Subliminal Stimuli: SLEEP, OBEY, SEX


[NOTE from Modemac: Classic paranoia! The real truth of the Conspiracy's
control of the masses through the mass media is far more insidious,
because the messages aren't anywhere near as blatant as what this guy
suggests. However, it did make for an interesting comic book series a
few years ago called "American Flagg!".]

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Subliminal message are being bombarded at you continuously
thoughout the day, though books, magazines, television and music. Those
who are most effective at using subliminal messages would like to
quickly dismiss the idea as ludicrous, laughable, and completely
ineffective. The truth of the matter could not be further away.
Subliminal messages are effective! Their effect increases with
increased exposure time. Surely one would not die of cancer from one
cigarette, but a lifetime of smoking may elicit cancer! Likewise,
having seen a subliminally embedded poster will not likely produce
insanity, but a lifetimes worth may drastically alter conscious
descision making.


Subliminal messages are a by-product of hypnosis, and are indeed a
form of hypnotic induction. Psychological researchers developed a
technique for bypassing the conscious mind and embedding a message upon
the subconscious mind. There are a number of ways to embed a subliminal

* sub-audible background sounds
* embeddeding
* backwards masking
* tachiscopic displays

Sub-audible background sounds: every national store (JC Pennies,
Vons, the Gap, Mc Donalds, Denny's) uses subaudiable background sounds
in the recorded music played in the store. Allegedly this is done to
deture theft, but the actual plan is much more insidious. Often a
monotonic, rythmic voice will repeat the words "OBEY", "BUY MORE",
"SPEND AND SAVE", "SLEEP", "WE ARE WATCHING YOU" or something similar
over and over again at a very low sound level. What this does is
elict the urge to comply with commericial programming (and why not, all
the models in the ad look happy) and consume.

The commands words "SLEEP" and "OBEY" are geared directly at
the subconscious mind. The idea here is to "turn off" the
subconscious mind's reporting mechanisms. The subconscious mind is
unable to do anything other than produce emotions: "SLEEP" and
"OBEY" prohibit the subconscious from reporting (producing a feeling
like - something's wrong here) of any misdeed.

The idea behind subliminal programming is not so much to manipulate
the conscious perception, but rather stimulate feelings. For example,
recall having thought about or actually shoplifting an item from a
store. Did you feel afraid? Did you feel as if you were being watched?
Recall what these folks are playing at a sub-audible sound level: "WE
ARE WATCHING YOU..." This type of manipulation is aimed at the
subconscious mind - where feelings are produced. Subliminal stimuli are
not direct attacks upon conscious thought; they produce emotions -
fear, hate, love, and so on.

Embedding: In early forms of embedding (1950s to late 1970s), an
artist would lightly print words in the background of pictures that were
to be printed. Nowadays computers do this rapidly and automaticly. To
illustrate, image dragging a pencil on a piece of paper while pressing
only slightly. The result would be barely visible to the eye. Now do
this and write very lightly the words SLEEP, SEX, OBEY or whatever you
like. If you have written the words lightly enough, you could then hand
the paper to a friend, and your friend likely would never notice. This is
exactly how embedding was orginally done. These days, computers and
high quality printers can (and do) produce a background mosaic of the
words SLEEP, OBEY, SEX, GAY and so on.

Every newspaper, every children's book, every magazine has the words
SLEEP, OBEY and SEX embedded in the background of pictures. SLEEP and
OBEY are directed the subconscious mind. Ordinarilly, the subconscious
mind would produce a feeling (the subconscious mind is not capable of
rational decission making) telling the viewer, "Something is awry here."
The command SLEEP and OBEY weakens the mind's ability to alert the viewer to
the embedded command.

Embedding is by far the most common type of subliminal message,
and is present in every piece of printed material in the United States,
Canada, Mexico, and other more developed nations of the world.

