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March 10


I JUST got back from Austin, where we finished up the Steve Jackson Games INWO/SubGenius project. And BOY HOWDY did it turn out GREAT! We should have the boxed sets in a month or two. (Only 4 months LEFT!!) There's a thang about it on the SJG website:

It's their "Daily News" page --- you'll want to scroll down to the March 3 entry. There's a pic of me and Steve and a link to an explanation of the game and some other stuff.

I am finishing up the credits list, in a hurry, now that I'm home. A whole bunch of new artwork got generated for this game in just the last few days and I'll be posting some of the crazier ones. Wait'll you see "RAIN OF PRAIRIE SQUID."

Finishing up this game was like being in HEAVEN. I COULD DO NOTHING but sit there doing WEIRD PSYCHEDELIC SUBGENIUS COMPUTER GRAPHICS, for 14 hours a day, UNINTERRUPTED!!! (I hauled all my computer stuff down to Austin and just camped out there until it was done. Stayed at GGG's house, but was so busy I only saw them ONCE in the whole 5 days!)

I'm real happy with the way the game turned out, and so is Steve. It's a classic SubGenius/Discordian blend. The new art director guy at SJG, Jack Elmy, really knows his Photoshop-to-print and finally working with a real pro for the finishing stages, well, it was a big relief. I made lots of new friends. They even have a hot tub at their office, not that I ever got the time to use it.

I guess it's re-runs for Hour of Slack again this week!

Jesus is whacking together a 32 page Stark Fist this week. We are just busy as a bunch of face fucking bats in a hurricane.

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