The fine folks at Sosodada ALSO happen to be behind a sort of website/"show" on AOL called Fool's Errand.

This week ONLY, there's a special feature on the evil Church of the SubGenius -- FOCUSING ON THE BONOBO CHIMPANZEE aspects of the Church, and the search for the Sultan of Brunei -- two of my favorite ASPECTS. Not to mention the KITTEN NATIVIDAD connection, also explored here in some detail!

To get to Fool's Errand, use KEYWORD: FWERRAND and look for "Brunei, Bonobos and "Bob."

One gets tired of standard "intros to the Church," but Sosodada has managed to give this quick Church overview a very SPECIAL SPIN INDEED. It's most droll, well illustrated and especially original;Sosodada has even customized the "AMERICA AFTER X-DAY" map (his illo originally) in subtle ways.

PLUS there are LINKS to BONOBO WEBSITES as well as a BRUNEI tourism website! We obtained the Brunei Embassy's phone number and the full name of our HERO, SULTAN HASSANAL BOLKIAH, PRAISE HIS SWEET NAME! Since he is the Richest Man on Earth, the Sultan is our MAIN SALES TARGET on this planet; we can FINALLY get in touch with his office! He probably already knows "Bob," but "Bob" may well have totally forgotten to mention the Church to him.

The Save the Bonobos website:

More Bonobo:


If you have an AOL account, dust it off and check the BRUNEI, BONOBOS and "BOB" special on FOOL'S ERRAND! Praise Sosodada! Save the Bonobo! All hail New Brunei!!

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