Illuminati New World Order SubGenius Game

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Now a rare collector's item. This is a hundred-card set from STEVE JACKSON GAMES, written and designed by Steve Jackson and Ivan Stang, featuring over 100 full color art pieces provided by Nenslo, Stang, and the greatest artists of alt.binaries.slack. It can be played independently, or incorporated within SJG's sprawling ILLUMINATI NEW WORLD ORDER universe of TOTAL PARANOIA.

The set of 100 cards is usable by itself, and includes rules for a 4-player common-deck game, using four Church of the SubGenius cards (with different art, of course). Each represents a different faction of the Church, fighting for control, Slack, and that unending flow of dollars from the mindless Pinks. You can also drop other INWO cards into a SubGenius game, or vice versa!
  "I  am exceedingly proud of this, our last major "publication" before X-Day. Although in its own unique medium, this role playing game mini-universe ranks right up there with the authorized books and pamphlets in terms of PURE PSYCHEDELIC HOLINESS and TWISTED PARANOIA." -- Rev. Ivan Stang (Con Year 1997)

Here's a preview (from 1997)

TOTALLY SOLD OUT! We are holding a few in reserve for when the artists inevitably lose their original sets. We leave this old ad here as a reminder that ANY SubGenius product, indeed this whole catalog and website, could suddenly disappear forever. The moral of the story: BUY EARLY AND BUY OFTEN.

Art from a few sample cards:

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