Dumpings from The Stangostomy Bag


I have a modicum of Slack, I'm enthusiastic again, because I've been getting a lot NEW done. I have NOT been reading alt.slack much, though I've been trying fitfully. But there's so damned much there, 2000 posts minimum, I wonder if I shouldn't just mark it ALL READ and start from scratch, so I can get a HANDLE on it again. What do YOU think? No doubt several of you have saved the good stuff. I rapaciously desire to CAPTURE and DISPLAY PERMANENTLY, ALL of the good stuff -- as if to CONTROL it, yes, as if to OWN it, to make it part of my VAST DOMAIN!!! To make you ALL SLAVES!!! I've just been too busy learning new techno-shit to bother. But then, that's one of the two ways to relieve TECHNOBOREDOM. Sure beats the only other cure, the Unabomber's. (I got his manifesto, downloaded it off TIME WARNER!)

I was able to keep up with my email. I finished Indian Rope Burn's video. I mixed three new HOURS OF SLACK. I did the taxes. I downloaded everything on alt.binaries.slack. I downloaded a whole bunch of shareware doohickies to make web composition easier. I started fooling around with Photoshop and made a bunch of new background tiles and Muta-"Bobs." I stumbled upon three new major Internet technical breakthroughs in one week. (More on that later). I learned how to solve the mailing list problem. I assembled a special "Best of Stang Live" video for GWAR's doubting Dicks and in theory they've fallen for it. (GWAR Slave Pit: http://www.iuma.com/gwar/) I cut 30-some-odd co-author royalty checks for the Simon & Schuster books. I returned most phone calls. My daughter made Varsity. My son got in trouble for distributing atheist literature at school. My wife got YARD OF THE MONTH. EXCLUDED MIDDLE came out with my abduction confession as the cover story with a cover illo by Dr. Howll. But best of all, I started BURGLARIZING WEB SITES.

I have a huge file here now called "STOLEN CODE." It's a real bag of tricks. I was never able to do that before, with the old machine -- view source code on the run. I COULD, but like looking at the Web in general, it was too troublesome to be worth it. NOW -- now I can WHIZ through these sites, grabbing art and icons and gimmicks as I go. (Unlike many web geeks, I do not intend to use anybody's artwork or gimmicks without permission and credit given. However, about 50% of what I grabbed were cases of people using the Dobbshead creatively, without permission or giving credit...) I looked at almost all the new SubGenius web sites I'd been told of, and from links in those discovered all manner of impossible things.

And boy, do I have a lot to add to the SubSITE. I can't WAIT -- but I keep finding MORE NEW FUN STUFF to PUT there! And I better do it quick, that and a mailing, because I look to be on the road for a LONG stretch in October-November if Dobbs smiles on us. Or NHGH as the case may be. Ya never know.

And in case I don't, here's a lot of the main news. First the radio news, then the cool cheezy Internet gimmicks news, then the UPCOMING DEVIVAL news, then a big list of new SubGenius and other weirdo websites. (Well, new to me anyway; none were previously linked on SubSITE.)

Regular alt.slackers may have already read some of this. But I have to edit it up anyway for SubSITE so you're stuck with ALL of it.


New times for The Hour of Slack Radio Ministry:

CIUT, Toronto, 89.5 fm -- now at 1 am Tuesday morning.
WFMU, New Jersey-NYC, 91.1 fm -- as of Oct. 2, ALSO at 1 am Tuesday morning
(This must be "drive time" for SubGeniuses.)


New radio websites:
WZRD, Chicago, has a new improved one, which includes a special SubGenius section, downloads of bulldada sounds, and a "High Weirdness"-type link list.

WCSB in Cleveland, 89.3 fm, has a new web site, too: http://wcsb.org/~wcsb

HOUR OF SLACK is heard there Sunday nights at 9, and, it seems, soon
will BE HEARD ALL OVER THE INTERNET via realtime audio ANY WEEK NOW, along with Rev. Kole's show, Einstein's Secret Orchestra with Lonesome
Cowboy Dave, and all the other great stuff on WCSB.

