian Conspiracy Comics, Bil Keane
Must Die, 23 Watch, celebrity corpse update, mutants listings, plus much,
much more. I specially liked "Sunday School Stories They Never Told You".
This issue also has material from OverRev Wi(ll)iam of Yeah...And? and
other THEMUS chapters. Get this- its not only a very complete reference
to what's happening in SubGeniusDom, but full of offensive and shocking FUN!
Send *something* to PO Box 378, Richmond, VA 23203

Vision Temple - bizarre products, SubGenius/Discordian news, occasional
zines (including Orange Grain re-cycled journal), tapes, and weirdness
through the mail. Hear all about Rev. Matthew Carey's strange mental and
psychotropic technology. Send a SASE for some neat free stuff, and get on
the mailing list from: Rev. Matthew A. Carey, 18653 Ventura Blvd, Suite #379,
Tarzana, CA 91356. E-mail: ac118@lafn.org, and check alt.slack for this
regular updates.

Yeah...And? - Local SubGenius zine from the Austin, Texas compound.
Highlights include a good and *new* High Weirdness list, plus some e-mail
lists. And, of course, DobbsDoctrine, fellow freaks, and a variety of
other interesting little items including clipart. They're also part of
the latest big push by the Universal Life Church to get everyone signed up;
look for more info on that elsewhere in this issue. The Price is right too,
its "free", although I'm sure they would probably appreciate zines or money or
sacred items in exchange. Austin, despite being the capital and being in
Texas, does drip slack. Write to: OverRev Wi(ll)iam, 1305 Cullen Suite A,
Austin TX 78757-1905 or e-mail: abner@bga.com

The 5lb Bag - issue 2 - General-interest zine, this one with an original OJ
conspiracy theory, poetry, lots of football/NFL info and articles, zine
reviews, letters and other miscellaneous articles. He's also calling for
submissions of any type of fiction, poetry, rants, art, etc, plus he will do
reviews of zines, books, or other materials. $2- $10/6-sub to The 5lb Bag,
c/o Aaron Brandon, 201 Miller Rd. #23, Lebanon OH 45036

ACLU Annual Report - Any organization that can get under Pat Robertson's skin
is ok by me, although the ACLU does seem to be going down the dark path of
"political correctness" in many ways. Plus, although they proclaim undying
love for the Bill of Rights, they conveniently turn a blind eye to the 2nd.
On the whole, however, they probably do far more good than bad, and its nice
to see an organization not afraid to take on unpopular causes in the name of
principles. They have an on-line reading room at gopher://aclu.org:6601.
ACLU, 132 West 43rd St., NY NY 10036 (212) 944-9800

Blue Blood/Black Leather Times - The first is a very explicit, hardcore
magazine for the gothic/vampire. HOT photography, piercing, tattoos, blood,
and uncensored interviews and stories make this a true counterculture item.
They seem to be real too, I've seen them at Dragon*Con. Black Leather Times
is an irreverent sick humor magazine covering a wide range of wild topics.
*both need age statement* Blue Blood-$40/6, $22/3 sub, back issues $10,
BLT $1 for most. CBLT, 3 Calabar Court, Gaithersburg MD 20877-1036

Boredom Inc. - One page newsletter, always different from anything else in
the world. Send some piece of strangeness or your own zine to:
Thanatos, PO Box 67, A.F., UT 84003 (into the SubG thins also!)

Cato Institute - 1995 catalog - This has become a very popular organization
in Washington nowadays, among the "conservatives". Little do they know, but
this is actually a Libertarian think-tank in disguise. They have tons of
books detailing precisely why and how to scale back government, cut taxes,
deregulate business, and begin to respect personal and property rights,
while avoiding the hypocritical police-state mentality of both the left and
the right. Current books include "Forfeiting Our Property Rights" by Rep.
Henry Hyde, on civil forfeiture, and "The Politics and Law of Term Limits",
looking at it from all sides. Plus, policy analysis on a multitude of
issues. Cato Institute Books, 938 Howard St., Suite 202, SF CA 94103

