Did I break SUNSite?

Date: Fri, 06 Sep 1996 10:43:53 -0600


We had quite a LOT of artwork stacked up around here, aching to get to
SUBSite. I spent the last two days organizing it, checking it, and making
new Art Mines tunnels to link it to, then started uploading it all
yesterday afternoon to SUNsite, the computer lab in Chapel Hill, NC. There
was so much of it that I set the Fetch doggie to FTPing it all
automatically, and went to bed for a short nap. When I woke up at 1 in the
morning, I went back to the office to finish uploading the text that
allows you to see the art.

And SubSITE was CLOSED! In fact all of SUNSite was dead in the water.
Still is this morning.


Of course, the hurricane in North Carolina may have something to do with
it. SHUCKS. I have no idea how much of the art actually got there... but
I'll bet it was still FTPin' when their power went out or they shut down
or evacuated or whatever happened. WHAT HAPPENS when a Dobbshead is moving
through the pipes into their machine at the exact moment that power dies?
Does it go to Dobbshead Heaven? Does it go HALFWAY to Dobbshead Heaven,
with the bottom half (with the Pipe) still hanging forlornly on the wire?

At any rate, I guess we'll have to wait before you get to see the new
PSYCHEDELIC PORNO ART STASH #4. Although a lot of it is by cuthulu, and is
already visible at his website.



When it comes back, though, I believe that Jesus and Wandarer have gotten
two new Hours of Slack up in Truespeech -- #s 539 and 540. SHIT!!! THAT
REMINDS ME. I have to produce a new show -- THIS MORNING!!! NOW!!

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