Rev. Kole says WCSB is already wired up for it and is only waiting for the
server machine to be delivered. I'm not sure which of the many new real-time Internet radio systems they're planning to use. But the astounding thing is, THERE ARE SOME!!! And they work on AVERAGE-TO-GOOD HOME EQUIPMENT!!

The simplest is RealAudio. You can download the player (Mac or PC) and check out samples at:


It's a GIMMICK, but it works. Pretty sort of.

I downloaded the player, fiddled around with it for about an hour, and then used Netscape to go back to the RealAudio site, which links to every web site now using the RealAudio SERVER (the SERVER sales are where they make the money). The list so far is not very big. Of all things, a conservative Dallas (!) commercial talk station, KLIF, is the ONLY station pumping their signal out over the Net 24 hours a day via RealAudio. There are other stations (mostly VERY normal) online at select times, and many more which serve playbacks-on-demand of hour-long shows, collections of music, etc. These include NPR and ABC.

Can't say as how it works WELL, but Will O'Dobbs and I DID INDEED sit here listening to KLIF talk radio, LIVE, AS BROADCAST, through my Power Mac on a 28.8 modem. It was football commentators, and they sounded like they were gargling, but by gobbs you'd be able to follow the game just fine. We checked another RealAudio-bearing website, PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE, and clicked on "HEAR THE ENTIRE SOUNDTRACK!", and sure enough, a gargly recording of the beginning of the movie started right up. The music was awful but Criswell's intro came through quite clearly. We also tried a few canned dixie dance band recordings and Voice of America. Music is crappy sounding but voice is okay. THE HOUR OF SLACK would probably be unbearable in parts but COOLY WEIRD sounding in others. ("Dad" points out, "Oh now you'll have to produce a special internet version...you know, make it unbearable THROUGHOUT.")

The way it works is that the original digital signal, a wav or au file or
whatnot, is compressed SO MUCH that if you have a 14.4 modem and enough
RAM, you can listen to it AS IT'S DOWNLOADING. It's being pumped in,
decoded and decompressed faster than it can be played. A great deal of
quality is sacrificed, and this is NOT the way to self-publish music. But
it IS LIVE INTERNET RADIO and doesn't require a zillion bucks worth of
modem and connection... at least, not to RECEIVE.

I immediately started wondering, CAN WE DUMP RealAudio files at the SubSITE and have them spew out correctly? If we COULD, that would mean that all
those impossible gimmicks I wrote in to the original Sub Web Plan, ARE NOW
NOT ONLY POSSIBLE BUT EASY AS HELL TO DO!!! It would also mean that anybody, anywhere (with a thousand bucks' worth of gear) would be able cop an Hour of Slack ANY TIME OF DAY OR NIGHT.

"Dad" Townsend adds, "And the cool thing about that is that you can jump to any point in the recording with a little slide control thingie. So if you can't stand the way that Rudy Schwartz tune is sounding, you can just skip to the part where Papa Joe Mama is ranting..."

THREE STATIONS that play Hour of Slack have been talking about going
online in real time.

"But... what will this do to the Foundation's income for subscriptions from
stations?" asked Dr. Dynasor. It will INCREASE them, I say!! Because the word would get out; people would wonder what it was like UNGARGLED, and DEMAND TO KNOW!!


Just as I was getting all excited about RealAudio, ol' Dr. id at Sunsite informed me:

"We've been working on getting a RA server donated, since decent one costs
111111111110 THOUSAND DOLLARS <<<<<<<<<<

It looks like we *might* be getting one soon...however, i've got even BETTER news: we've scored a REAL-TIME MPEG encoder that does AMAZINGLY HIGH QUALITY streaming of real-time audio...essentially, this means that we can either broadcast HoS LIVE or record it to a disk and let people play it back at their leisurely slackness (aka RealAudio)...the catch is that this server sounds a HELL of a lot better than RA...it's from a company called Xing, and you can check out their shit at http://www.xingtech.com

It WILL become the main propagandistic uber-tool for HoS and Over the
Edge...the Mac version of the client is still in Alpha, but it will be out
soon...oh yeah, the client's free, too...