Creation/Evolution #36 - Summper 1995 - Somewhat more technical than most
people might appreciate, this journal features articles delving into
scientific and historical topics relevant to the current furor over teaching
"creationism" in science class. This issue deals with fossil fish teeth
mistaken by creationists as human teeth, the bible vs. biological concepts,
info on the current struggle in public schools, and more. Published by NCSE,
a one-year membership is $25 which gets you 4 issues of this journal.
NCSE, PO Box 9477, Berkeley CA 94709-0744 800-290-6006

The Curio Manifesto - collection of weird colors, ideas, pictures, etc.
Tons of things from the Food Not Bombs project in SF, to junk sculpture
in NY. Sounds like a serialized version of the ReSearch books; lots of
underground/strange themes, but no set topic or medium. Includes zines,
opinions, letters. $12 for 4 isues, $18/6 to Curio Sub, PO Box 522,
Bronxville, NY 10708-0522, ask for submission addresses

Daemonolatriea 696 - Whores of Goddess Scientists (WOGSS) presents 28+ pages
of black magic, rebellion, and art. Very dense, includes massively jammed
occult symbols, figures, art, and slogans from every conceivable religious
system known to man, and many even transcending that. This isue includes
part #1 of the "Worst of the Bible", useful for countering pushy christians,
a Prayer to Satan, invocations, and tons of ads for occult groups, as well
as plenty of things to just make you think. Hours of enlightened chaos.
Each issue for trade, stamps, cash, or other equal to $6.66, and includes
pages from Anticryptographa 797. Revs. Cheryl & Adrian Cain,
1800 Market St. #47, San Francisco, CA 94102. Adults only.

Derogatory Reference #79 - Arthur Hlavaty continues his personal diary-style
thoughts and experiences. He is heavily into written science finction and
attends several non-media-circus cons, participating in panels with his wife,
Bernadette Boskey. He talks about panels and guests at Disclave, Readercon,
as well as a wide range of books that he has read. Plus, his thoughts on
many other issues, from the OJ trial dramatics, to the 25th anniversary
of the Stonewall riots, to (IMHO valid) grips about clueless Internet users
and burdensome operating systems; and much more. Always fun to read.
Published 4 times a year, ezine and print, $1 or trade, or comments.
Arthur D. Hlavaty, 206 Valentine St., Yonkers NY 10704-1814; hlavaty@panix.com

The Devil's Advocate #3 - UFO information zine, this issue including articles
on "Angel Hair", web-like material which has fell from the sky and covered
large areas, immediately following UFO sightings; plus an article looking at
the ways the abduction stories change according to the culture and minset of
the observer. Plus, reviews of other UFO-oriented zines as well as
conventions. 6 issues/$10 (1 year) Devil's Advocate, PO Box 10853,
Pensacola, FL 32524

EARTH'S FINAL WARNING! - "A New World Order Is Coming!" or so the Heralds
of Truth tell us. Like, tell us something we *didn't* know already. But, of
course, its MUCH, MUCH worse than even these conspiracy amateurs can possibly
imagine. For the most part, its just the typical anti-catholic Pope as the
AntiChrist protestant propaganda, but its got some nice clip-art. Plus,
these people sound like they can be talked out of tons of free stuff.
Heralds of Truth, PO Box 800, Puyallup, WA 98371

Factsheet Five - #58 - Besides being the ultimate and indispensible Mother of
All Zine Reviews, it also has lots of hints and tips for creating your own
zine. This issue has an article on how to do band/celebrity interviews,
shopping for zines as holiday gifts by Johnny Marr, and how to create your
own (legal!) local money. Plus, thousands of zine reviews and listings in
every category, including catalogs, on-line zines, acomics, and more. A
must-have. 6 issues for $20, PO Box 170099, San Francisco, CA 94117-0099

Fantagraphics Books catalog #8 - christmas 95 - One of the biggest sources of
alternative or underground comics, featuring the works of Robert Crumb, Kim
Deitch, Bill Griffith (Zippy), Vaughn Bode, Gilbert Shelton, Skip Williamson,
Robert Williams, Daniel Clowes, Peter Bagge, Jim Woodring, Chester Brown,
and dozens more of the biggest and best names in comics. Hundreds of comics,
anthologies, magazines, t-shirts, and other goodies. Call 800-657-1100 or
Fantagraphics Books, 7563 Lake City Way NE, Seattle WA 98115 for free catalog

