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DIGITALLY REMASTERED and trimmed down -- yet old SubGenius fans WON'T BE ABLE TO TELL WHAT'S MISSING! It's just much smooooother all over. This 1984 collage-umentary and Dobbsian radio collection has oft been considered the peak of the SubGenius "media barrage" style of sound editting which later became, in the Church, "The Hour of Slack" radio show, and in the Conspiracy, "M-TV style". The old Doktors all sound like children, especially in these new digital masters made directly from the original 1/4" tape reels, but the fervor and fanaticism of the Doktords of the Church in its earliest days will electrify the modern listener. For those who have had the 90 minute cassette since 1984, when it was made, this remix holds enough surprises, and improved clarity, that it's really a whole new listening experience.



THE FIRST 9 MEDIA BARRAGE TAPES compressed into one psychologically destructive ultimate propaganda barrage tape, called by the late Rev. Lou Stathis "the best of this kind of tape I've ever heard." As to what he meant by "this kind of tape," your guess is as good as ours. But he used to edit Heavy Metal magazine, so you know he heard some weird damn shit.

This is, nonetheless, the single SubGenius tape that can lay claim to MOST DAMAGED BRAINS among listeners. It's fairly modular and linear, actually, once you have "sunk in."


$12.95 MEDIA BARRAGE #3: "Sex, Sickness and Slack"

Front by Heart Ignition
See Back Cover by Heart Ignition
Maybe it's a good thing that we sorta kept this one under wraps for such a long time. Some sections are not tame even by today's standards, and this was assembled mostly in 1980. Includes early talk radio appearances of Dr. Philo Drummond and Rev. Ivan Stang, the beginnings of Doktors 4 "Bob," and the legendary Puzzling Evidence TAPES (before the radio shows). Also in this 80-minute collage are some very rare and rude "bootleg" pieces from now-famous comedians that were not known for such raunch in their day. Intensely insane, through and through. Redneck preacher samples from Dallas Christian radio must be heard to be believed -- truly inspirational to the budding SubGenius ranter. 72 separate tracks for easy ripping.



Front Cover by Ivan Stang
See Back Cover by Funway/LIES/Papa Joe Mama
Unlike our other Media Barrage re-releases (below), this one is NOT changed much from the 1981 original. It's raw and pure -- an untainted glimpse into the very earliest bubblings of the SubGenius media cauldron, and coincidentally a hilarious cross-section of the wackiest of Texas talk and Christian radio. Includes numerous clips from the very first talk radio appearances of Dr. Philo Drummond and Rev. Ivan Stang, and priceless listener reactions... as well as some of the tapes that were sent to the Church PO Box, intended to freak us out. Insane redneck preacher samples from Dallas Christian radio must be heard to be believed -- truly inspirational to the budding SubGenius ranter.




Front Cover: Heart Ignition
See His Back Cover
Weeks in the remixing: a classic from the eruptive early days of The SubGenius Foundation, when the folks who wrote the first Book were first on FIRE with "Bob." Prescriptures rants by Stang, songs by Glassmadness, Drs. 4 "Bob,"Drs. 4 Wotan, rants from Dr. Philo Drummond, Hellpope Huey and Byron Werner collages, bizarre location reports from Puzzling Evidence and LIES, Rev. Stevie Hambone's amazing UFO-666 collage, Pope David N. Meyer preaching, G. Gordon Gordon's classic "It's Not Just The..."; "MORE THEM KIND PILS," and... Arnold Palmer? This is a vastly improved version of one of our most beloved old timey albums. Note: it's from our early Dallas days, so it's especially heavy on the evangelist-bashing and -mimicking.

Read an article about the making and remixing of this Media Barrage, and the COMPLETE LOG.


$12.95 ReMastered MEDIA BARRAGE #11: "SHUT UP, PINK BOY"
Complete your collection and enjoy the absolute finest in old-time SubGenius gospel audio. This 1984 classic SubGenius album preceded THE HOUR OF SLACK weekly show; back in them days, we would spend WEEKS on just ONE collage. Now our computers do it for us, and it just isn't quite the same. Illustrated with highly charged audio collage, Dobbsongs, preaching by Pope David N. Meyer, Stang and dozens of others, "SHUT UP PINK BOY" (the first words from space) covers the subjects of UFOs, aliens, X-Day, and the End of the World. Special mixes and collage sections by Puzzling Evidence, Rev. Stang, Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, St. Byron Werner, other Doktors. TRY TO SPOT THE SECRET CLUES.


$12.95 ReMastered MEDIA BARRAGE #12: "SLACK" and KPFA SubShow
Now shortened, tweaked, stretched, poked, shaken down, cleaned up, triple-bypassed and reconfigured, this 1984 album was the last of the Media Barrage Tapes before THE HOUR OF SLACK weekly show went into production. We used to spend WEEKS on just ONE tape, and it shows in the tight cutting and variety of PURE SUBGENIUS SPEW of these classic mind-monkeywrenchers. Along with blivets of audio collage, Dobbsongs, preaching by Pope David N. Meyer, Stang and others, this one also features the condensed best of the early KPFA "More Than an Hour, Less than a Show" with Dr. Howll, Puzzling Evidence, Lies, Gary G'Broagfram, Bob Nelson and Glassmadness. Special mixes and collage sections by Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, St. Byron Werner, other Doktors. THIS ALBUM NOT ONLY EXPLAINS BUT PROVIDES SLACK.


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