So why this and not RA? SUPERIOR SOUND QUALITY! This is the NEXT
generation of net-based audio transmission, since it utilizes MPEG audio
compression, already the defacto standard for high-quality audio online.

OK...there is the spiel. We're working out a few bugs in the server now,
but i'll let you know when we've gotten some of the shows encoded and
ready to try out.

Sound good?


Now here's an edited version of a press release that Townsend found on Voice On the Net Digest

>NORTHVALE, N.J., September 22, 1995 -- VocalTec Inc. today introduced the
>Internet Wave, or IWave, available free for
>download from the Internet (http://www.vocaltec.com)

(bullshit deleted throughout)
>"VocalTec has developed the compression algorithms to provide
>sound for even dial-up connections. PSINet, as a pure Internet network,
>can readily take advantage of these capabilities. "
>VocalTec's IWave has two main
>components -- a server package that includes an encoder and works in
>conjunction with standard web servers and the IWave Windows-compatible
>helper application. Both are available free of charge at VocalTec's Web
>site at http://www.vocaltec.com.
>The encoder compresses data from Windows .WAV and UNIX .AU files using
>high-quality compression algorithms similar to those developed by VocalTec
>for the Internet Phone. The compressed data is then stored on a Web server
>for retrieval. An encoder for live audio source compression is also
>available for a charge.
>IWave's helper application supports any Web browser... IWave automatically recognizes and
>plays back audio stored at Web sites by an IWave encoder. To support IWave,
>end users must have Windows 3.1 or higher, a SLIP or PPP connection and a
>modem that runs at 9.6 Kbps or faster. Those with 14.4 Kbps modems will
>experience audio with quality similar to that of AM radio broadcasts while
>those with 28.8 Kbps modems will hear audio of almost-FM quality.
>Audience size for an IWave broadcast is limited only by a server's
>connection bandwidth, for IWave acts like any other Web activity. In
>addition, Web site providers can set passwords to limit access to IWave
>sites or recordings or to sell the service.
>To subscribe to Voice On The Net Digest, send e-mail to: majordomo@pulver.com,
>leave the subject blank, and in the body write: subscribe von-digest


While still reeling from the implications of all that, I stumbled upon


in the Quick Time VR format, downloadable from http://qtvr.quicktime.apple.com/

And these bizarre little things work TOO! Well, it's not like you can "fly" through a real-time 3-D animated world. It's more like you stand in one place and look at a WEIRDLY DISPLAYED 3-D-ish place by swiveling all around, looking up and down, "zooming" in and out, etc. The samples I downloaded included photographed real places, nature spots mainly, as well as entirely virtual fantasy landscapes and building interiors. You get a 360 degree view plus some up and down. It's not MERELY like you're seeing a 360 degree photo that's wrapped in a circle around you facing inwards. It's more 3-D-like than that, and it's RASTERY in the TRIPPIEST WAY!! The scene is very wide-angle-distorted (if you want it to be) and imbued with rich uber-colors, so it's reminiscent of that time you did the mescaline AND the speed and were REALLY sorry, but for awhile everything did sorta look like an album cover.

It runs on a 5-megs-a-ram Performa but not on my old early Mac LC model. KICKS EYEBALL on the Power Mac.

Would somebody like to render the virtual Dobbstown in KTP BRYCE?

Here are some web sites for more advanced forms of Web VR (they don't have Mac players yet):

Lightscape: www.lightscape.com/models.html
Webspace: www.sgi.com/Products/WebFORCE/WebSpace/

This section of Rev. Camangin's new web site has a convenient collection of VR oriented links:


And it was while puttering around there that I found a website through which one may interactively tweak and create FRACTALS IN 3-D:

Having Fun w/ Hydra: http://reality.sgi.com/cgi.bin/Imagemap/hydra
or perhaps at http://reality.sgi.com/employees/rck/hydra/forms/hydraAAAa0056d.html

I was flabbergasted. They give you a lovely fractal, then you decide which angle and power-of-weirdness and detail that you would like to view it from, RENDERED IN 3D. You click and wait for about 3 minutes while the faraway computer cogitates, and then it's like looking at insanely colored islands and mountains in some subatomic HELL DIMENSION!!