The FIJActivist #19 - the official newsletter of the Fully Informed Jury
Association, detailing their outreach and legal efforts across the country.
FIJA refers to the fact that juries have not only the right, but the duty to
judge not only the facts of a case, but whether the law itself is just or
unjust; conveniently, judges often ignore instructing juries of their rights
and often even lie to them about it, and ban free speech and books on FIJA.
It was primarily juries refusing to enforce alcohol Prohibition laws that led
to the repeal, and this is actually the citizens' way of curbing unjust laws.
No small wonder that they don't want people to know it. Basic memberships
are $25/year; joining at higher levels not only supports a great cause, but
gets you free FIJA promotional supplies. Also FIJAcon III will be held on
Oct. 6-8 in Salt Lake City. DIJA, PO Box 59, Helmville, MT 59843 or
info at 406-793-5550 Dial 1-800-TEL-JURY for free info pack!

Giants and Little People #2 - all about unusually larger or small people,
both in real-life and fiction, with a long discussion of various TV shows
involving shrinking people and/or giants. Lots that I would have never
remembered. Plus, some shrinking-them Calvin & Hobbes, a tabloid story
on the real world's smallest man (18-3/4 inches tall). $1 to Bob Nelson,
75 Hale St., Apt. 1, Beverly MA 01915 (Also produces Negativfan)

Interesting! issue 5 - Quite literall, a "compilation of things I find
interesting". That covers an awful lot of zines, but its laid out in a
very organized manner. This issue includes quotes, zines, cartoons, tons
of miscellaneous interesting news items, statistics, computer viruses,
classified ads, and much more. Lots of real-life but little-known items,
and lots of fun stuff, like the Cartoon Laws of Physics. Plus, there's
lots of things that Rich is interested in, since he is a doctor; there
are some good essays on that and other issues. This is now available as
print for $3 each, or e-mail to: interesting@pobox.com with a "subscribe"
message. Comments are also welcomed. PO Box 1069, Bangor ME 04402-1069

Jimland Novelties - catalog 2 - For fans of the psychedelic and confusing
JIM comics by Jim Woodring, this is his personal catalog of items. It has
mundane items such as coffee mugs, postcards, t-shirts, and mini-comics,
and strange items such as his dream-of-the-month club, jiva portraits, and
relics. Jimland Novelties, PO Box 45007, Seattle WA 98145-0007

Kill City Graphics - 2 great new comics from Rev. Dave Mitchell- Barefoot and
Pregnant #4, starring our two favorite florida redneck gals, one knocked up,
and No Fun comics #2 (formerly "Kill City Comics & Stories"). Each of these
12-page mini-comics is only $1 cash. The B&P Girls return from their UFO
abduction, and try to sell their story to the tabloids. Plus, the look at
the surgeon general's warning on alcoholic beverages, and 3D pictures. No Fun
comics has several stories, from the terminally-buzzed Bleach Boys to the
sublime Bumper Sticker Theatre. I liked the Henry Rollins Workout plan.
Dave Mitchell, PO Box 5094, Winter Park FL 32793-5094

Lost Armadillos In Heat #12 - More wild party-news from the college town
that pretends its the capitol of Texas. Highlights of this one include
Mr. Bitch, Austin Music Geeks, a 100% accurate guy-talk decoder, an interview
with singer Sara Hickman, stupid fraternity initiation stunts, and real
news stories on masturbation gone wrong. Tons of fun stuff, even if I don't
get some of the local references. And, they have the advice columnist with
an attitude but desirable anyway, Misti. 4 issues/$8 to Lost Armadillos,1113
W. 31st, Austin TX 78705 Also check out their bumper stickers and t-shirts.

