The Hall of SEXHURT

HOOO boy! DID WE COME THROUGH!!! The text filth is below... great, more foul WORDS and THOUGHTS from the Internet... But what you GOTTA SEE is the brand new


It's what you've "cum" to expectorate from the Search of the RubPenis. (Must be 21 to enter.)

Some of the BEST stuff is written on the walls of the Men's Room and The Ladies Room, but you may yet find herein some handy TOOLS by which to "get you some" in REAL LIFE! The Interactive SubGenius Short Duration Marriage can be a handy seduction tool indeed, if you use it correctly. (It emails you and your sweetie(s) marriage certificates, too!) And below you'll find some inspirational rants, a handy-dandy resource guide or two telling you just how depraved the Internet denizens can be, and a few "sexy" stories that are actually so utterly disgusting that you'll never even want to so much as "JACK" or "JILL" OFF again, much less think about plain old garden variety sex. Check in again in a couple of months, and things will probably be even worse here.

Mr. Pete Digs Up More Internet Crapola

Orgasms are for the MEEK! *THE ANDGASM*
A classic SubGenius SexHurt rant, plus follow-up commentary.

Masturbation... A problem?
You'll feel so much better about it after reading this discussion.

Co$ "ministers" performing weddings ?
Questions and answers about SubGenius LEGAL marriages.

ShorDurMar Categories... ALL OF THEM.
The Grand Clavister's incredibly anal system of correspondences for the TYPES of Short Duration Marriages.

This is a... BIG... document.

List of WATER SPORTS pics
Anyone who pees is sure to be interested in this. Illustrates just how far some people are willing to go to find their own personal form of Slack.

Robo"Bob" Spouts the O.D.D.
This auto-rant fell into the Hall of SexHurt by accident, but we decided to leave it here. For SOME people, this sort of thing IS sex.

These really aren't for kids. Or humans in general.

Gilligan's Island: "Passion Fruit"

The Fall of the Smurfs
This short story will bring tears to your eyes.

Pig Porking
A confession of something worse than bestiality by Rev. Ivan Stang.

Shit Dildo
This really shouldn't be reprinted anywhere. It shouldn't even be here. It just shows how fucked up we are, that we didn't ditch it the minute it came in the email.

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