I also found a spot where one may download HUNDREDS of gigantic, eye-searing color fractals in GIF format:
Fractal Pictures and Animations: http://www.cnam.fr/fractals.html
They have fractal movies too, if you don't mind downloading gig-sized files.

Virtual Worlds FTP site: ftp://ftp.hitl.washington.edu/pub/scivw/WWW/scivw.html


But before somebody gets all upset about how we've forgotten SLACK for the POEBUCKER SubGenii who can't afford the machinery required to mess with any of this AMAZING high/low tech crap, here's where you can create your own website using a crayon and a chalkboard:

From: cuthulu@ns1.unicomp.net (cuthulu)
Subject: SubGenius Message Board

I just put a SubGenius Message Board up on my server.

The URL is http://www.rlabs.com/messages/BBOARD.HTM

It works kind of like those graffiti walls you see on BBSes, and you
can put html code on it (even an URL to an image file or a sound
file). You can also plug your web pages there, and viewers are able to
click on your URL to go straight to your page.

Anyway, I hope you shits use it often.
radar labs web server <http://www.rlabs.com/index.htm>
home page <http://www.rlabs.com/cuthulu/index.htm>


Things are still a leetle bit up in the air regarding both the GWAR/SUBGENIUS possible co-tour as well as the Cleveland DR. LEGUME MEMORIAL GUT BLOW-OUT.

However, to get the latest up-to-date info, call:

Due to unforeseen battles between cosmic forces (GWAR and DOBBS), that Legume-butt-kissing sob sister Steve Devilacqua has tentatively moved
Sunday, OCT 22
Cleveland, OHIO
43rd and Lorian
above All People's Books

That's what we THINK SO FAR. AND FATHER JOE MAMA and I WILL BE THERE TO KICK STEVE'S BUTT IN THE FOUL NAME OF THE EVIL, BEST-LEFT-DEAD DR. LEGUME!!! Guns, knives, his choice of weapons. Lonesome Cowboy Dave will sing his death song. LEGUME'S FUNERAL SHALL BECOME BEVILACQUA'S!!!

Incidentally, you can send your "CON-dolences," questions and "CON-tributions" to Steve at http://www.apk.net/lemur
US Mail: PO Box 770222 Lakewood, OH 44107 (216)251-1654
Send SASE for FREE Catalog.

What we THINK will PROBABLY happen a few days after that:

GWAR/SubGenius Tour Starts Oct. 27th in Cleveland.

All the involved parties have agreed, and all that's theoretically left are CONTRACTS. But of course, NOTHING means ANYTHING until the CONTRACTS exist. This is because THE CONSPIRACY SUCKS!!!!! Once things are finally decided, I'll have to buckle down and start my acrobatics and stage magic training again, while perfecting the Ultimate Half Hour Rant-Attack with video backdrop and exploding props and battles between Dobbs and the Sexecutioner. Oh yeah, and publish a STARK FIST. And... well anyway.

After Cleveland, the tour OSTENSIBLY goes like this:
Oct 28: Detroit. 29: Toledo. 30: Milwaukee. 31: Chicago!!
Nov. 1: Cincinatti. 2: (?) 3: St. Louis!!! 4: Lawrence 5: Minneapolis
Then from the 9th to the end, it goes, Seattle, Portland, Petaluma, (nowhere), Palo Alto, SF, Santa Barbara, L.A., Phoenix, Albuquerque, Denver, Lubbock, Dallas on the 21st, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Houston on the 25th. (Number the rest yourself!)

I may skip the middle part of the tour and only do the Texas cities after Minneapolis, so as to LIVE ON. IF it happens.

Like I said, we still don't quite know for double-plus-good SURE yet.



The Corpses will live again!!!

October 28th 1995, Friday
at the Home of the Swingin' Love Corpses in St. Louis, OFF BROADWAY.

See the NEW Swingin' Love Corpses Web Site at http://www.portal.com/~wesley/slc1.html for more information and some of the funniest shit you'll ever encounter in a virtual toilet.

"The only reason he's alive is because its against the law to kill him." -P.