The Mongoloid Moose #16 - Scott Wilson's latest adventures include:
the infamous motel-soap battle, another installment of Driving with Dave
where the guys get a free peak at Die Hard 3, but the car *dies* afterward,
101 letter endings to replace the worn-out "Sincerely Yours,", miscellaneous
other articles/poems/art, plus a great rant reprinted from Real Deal, on the
best way to deal with those jaywalkers with such big attitudes that they
*slowly* cross the street and hold you up- run over their damn asses! It may
be the most education they've ever had. Lots of fun stuff. Single issue
only $1 or 6 issues for $5. Free ads, and they love to trade too.
e-mail: bhabes@pegasus.rutgers.edu, although the Moose isn't available there
The Mongoloid Moose c/o Scott Wilson, PO Box 642, Bloomfield NJ 07003

NCSE Reports - Summer 1995 - This magazine focuses on the nationwide battle
against certain minority religious groups to either insert the non-scientific
creationism into school science classes, and attack science in general and
evolutionary theory in particular. As you might expect, this is just an
attempt to sneak their religious beliefs into an otherwise lawfully-secular
institution. Plus, they are a great source of books. Membership in NCSE
is only $25 per yer, and includes 4 issues of NCSE reports and 2 issues of
Creation/Evolution Journal, plus book discounts. NCSE, PO Box 9477,
Berkeley, CA 94709 800-290-6006

NegativFan #14, a zine all about the enigmatic band Negativeland, their
battle over the "U2" album, interviews, and listings of available albums,
tapes, and videos. Great stuff! This is a fantastic way to keep up with
the band's amazing live radio shows, concerts, and other offerings, plus
For those unfamiliar with this group, GET IT! 75 cents/1.25 for 2, to
Bob Nelson, 75 Hale St., Apt. 1, Beverly MA 01915

thE obLiViositEr 01001 - onspiracy slack from the Great White North. Includes
rants, spewing, Rosicrucians, criticism of the screwed up Canadian govt,
conspiracy tales, scary mutant rednecks (mostly American...yay USA #1!!! :-(
cartoons, and tons of strangeness. I got most of their movie quotes quiz.
$2 to 650 Broadway Ave. Apt. 11, Saskatoon SK, S7N 1A9 Canada - Back issues
are also available.

Prometheus Books - trade catalog, fall & winter 1995/1996 - The ultimate
library source for the skeptic. They also have lots of other great and
recent books on other subjects, including history, ethics, law, and
controversial issues such as abortion and euthanasia. Order toll free
(800)421-0351 or fax (716)691-0137. 59 John Glenn Dr. Amherst NY 14228-2197

RoMSFaFINA #3 - Dan Harper talks about his experiences with science fiction,
particular from sf books. In #3, he talks about Boskone 32, one of the few
cons he's attended, and his impressions of the writing panels; old friends
who have abandoned sf, mystery vs. science fiction, plus reviews of Ursula
K. LeGuin and the recent "Waterworld" movie (I agree-it was less than
impressive for tons of money), and books he's read this past summer.
[by "high-brow" in #30, I meant that its real, honest writing as opposed to
slapped-together pop-culture reviews, not "elitist" by any means.] Send no
money, but fanzines, comments, and illustrations apprciated. Dan Harper,
PO Box 194, Concord MA 01742-0194, danlharp@aol.com

Slave Labor Graphics - The official source of great comics like Milk & Cheese,
Hectic Planet, No Hope, Dr. Radium, Bill the Clown, One-Fisted Tales,Too
Much Coffee Man, True Swamp, Lowlife, and tons of other great comics and
graphics novels that you might not see in your local comic store. Get a
copy of this from Slave Labor Graphics, 979 S. Bascom Ave, San Jose CA 95128
They also have an order line at 1-800-866-8929

Smite #8 - Back from a long absense due to moving (with plenty of horror
stories of *that* within), this issue details connections between the cast
of Gilligan's Island, and the JFK assassination/CIA/Oswald conspiracy. Plus,
lots of movie reviews- the best and the worst of cheap/cheesey teenage sex
and exploitation movies. He does weed out the ones worth watching, versus
the ones shown on Up All Night. Still only $1 each or $5 for 6.
R.L. Porter/AT Publications, PO Box 1064, Lufkin, Texas 75902

