Vortex of Slack
I remember the day they arrived...

My tribe was sitting around, picking and eating bugs off each other. When all of a sudden, a great white vortex opened in the sky, brighter than a million suns.

And our five-pointed saviours came through, one after another, on and on, each taking its own place somewhere on our tiny planet. One landed right in front of us. I was scared; we all were.

I was the first to touch it. The surface was the smoothest rock, and there was a humming inside the structure, like great machinery. And when I touched it, I felt a change within myself: an awakening of something that had always been there, but I had never bothered to look for. And I became more than the hunter/gatherer that I was before.

And each person from my tribe touched it, and I felt their transformation within me. And we became united.

And the moon let out a monstrous laugh, that shook the ashes from his pipe upon us.

And, as the last pyramid set ground on our tiny sphere, the sky changed from its former pink to blue-green. And the desert brought forth life.

And our people rejoiced.

And it was good.