All of the following will be easy to find from the Updates page inside the Church News page off the 1st page.

The Hour of Slack in TrueSpeech is updated through #551; logs are updated through 553.

THE JANOR DEVICE is online in TrueSpeech... not the whole 90 minute tape, but excerpts.

Dozens of new .wav files are available in the EAR of DOBS audio downloads section, mixed with many TrueSpeech excerpts from Hour of Slack. The singing talents of William Shatner and Linda McCartney are NOW YOURS TO HEAR! (Special thanks to Rev. Eyre Rend for all this audio compression work!)
In this section one may also hear live, as if by radio, Lou Duchez' "armpit jazz" and some classic talk radio moments.

The "articles II" section in THE HALL OF ANSWERS and the TALES section of the HALL OF FUN have been grossly distended with text files, bulging obscenely from their hideously distorted abdomens with new human spew and SubGenius greatness.

Also in the HALL OF FUN is the new Devival section on the Columbus show, with photos.

Bob Harris' THE SCOOP has been updated biweekly, as have the IRC devival records.

MOST ASTOUNDING OF ALL are the new entries into the GAMES contests in the FUNHOUSE, STERNO'S NEW ART PAGE and the VIDEO EXTRAVAGANZAS in the new VIDEO 5 gallery.

Louis Atkinson submitted a .wrl file with GIF accessories that, when viewed through Netscape 3, is LIKE UNTO A HEAVENLY ROOM OF PIPES AND SUBSYMBOLS BASHING RANDOMLY AGAINST EACH OTHER!

We perverted the GOO program to the point that NOMAN may withstand the SHEER DISCOMFORTURE of the resulting ever-warpind Dobbshead movies. Charles Mangin made an ever-smokingPipe that's... well... STILL SMOKING. And this is all CHILD'S PLAY!!!! These are all THROW-AWAY FILES for your TEMPORALLY IMPUGNED PLEASURE within the grand scope of things...

The new page of Sterno's latest art, "STERNO IS GOD," has some of the most amazing psychedelic Dobbsian pornart that I have ever seen... seriously. And the other 50 new pieces by others on the "NEW" Art Mines Tunnel (gallery6.html) is nothing to sneeze at either. There's also a few new things in the Psychedelic Porno Art Stash... but you HAVE to be of legal age!

It's all lingering ALMOST WITHIN YOUR GRIP!!!

All it takes is for you to TAKE ON SubSITE. Go ON IN. If it's too slow to tolerate just at that time of day, go in later. Just HACK AWAY. You can't BREAK anything. JUST HACK AT IT as if with a TOMAHAWK!!!

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