Snuff It - Journal of the Church of Euthanasia, #3 - Lots of new activities
from the voluntary-depopulation group. Articles include fetus eating in
China, news of their infiltration and brief participation in the 1995
Boston First Night Parade and the video coverage, of it, their booth at the
National Stationary Show in NYC, the Safe Sex Fashion Show at a local club,
and creatively changing billboards. The newsletter also has tons of info
on various groups and population information. Plus, they are now a 100%
tax-deductible educational foundation; and they have a TON of great new
stickers, t-shirts, posters, back issues, and other great materials. This
issue is a CHEAP $2 to: The Church of Euthanasia, PO Box 261, Somerville
MA 02143. E-mail Rev. Chris Korda at coe@netcom.com, files on ftp.etext.org
in the /pub/Zines/Snuffit directory, or http://www.envirolink.org/orgs/coe/

The Solar Age Hemp Paper Report - Winter 94-95 - Articles and news on the
front to legalize hemp as a highly profitable and environment-friendly
substitute for many manufactured items. In particular, it could replace
trees as a source of paper, saving 50% of the timber cut each year, and not
requiring *any* of those damn smelly paper mills. Naturally, the status quo
is fighting tooth and nail, from zealous drug-warriors blinded by their
holier-than-thou "morality", to big-business using the law to shut out the
competition. But, the articles here chronicle the real gains being made
all the time. subscription $12/year to Solar Age Press, Box 610,
Peterstown, WV 24963

Solestar - This is a small zine about neat things happening in the general
Ottawa region. Although the coffee house reviews may be a bit too local
for some people, they do have lots of reviews of bands and shows in that
area, which could definitely be of interest, given how some of these bands
go on tour- and these could be good pointers for *you* to see one of these
groups before (and if) they get popular. Plus, there's also comics, art,
doodles, and other neat things coming out of that area. These zines are
free in the Manotick ON area, but they will trade, or give subscriptions
in exchange for Canadian stamps. 5291 Hillcrest Dr. Manotic ON K4M 1B6

Survivor - Vol. 7 #6 - Very practical issue, with articles on close-defense
shotgun techniques, and how to find or make your own water in survival
situations. Also, with Armed Citizen reports, jokes, zines listings, a
wide variety of self-sufficiency/self-business ads, and multiple pages of
great political cartoons that the government, and in particular the IRS and
BATF, don't want you to see. Send donation to: Evans, 11-15 45 Avenue,
Long Island City, NY 11101-5154.

Tailspins #23 - This magazine does to the independent music scene what
Factsheet Five does for zines. I haven't seen any other zine or even
magazine that even comes close. Anyone who has any kind of music or record
is listed here, including lots of the obscure and hard to find companies.
Plus, they have *tons* of reviews that aren't afraid to call it as they see
it. This has interviews with George Anthony of Battalion of Saints, King
Coffey of the Butthole Surfers, and Earth Crisis; plus reviews of live shows.
Plus, a neat Mitch O'Connell cover. Very professionally done, 105 pages.
Sample copy $3, $12 for one year of bi-monthly issues. Tailspins Magazine,
PO Box 5467, Evanston, IL 60204 312-935-0666, tailspin@interaccess.com

Tom Paine Productions - Distinctive T-shirt catalog featuring America's
foremost patriot philospher, infidel, and hellraiser, whose "Common Sense"
pamphlet rallied troops for independence. Plus lots of other rabble-rousers
and troublemakers including Voltaire, Spooner, Rand, Mencken, John Brown,
and most of the Founding Fathers, who would no doubt today be labelled as
"militia" extremists and raided by the BATF. Plus, lots of politically-
incorrect slogans and challenges to "authority". Reasonable prices too.
717 South Mill Ave, Suite 67, Tempe, AZ 85281 (602) 954-2470

Ultrasonic Scalpel #2 - Fun news and articles from the mutant culture.
Includes reviews of 70-80s vintage pinball games, a subject very close and
dear to me, music reviews, playing guinea pig for new drugs, in this case,
"herbal" ecstasy, true-life adventures in the audience of the Bozo show,
(I did the NC version...), plus zine reviews and classifieds. Super-strong
extra heavy-duty psychic slack here. $1, Ultrasonic Scalpel, PO Box 209,
Clarendon Hills, IL 60514-0209