Backwards masking: Backwards masking can be done with printed
material and sound recordings. The words LISTEN AND OBEY can be
recorded and then played, not necessarily at normal speed, in the
reverse direction. Likewise, the word sex would become XES.

Under hypnosis, patients have exhibited the ability to read from
mirror images, upsidedown, and a mix of rightside up, upsidedown, and
mirror immages at a normal reading rate. From this, researchers have
gathered that the subconscious mind works at nearly 100 times as fast as
the conscious mind. Remember the old saying, "You only use 10% of your
mind." Well, the mass media is trying their best to use the other 90% -
and their intention is evil!

On a legal note, many of you may recall the recent Judas Priest
trial. The defendants were found innocent. This is because of
reasonable doubt, that is, much of what the researchers uncovered could
have been (blank). And you fill in the blank! The words were obviously
there, however once mixed with music and lyrics the original message
("KILL SELF" etc...) became *consciously* difficult to understand.
Research has shown, time and again, that regardless of mixing, backwards
masking is, over time, effective!


I have a degree in electrical engineering. Motocross for fun, so on.
I am by no means a member of a neo-nazi party movement, KKK, or any other
such group.

As I studied subliminal messages more, the reasoning became clear.
With increasing exposure time, subliminal stimuli becomes ever more
effective. The goal of these mind manipulators became clear: by
manipulating the subconscious mind of every person, the mind manipulators in
tends to lull us into an altered state of consciousness, have us equate
material possessions to sexual gratification, greatly reduce birth rates,
and promote homosexuality. Homosexuality is of couse the most effective
means of birth control (population reduction).

For those of you with background in psychology, you will note that
their exists no experiemental data for long term subliminal exposure.
Even if such data were available, the study would be entirely falsified
by the power structure that exists in this country.


Printed Material

In printed material such as magazines and newpapers, the words SEX,
so on are embedded (lighly written) in the background of ads and
pictures. The word SEX is omnipresent, and occurs as a mosaic several
thousand times on the average page. SEX is usually written much like a
person would write the word with a pen - thin lines. SLEEP and GAY are
also ubiquitous. However, GAY and SLEEP are generally written much
larger than SEX and have a cloud like (puffy font) appearance.

KILL, PAIN, and FEAR are usually reserved for children and hostile
political leaders. Most every child you see in print (Time Magazine,
Vogue, Your Daily Paper, etc) has the word KILL embedded across his or
her forehead. The idea behind this is quite clear: associate death
with children. Now try to follow me on this one folks. Have you ever
heard a young person saying something like, "Death before marrage?" or
"A kid -- never!"

To digress briefly, the birth rate in the US has gone from 3.9
children per female in 1950 to 1.2 children per female in 1990. Note
subliminal programming was not used largely until the mid-1950s. Do you
people get it? We are breeding ourselves into extinction! In forty
years, our birth rate has more than halved. By subliminally equating
children with KILL, PAIN, and FEAR the mind manipulators have eradicated a
large number of us -- prenatally!

You might ask, then, why embedded SEX? Doesn't this promote sexual
activity? My answer is yes! Mental sex. By embedding the word SEX on
a new car, the advertizing man has successfully equated the purchasing
(and driving, viewing, washing, etc) of a car to sexual activity! Want
sexual gratification - buy an new car! The embedded ad slips by the
conscious defenses and over time perverts and mutates the sexual drive.


Many authors omit symbology from the subliminal discussion, but
often times what is not said is more important than what is said. Have
you not walked down the road and noticed the faces of people. One can
easily see anger, joy apprehension and so on in the faces of passer-bys.
What about that lovely girl "doing" the hair spray ad. Pay close
attention next time. See at what part of her anatomy she aims her
phallicly (penis) shaped bottle of spray. See how she gently shakes her
bottle of spray - symbolically masturbating the container of spray, and when
all the hairs are just right, she releases the contents in a mist on her
head (the symbollic big-O!).