Here's what Corpse bass player Lafe Cowabunga had to say about the upcoming LOVE CORPSES tour:

"fuck it. i ain't playin no fuckin gig. wait a fuckin minute....

ok, i'm back. Smoked some jazz weed. Yeah, gig, good idea. No opener, just a real late start, like about 11:30. I'm gonna play my marine corps boot camp record album over and over for walk-in music. I hope it drives those sorry fuckers crazy. At that point, we will have their money so fuck 'em. No old songs or I don't whack my dong on stage. Just new shit, made up on the spot with lots of 'frop and about 6*e4.9777t#7645 cases of Stag Beer. Who wants to split a hit of four-way? We'll make it two-way by default. I'll burn up another fogger, just like last gig. Hope to see you there. Bring your earplugs, and as always, party at my house afterwards, just up the street."


And this one could be THE devival to catch on the East Coast this year:


November 2 at 9PM
$6 TIX.

KINGS OF FEEDBACK "LIVE" ......PartTime-Doktor Band heaving out
the indudroid blues SLACK sludge hardcore noise rock anti-muzik!

*Rev Dr.Dr. (Mr. MD) David N. Meyer, Pope of New York City,
Idaho and the Great Pacific Northwest, Isness of the Business,
B(eloved) O(f) (B(ob)! Other special guests include Kid Ginsu as well a who's who of NE alt.slackfux rumored to show up. The Grand Clavister, Pastor
Craig, Rev Nickie (+Will O'Dobbs?) Maybe we can even drag MODEMAC and DAD down to NYC.

Only 99 slackfux mutants will witness this
Orgy of SLACK. (Show is from 9pm-10:30---- ONE show ONLY)


****OTHER Upcoming Devivals include....

"SLACK CRUSADES TOUR"....MEGA-DEVIVAL via Rev. Steve Bevilacqua at LEMUR!
15-city Slack blowout! (Early '96-All Dates Tenative-FEB-MARCH?)
This TOUR will feature Rev. Ivan Stang and Circus Apocolypse (Freak Show)!
KINGS OF FEEDBACK will appear on the BOSTON and NYC shows!

+++++++++++++++MORE KINGS OF FEEDBACK!!!+++++++++++++
CLUB BABYHEAD-Providence, Rhode Island = September 30 with Holy Cow and 151

MIDDLE EAST Downstairs-Cambridge/Boston, MA = October 6

The Babyhead and Middle East shows are ROCK gig clubs shows.....BUT of course
KOF will play the Slackfux Favs- Normal, Used Slack, KILL "BOB" and be
spewing misc SLACK rants along with a heap of NOISE.
The NEW MAIN address for the "OBE-KOF Orgy of Noise" wwweb site is:

Telephone= 1-(617) LICK OBE (24 HR answering machine)
Snail= BTM-Extraterrestrial Records/Box 221/Boston,MA 02123
Email= ObeKOF@world.std.com or ObeKOF@cyberden.com

OBE "Bongfest Remix of Groatclusters" has just been released on the Maine
Vocal CD compilation for HEMP legalization in MAINE by Reversing

And I, Stang, can vouch that it is a FINE and INSPIRIN' collection of FIERY, SMOKIN' ANTI-CONSPIRACY SONGS & RANTS!!

Finally, below are a couple of clips typical of the email exchanges that have been going back and forth between The SubGenius Foundation and the GWAR Slave Pits.


GWAR slave said:
"You and your bogus ministry must stand trial during GWAR's upcoming "RENDEZVOUS WITH RAG NA ROK" tour this fall,or be destroyed(which will probably happen anyway) at the hands of our Scumdog Masters!!!!"

NO MERE GODS may dare to stand in judgement over THE JUDGER!!! The might of ALL the armies of GWAR are as but the mewling of MAGGOTS compared to the all-enveloping carpet of horror that shall be strewn before "BOB'S" MALIGNANT GRIN OF EVIL HOLINESS!!!

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. All your chariots and nuclear submarines shall be SWEPT ASIDE like CIG ASHES ON A FILTHY TABLE when the Xists descend in Glory.

OR KILL ME!!!!!!



>We, the slaves of G.W.A.R., are bringing you up on charges of herecy.
> You WILL stand trial during the upcoming G.W.A.R. "Rag Na Rok" tour...

