PRAISE "SUSIE!" She sent some of the best devival pics we've ever gotten, IrRev. Friday Jones wrote up a nifty ReSpew of the Atlanta devival, and I htmled 'em up last night. Look for The Atlanta Devival Report via the DEVIVALS-EVENTS- page or the NEWS/UPDATES page or

The Birth Announcement about the Antichrist (the 3D DobbsFigure In Progress) is also there, with the pictures of the various bodies, via the Updates page.

Also, Dr. Dynosoar's X Day Drill Rides Board site is linked.

Rev. Eyre Rend not only recorded the little devival at Rutgers University a couple of weeks ago, he posted the whole thing in RealAudio. I'll have to listen to it sometime... I can't remember what I said, for the life of me. That's linked from the Updates and the Devivals of Yore page in the Hall of Mindless Fun inside the Online Fist.

The print Fist is in the mail, supposedly!

That's the good news.

The bad news is, the JesusMobile (our company car) had to have a new clutch and the Lord has no wheels. Someone else was home sick, sick as a dog, and our biggest dog was sick too -- we had to lure Beast into a big Uhaul van, drive him to the vets at the zoo across town, and help their team SWAB HIS EAR BEHIND THE TUMOR and STAUNCH HIS NOSEBLEED. Once again the laboratory was covered with blood when we came downstairs this morning. I hate that. It MUST end. We have to take the dog to the zoo vets because they're the only ones with restraints big enough to hold him when he gets riled. He HATES to have humans mess with his sore nose and has been known to bite tables in half when vets were careless.

He smelled so bad last night that I thought we were gonna have to "take him to live with the nice farmer down the road" as we used to tell the kids when a dog got too old and sick. Beast is 10 but aside from his nosebleeds and arthritis he seems to be in excellent spirits. Dumb as hell, but he only needs to look and sound incredibly scary and he does that all right. Plus he has this ROTTING STENCH now from his infection.

And then on top of all that, I broke a tooth! Eating a damned COOKIE! Thought there was a ROCK in the cookie. It was the side of a MOLAR! A molar that had a filling. It still has the FILLING and a couple of SIDES, but there's now SUDDENLY a GHASTLY GAPING HOLE where the side of my TOOTH was! I HATE it when a body part gets amputated like that. I can't grow that thing back! They're gonna have to glue an expensive fake back there -- and it'll be the PERFECT OPENING for them to revamp the microchips and shit that they implant in me to make me paranoid. My tongue won't leave the ghastly hole alone. It only hurts when I INHALE SHARPLY such as during LAUGHING or FROPPING... the cold air feels like tinfoil on the filling.

We're all just falling apart here! But I COUNT MY BLESSINGS. Christopher Reeves. Just think of that poor bastard. Can't even pick his nose. Jesus. We're all unbelieveably rich and lucky.

Oh yeah. And ZIPPO is broken. Or something. I can't connect to it. So I guess I'll have to post this either from my wife's machine (which still goes through Metronet's crappy news server) or (GROAN) AOL. It was busted yesterday too. It bums me out because I wanted to post the devival pics to alt.binaries.slack and now I'll have to do it through a slow modem, and I'm SPOILED.

Zippo is a service that provides very thorough newgroup coverage, for about $6 a month. it's slow, but well worth it if you do a lot with binaries newsgroups. Except that sometime it just plain ain't there, and goes kerblooey.

Then you have to post your binaries the old fashioned way, with smoke signals, which takes DAYS.

What else. I dunno. I wish the Internet didn't break so often. Anybody else having trouble with Zippo this week? Sunspots is probably what did it. Sunspots and squirrels on the wires.

The 3D Dobbs is looking better. The Prophet Jim is working on the image map. HEY -- does ANYBODY OUT THERE KNOW WHERE WE CAN GET A DOBBSHEAD MASK SCANNED AND TURNED INTO A 3D FILE FOR CHEAP? Anybody good with those "claw" doohickies where you plot the points on a mesh drawn on the face or whatever you're scanning in 3D...? I guess I need to sit down and learn the carving and whittling tools a little better. Maybe we can "STAMP" the teeth into his face.

What might be easier would be a 3D LEGUME. Legume is almost baldheaded anyway, so the hair is no problem, and you can easily make a Poser body that's bulky looking. Shit. I should do that instead of sleeping or mixing the radio show. Yeah. Find a photo, map it onto... maybe the "leisure" or naked Poser body... then build him a RAFT (just a bunch of tubes lashed together)... and STICK HIM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN SURROUNDED BY SHARKS!!! Sharks with PIPES. I think there's a "clip art" shark 3d file somewhere.

Fernandinande has been posting some 3D experiments on alt.binaries.slack that are CRAZED... hideous worm creatures crawling out of Dobbshead Islands. Poindexter has some frighteningly real looking 3D scenes and now The Prophet Jim is doing it. And a BUNCH of "NEW guys" are doing it. There is some truly SPAZZY looking stuff on a.b.s... I'm telling you... I will preserve all that stuff at SubSITE as soon as I can GET AROUND TO IT but I am bound and determined to stop servicing everybody else and spend some time making images myself. That KEEPS getting put off. It's those FUCKING VILLAGERS outside with their GOD DAMNED TORCHES.

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