Lordy Mercy. We gotta pack for the X-Day Drill tomorrow -- Sunday -- and take off on Monday morning. Lordy, lordy. So many things to do. This has been Deadline Week. Deadlines WERE met without too much Slack being lost through the airlock.

I am working from my wife's computer because mine is busy upstairs rendering my third actual real computer animation shot. I am excited. There's a beta of a new Bryce program going around (an extremely intuitive 3D graphics prog, mainly for landscapes) that lets an idiot do animation -- camera-swoops through scenes, anyway. I've had it swooping through all my old Dobbs-Planet scenes while I was doing my taxes (the old fashioned way, not on a computer). I'll post some of the mini-videos to alt.binaries.slack if I get half a chance. These aren't like my QuickTime VR movies that only the Mac users seem able to run. These are plain .mov type video files. About 400k. They display roughly the size of a playing card, and only last about 4 seconds, but the three experiments I've done are WEIRD AS HELL looking and fun to either play in Loop, or creep through frame by frame. If you're into bizarre dreamlike computer 3D landscapes.

The Packing of the Van will be a pulse-pounding adventure tomorrow, especially if the van is STILL IN THE SHOP!!! But by Gobbs we'll hook horses up to it and have it PULLED to New York, just like those Amish SubGenii do on the roads around Brushwood, where the Drill is.

Dr. Legume has been hard at work on his evil scret projects, to be unveiled at the Drill. Rev. Susie the Floozie has been busy cooking vats of Antidote Pudding. Friday Jones has a Morlocks suit damn near ready. Jesus, myself and someone else have been buzzing around like insane little bees trying to tie up loose ends. For instance, since I got up this morning, I have DONE MY TAXES and MY MONTHLY COLUMN WRITING JOB. Amazing how you can crunch through these things if you have to. I spent the whole week looking at SubGenius art. In fact, I looked at ALL THE SUBGENIUS ART IN MY COMPUTER, and my computer has not only SubSITE in it but about 600 new pieces not yet linked on SubSITE. Altogether I viewed, and JUDGED, over 3500 pieces of art. I culled that down to 400 pieces of art -- average of 4 choices each for each of the 100 cards in the Steve Jackson Games SUBGENIUS INWO game.

Ya'll are gonna SHIT!!!

The bad news is that a "new deadline" occurred which will not give us as much time as I had wanted to create all-new art SPECIFICALLY for the game. We aren't using ANY of the old Rev-X, Book of SubGenius, Stark Fist art. This is ALL-UNSEEN outside of SubSITE and alt.binaries.slack. Nenslo and I have dibs on certain scenes that we'll illustrate or die trying NOT to, if you know what I mean.

Meanwhile, Jesus, Rev. Matt, Nickie and them have been play testing the game, as has Steve Jackson and his pals.

Friends, it is extremely strange to hear phrases like, "My Fighting Jesus uses his special Slack power to take away your Legume's Secret FisTemple Lodge and hold it's Nental Ife in my Janor Device." Actually I have yet to play or even watch them play, I've been so swamped trying to cull down the graphics for it.

I can tell you that from what I know of these things, the game plays exactly like Illuminati - New World Order (and is an adjunct to that) but LOOKS more like SubSITE on a good day.

I had to send out not one but TWO Hour of Slack RERUNS this week, due to the Drill and these deadlines. But at least I got my taxes in -- personal taxes, which are an INSANELY COMPLICATED NIGHTMARE. If it was SubGenius Corporate Taxes it'd take 10 minutes. We did those back at deadline time. Let me put it this way, I can tell you what's on every line of every fucking Schedule of a 1040, all the way from A to SE (self employment tax -- 15%, the FUCKING BASTARDS!!! JUST FOR NOT WORKING FOR THE MAN!!!). The fact that I understand capital gains -- THAT MAKES ME WANT TO PUKE!!!

What else is new... anybody heading to the X-Day Drill, Sunday night's IRC devival in SubChat Land (see SUbSITE for instructions) will be the last place to quiz Jesus or me about details before we're on the road. Once at Brushwood we will NOT be checking email. You can call the Brushwood campground office at 716-761-6750 but they will not put you through to us, they can only take messages, and SubGenii should not pester them for anything except directions.

Remember kids -- even though it's summer, it gets chilly at night there so bring warm clothes.

Jesus is expecting twice the people we had last time. He predicts 200. I don't think it'll be quite THAT many. But I do think we'll top 10,000 on Real X-Day, '98. The people who survive this Drill will be the POLICE at the Real Thing.


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