X-Day 1998 DVD

Like an Hour of Slack radio show, but you can see it. Footage taken from 6 camera sources just before and after the world ended, slam-cut by Rev. Ivan Stang into a compressed vision of life among the SubGeniuses during their violent and apocalyptic X-Day Drill (held at a clothing-optional campground deep in New York's Amish country).

((Winner, Dallas Video Festival, 1998))

1 hour 44 minutes

Much nudity, profane language.



Dr. Onan Canobite

Rev. Nickie Deathchick

Past X-Day Drills Recap

Champion Jack Codini's killer title attack animation

Rev. Susie the Floozy

Rev. Ivan Stang

Sister Decadence

The Scourging of Stang by the Nunsnakes

Rev. David Lynch

Hideous Wotan Doktor Music

Dr. Dynasoar

The Luciferian Liberation Front

Popess Lilith Von Fraumench

Rev. Betsy Fuckin' Ross

Rev. Televangela

IrRev. Friday Jones

Art and Tattoos

@ndrew Plans an Orgy

Stang's Pre-Excuses

Rev. 3.0

Onan Canobite song: "Are You a SubGenius?"

Blood Wrestling Matches (Dr. K'taden Legume & Nickie Deathchick, referees):

Friday vs. Christina Bucket

El Gordo Vs. Angel

Mass Rassling

Papa Joe Mama vs. Stang

The Rabbi Vs. Stang

Battle of Armageddon Weapons Testing:

Rev. Jesus Christ

Stang & Legume

Dr. Chris Lee

IrRev. Friday Jones

Ed Strange

Dale Ashmun's Sound Effects

Pastor Pressure on Fuckumenicals

Duke of Uke: "Anarchy in the U.K."

@ndrew's orgy

Flesh Auction with Jesus, Christina Bucket

Bill T. Miller King of Slack concert

Papa Joe Mama sermon

Einstein's Secret Orchestra concert

Michele George violin

Lonesome Cowboy Dave

Rev. Susie the Floozy burlesque

Impromptu Bible Burning

Pill Dispensation

Singalong: "Us and All Our Friends Are So Fucked Up"

Luciferian Liberation Front preaching

Hog Butchering and Dr. G. Gordon Gordon

Naked Bobtism

Maelstrom of Slack

Papa Joe Mama's Swag Shack

Two Pirate Radio Stations

Rev. Phloighd

JVHV Hates Phred

Rev. Brad…?

ESO jam

Prelude to Armageddon - speeches

The Battle of Armageddon

Sterno rants

Roast Pink Feast

Popess Lilith rant

Bill T. Miller concert

Popess Nikita Gardner

Papa Joe Mama rant

Hellpope Huey lecture

Someone else bellydance

Head Launching by Dynamite Accident

Launching of the Piglike PalmerHead

Wedding of Dr. Dynasoar and Lady 380

(400 preachers and 1 couple)

Marriage of Jesus and Magdalen

St. Andrew the Impaled show

Midnight Sex Goddesses onstage orgy

X in the Sky at Dawn

7 a.m. countdown

The Dreadful Aftermath (Stang tarred and feathered)

Satan Saves Stang

Farewell Rants: Modemac, Jesus

St. Byron Werner describes OJ Simpson killing Stang

Credits over Onan's "Are You a SubGenius?"



5X-Day 2002 (22 minute dokumentary)

X-Day Commercial

6 DVD menu pages have minute-long special hypnotic soundtracks, trance-inducing collageimagery


Not recommended for mature audiences