W-Project - This is a underground culture production of unspecified purpose;
including poetry, photos, strange thoughts, tapes, and the zines Luke's
W-Zine, and Pulvis et Nihil. Lots of Italian stuff, although they are
readable for an English-speaking audience. Plus, he keeps me up-to-date on
Cicciolina, the Italian porn star-turned-politician (and now, not the only
one!)- and the death of one of their stars, Moana. [See ad] Contact
Luca Valfre, Via F.Armosino 3, 14100 Asti (ITALY)

The Watcher #10 - The official journal of the Order of Shaitan, the Baltimore
affiliate of the Church of Satan, this zine includes satanic stories, rituals,
poetry, reviews, and ads/contacts for lots of other satanic and occult
organizations. Also included is news on how they were kicked out of the
local July 4 parade, supposedly celebrating religious "freedom", much to the
delight of the area's christian groups. For those unfamiliar with Satanism
as it is *really* practiced, as opposed to fundamentalist propaganda, it is
a celebration of hedonism, indulgence (something we can definitely relate to!),
and living life to its fullest, unencumbered by arbitrary authority and
unnecessary social constrictions. Contrary to rumors, they do NOT sacrifice
or harm any other living thing; their inclusion of news stories of the antics
of christian priesthood shows quite plainly where the *real* demons are.
Single issue is $5, Sub/Membership is $18 for 4 issues. checks/money orders
made to Gargoyle Productions. ORDER OF SHAITAN, Rev. Ron Mephisto, S.P.,
Priest of Mendes, 708 S. 51st St., Baltimore MD 21224 (Age statement!!)

WFMU Catalog of Curiosities - summer 1995 - A college station that has lived
on when the college bit the dust, WFMU 91.1 FM blasts the NJ/NYC area with
the wild and unusual, and now they offer some truly original stuff in their
catalog. From William Shatner's rendition of "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds"
to the Shemp Meditation Tape ("HeeeeBeeeeBeeeeBeee...") to the best of
trash/alternative/underground/internation culture, you can find it all here.
Records, books, tapes, videos (including car crash and other scare films),
and more- one helluva psychotronic collection. Check their web site at:
http://wfmu.org, or WFMU, PO Box 1568, Montclair NJ 07042 202-678-4277


Public Service Announcement:


Neat Stuff on the Internet

Stang's Email Address: i.stang@metronet.com (Rev. Ivan Stang)
1st Orthodox Stangian MegaFisTemple Lodge of People's Covenant Church
of the Wrath of Dobbs Yeti, Resurrected / The SubGenius Foundation,Inc.
PO Box 140306 Dallas TX 75214 / Fax 214-320-1561 / PRABOB


Army surplus! If you are unfortunate enough to miss the escape saucers,
you might need some of these products. Knives, gas masks, water filters,
survival books, and other goodies are available here, with pictures.
Plus, they have links to militia sites. http://rrnet.com/~subrosa

And, on the subject of survival, a new online shareware survival novel
called "The Gray Nineties" is now available. In this scenario, the
government screws up the economy so badly that the vital utilities and
businesses fall like dominoes and society completely collapses. Of all the
war/a-bomb/natural disaster scenarios, this might actually be more possible.
It describes in detail a group's preparations and tactics for surviving "the
crunch". Not foaming-at-the-mouth as other survivalist literature tends to
be, its full of practical hints and tips. For those without the extensive
underground facilities and military stockpiles like the HToMC/SLAK garrisons,
the detailed story can function as a checklist for building your retreat.

The Gray Nineties - http://www.teleport.com/~ammon/gn/cover.htm


The Universal Life Church accepts everyone without question of beliefs, grants
lifetime ordination, for free. Why let the "religious" people have all the
perks and "respect" of the title REVEREND, when you can have it too? The
church has two tenents: the absolute right of freedom of religion and to do
that which is right. Anything else (within the law) is allowed. As an
ordained minister of the church, you too may ordain new ministers. You must
send the names and addresses of new ministers to the church in Modesto,
California for recording on their rolls. The Universal Life Church will not
stand between you and your God (if any at all) and recognizes that each
person must choose his own path. Each person in the ULC is free to follow any
path as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others.