How about the TV show "Marrier with Children?" Why wouldn't you
just love to get a wife and a couple of kids after watching Al's misery?
How about Kelly? Now there's a role for the "Master Race." Pure,
bright and intelligent? Or dumb, slut blonde? Here's one for you
"Master Race" types. Given the role Kelly plays, do you think the
director ever FUCKED her in the mouth after a recording session?

Next time you view "Married with Children" keep those birht rates
in mind: 3.9 per woman in the 1950s, 1.2 in the 1990s. Note: the TV
was not in most homes until the mid-to-late 1950s. The mind manipulators
have tricked you into not breeding! Through cleaver psychology, symbology,
and subliminal stimuli the mind manipulators will soon have your birth rate
at zero per female, or simply extinct! Excluding immigration, the population
of the United States is no the decline!


The mind manipulators and many of their victims will deny
any use of subliminal stimuli. A very popular author, Wilson Bryan Key, in
the early 1970s unveiled the subliminal stimuli issue, and its copious use
by the media. His books (listed below) come with illustrations, showing
how subliminal messages are embedded in ads!

Oddly, a few Hollywood (I call it Holy-wood) movies deal with the
subliminal stimuli issue: _They Live_ and the much more difficult to
find _Agency_. The latter of the two is truly interesting.

The following is an short bibliography. Forgive the format - the Net
just doesn't do italics! Enjoy!


Wilson Bryan Key: _Subliminal Seduction_ (illustrated)
_Media Sexploitation_ (illustrated)
_Clam Plate Orgy_ (illustrated)
_Age of Manipulation_ (illustrated)

Vance Packard, _The Hidden Persuaders_

Harold Bayley, _Lost Language of Symbolism_

Robert Cirino, _Don't Blame the People_

Norma Dixon, _Subliminal Perception_
(Hey, this is a good one, she is a pshychiatrist!)

G. Gordon, _Semantic Determination by Subliminal Verbal Stimuli_

Carl G. Jung, _Psyche & Symbology_

Ronald D. Laing, _Politics of the Family_

Jean Piaget, _The Origins of Intelligence in Children_

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From: (Dennis McClain-Furmanski)
Subject: Re: Subliminal Stimuli: SLEEP, OBEY, SEX

I noticed that he didn't make any mention of tachistscopic display.
And that's the SINGLE SOLE INSTANCE of subliminal use that's proven to have
any effect.

Still, it has to be between .001 and .005 seconds duration, with best
results at .003. That knocks TV, video tape and movies right out. (It *can*
be set up to show on a movie screen during a movie, but cannot be built into
the film.)This is also why it doesn't work on computers - the refresh rate,
the absolute minimum time an image can be sent to the screen, is much
greater. A 60 hz refresh gives a .017 image latency.

Subaudible - Never a proven result of any sort.

Backward masking - proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be complete and
utter bullshit. Results show that any responses are at the expected level of
wild assed guesses. How the hell people expect you to understand an OBSCURED
backwards message when you can't understand an audible one, I don't know.
Oh yeah, subcoscious. Can you point out a subconscious to me? No? OK then.

Embedded - Extremely widely used. I personally know an artist who made
$500,000 gross for Andy Warhol Studios doing airbrushing of death figures
into booze and cigarette commercials. Absolutely zero objective evidence to
support it. These artists knew that. The ad people didn't want to hear it.

I've read most of the stuff in the biblio, and much, much more from all the
journals, for many years. I collected enough to write a book about it. But
it'd been a damn short book because the entire answer is already contained
in this message. Hell, I WANTED it to work. I was going to USE it. The
'studies' quoted in those books are fatally flawed and/or never intended to
show the results that others came along and claimed they showed.
Of course, I'll still be glad to consult for any media company that wants to
do this. I'll be glad to be paid to tell them how. Many people ARE being
paid to do this. I won't tell them what the others aren't either, that it's
a total ripoff.

If it weren't, if it worked, I'd be dancing in your head at this moment,
getting a LOT richer than I am, and you'd be THANKING me.

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