Hour of Slack/WCSB/Audioactive sounds GREAT!

I'm sitting here in Dallas, listening to the Hour of Slack on WCSB-FM in Cleveland, through my computer over the Net in Audioactive. The Swinging Love Corpses are doing "Dancin' With a Hard On" and it sounds PERFECTLY listenable and clear. Well, sometimes it sounds a little bit like it's coming through a FAN. But just earlier was a section with Quicksilver Messenger Service doing "Who Do You Love" followed by me preaching over it... now if anything's gonna sound AWFUL on Net radio it's that thin tremolo-vibrato-mad guitar. But it sounds JUST GREAT!!!

OH GOOD LORD I just heard myself on that Cleveland station from that Dallas tape giving out the Cleveland ACE 1-800 number... over the radio... in their home town... hope there's somebody at the office...

Now I'm griping about how nobody is listening in Texas. But I'm WRONG! I'M LISTENING in Texas!! THIS IS TOO FUCKING WEIRD!!!

And now I hear me talking about WCSB's WEBSITE!!! I'm SAYING THE WEBSITE URL THAT I'M LISTENING THROUGH, only I said it a WEEK AGO,... %%$@#!!! TIME CONTROL!!! Now I am GIVING THEIR ADDRESS WRONG!!!

Oh good... they cut in over the tape of me and corrected it. That's


SHIT... I'd CALL 'em right now, but I'm... online... can't use the phone... !!

THIS IS TOO WEIRD!!! Hearing my own ears hearing me over a computer talking about "you" (in this one case, me) listening to "me" over the computer... and GOD DAMN, giving the URL wrong... FIGURES.

AH! And here's the tape of Rev. Gobi gushing about the optimal lethality of Dobbs. That segment seemed to TURN ON some of the listeners where it was already broadcast, such as in the factory where the show copies are duplicated.

I can't believe I'm TYPING this in Word, while HEARING show.

She's talking about July 5 now... great car wreck sound.

Anyway folks, Audioactive WORKS. You REALLY CAN hear GREAT BIZARRE-ASS RADIO (including Hour of Slack at 9 pm EST, Also check out ESO Radio, Thursday nights 12 midnight ) at http://www.wcsb.org

The Audioactive player is easy to download (and E-Z-2-INSTALL) from that site.

Oh god, now Gobi's doing her pagan confessions about weird Brushwood experiences with Bleepo. This stuff is BORDERLINE FCC-legal.

TRY IT!!! If you have ANY kind of "sound card" or have ever monkeyed with the GROSSLY INFERIOR "RealAudio," TRY IT!!


"It's Almost Like Living In Cleveland!"

Gosh I love the Internet.

HUH! I just told Netscape to QUIT, but Audioactive and the Hour of Slack STAYED ON. CAN'T SHUT IT OFF. These sudden bouts of Time Control gone haywire... It's almost sobering.

Now I shall go scope out the rlabs IRC scene. The old preacher prowling from tent to tent after the tent show devival... while the MENFOLK are all out at some LYNCHIN' or somethin' HEH


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