If "ministers" enter Disneyland at a reduced fare, YOU BE ONE TOO! YOUR
BELIEFS are just as valid or unvalid as any others...they are both sets of
beliefs. WE believe in YOU and will ordain you and send full legal credentials
so that in the eyes of the law you are equal to Billy Graham, Oral Roberts and
the Pope.

Visit our web site, http://ybi.com/ulc/


Out of all of our favorite cheesy-paranoid images from the 50s, little
compares with government propaganda on THE BOMB. Jayne Loader's Public
Shelter is a web site and a CD-ROM with everything you ever wanted to know
about nuclear warfare, including lots of pictures, sounds, and footage from
her classic film, The Atomic Cafe. Without commentary or interpretation,
this tells the story in its own words and images- and its one thats
simultaneously funny, creepy, and at one time, deadly serious. Forget Ed
Wood and all the other schlock film-makers of the 50s- the absolute kings
of bulldada once worked for the Dept. of Civil Defense, and there's a big
healthy dose of it on this site.

Atomic Cafe: http://www.publicshelter.com


What do cartoon characters do in their spare time off the set? They make
porno, of course. In a tribute to the complete desecration of "cuteness",
all of your favorite cartoon characters may be found committing various acts
that'll *never* make it to the TV. Lots of these graphics files are
available for FTP at: ftp.netcom.com:/pub/qu/quozl/HTTB


Dan's Gallery of the Grotesque, as mentioned on the Howard Stern show, is
one of the premiere collections of gross and tasteless pictures on the net.
Everything from suicides, homocides, accidents, war, and mutations, can be
found here. Definitely not for the squeamish, there's more blood and gore
here than in any 10 movies.



WZRD 88.3 FM Chicago - Also known as "The Wizard", free form radio, blasting
the Chicago area with the new, strange, and experimental for over 20 years.
Fully licensed SubGenius clench, they offer their own web pages with
music, weirdness, and rants. http://www.imagescape.com/wzrd/


Ice-9 Publications - home of the Radio Farm, with pictures of the recent
Pittsburgh Devival plus other SubGenius goodies!



John Labowitz's E-Zine List - The Factsheet Five of the electronic scene,
this is a comprehensive listing of over 800 on-line e-zines, magazines,
digests, and more. Put a link in your page for this site today!



DOOM!!! The ultimate source for Doom levels, the perfect time and
productivity killer! Blast your way through underground grottoes, dungeons,
castles, and space facilities infested with monsters out for blood! Tons
and tons of add-on levels (WAD files). Play Doom! Make your zine late!



Dreamboy - Anthony Romano continues his e-zine of dreams. Much like Dream
Scene the print zine, but overall much more graphic and "adult"-themes.
Some of these really come to gory life. Plus, he now has a very nice-looking
web page with graphics, information and everything. Get on his mailing list
for semi-monthly mailings of Dreamboy e-zine to cdromano@earthlink.net, or
log onto:



Something for nothing! The ultimate resource guide for Free Stuff! A
guide to forms, 800-numbers, mailing lists, and contests, to get all sorts
of free merchandise. Plus, get free e-mail, so that you can actually
pretend that you have a "friend" out there. Also, links to other cheapness
and free stuff pages.



Rev. Donald Wildmon/American Family Association Watch - This self-appointed
guardian and censor of all media thinks that his group has the right to
determine what you should watch in the privacy of your home. Toward that
end, his organization targets sponsors advertisers and producers of any show
even slightly to the left of Jesse Helms, threatening them with boycotts.
Of course, they don't have the numbers or the power to actually hurt any of
these companies, but they are capable of making a noise far in excess of
their numbers. This page is an effort to keep tabs on this group, and to
actively work *against* them. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - I have also personally
done such damage-control work in the past, and those sleazeballs deserve it.



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