>Pray for your soul!!!!

>-Rich Depping
>Leader of the "Peasant Revolution"

YOU puny FOOLS of G.W.A.R. shall quake in your human-skin boots and dribble your weak rabbit's pee down your filthy legs when the SKY-FILLING GRIN OF DOBBS RESURRECTED appears over your degenerate hick town! HEED THIS WARNING!!! It shall be the MOTHER of all MOTHERFUCKERS. The blood of your mothers' skeletons will make the sea pink, the tears of your daughters as they are raped by Xist robobeasts before your eyes will breed virulent mosquito larvae that will lay egs in your snot and inject you with hallucinogens that makes you believe your agony is ETERNAL rather than the few brief seconds before Dobbs' BOOT STOMPS OUT YOUR SICKLY FRAIL LIVES.

We'll meet you behind the old church in Jonesboro, you AND all your buddies, hands tied, any throw, no rules!!


Inquisitor General Stang



Anything else good that I've checked out is already pointed to from SubSITE or described earlier. These are the ones I'm about to add to SubSITE, in rough categories. I'll blurb 'em up better, too.


They are all REAL GOOD and you HAVE to check each and every one out, no matter how long it takes you. If you haven't already, since half were gleaned from alt.slack.


Rev. Leo Damascus)
Paranoiac Lodge | Foundation for Unearthing Concealed
Oh, no! It's Rev Leo!!! Run, lock up the liquor, and hide the
livestock!!! Scratches on the film don't seem to affect him!

~~~ Rev. Matthew A. Carey vision temple }{ tarzana california

Reverend Jack at the First Zen Gnostic Emergentile Church of the SubGenius
Minivan Clench =There is no way to Slack, Slack is the way=
jlyons@haven.ios.com Confess your Sins: http://haven.ios.com/~jlyons/

Rev. NUTTING: http://www.is.com/Users/jnutting/subg.html ( Tons of funny Dobbsheads)

toronto clench: //nation.org/~cattle

Dobbs Web Watcher: http://www.bobwerks.com/ This is DR. HOWLL'S WEBSITE as well as the Crux DobbsWear catalog. Dr. Howll's "newspaper" is an ABSOLUTE SUBGENIUS CLASSIC MUST-SEE!!! Same goes for:

SLC: //www.portal.com/~wesley/slc1.html

RANDOM QUOTE FROM BOOK OF THE SUBGENIUS: //sgd10.arlut.utexas.edu:80/~johnk/bob.html

The Rudy Schwartz Project: JOE NEWMAN: //www.rit.edu/~jcs1589/rsp/

YUM YUM YUM: www.the-spa.com/rob.henery/ GREAT-- High-Weird, OM, Kooks, Psychedelics, web links!!!

ftp.netcom.com/pub/pk/pkitty --- get readme and index

http://www.rahul.net/ndanger/index.html Kelly Lute's AREA 51 INFORMATION SERVICE (misc. weirdness, SG, David Lynch's Soap reviews)

http://www.rlabs.com/zoogz/ Zoogz Rift's spew, corralled by Radar Labs

Rev. Camangin: http://www4.ncsu.edu/unity/users/c/camangin/
(Has GLOWING REVIEW of the Church by Bob Black (Mahatma Propagandi) from the old days -- boy would he be embarrassed) plus unwitting links to Bob Dean "False Bob" downloads


(final version will include several of the same ones listed above, like Zoogz, Newman, SLC, etc.)

Temple of Wretched Excess (WZRD) http://www.imagescape.com/wzrd/wotan.html
Excellent collections of audio bulldada from WZRD's SubGenii


Emergency Broadcast Network: www.tvtrecords.com (EBN@aol.com)

FIRESIGN THEATERcatalog: www.bluemarble.net/~lodeston/ (good catalog of Firesign videos, tapes, links)

beefheart: www.rit.edu/~jcs1589/hpr.html

Capsoul reviews: www.inch.com/~skeever/

"Art in the Public Interest" -- High Performance magazine: www.tmn.com/Community/highperf/AP/home.html

DemScreensavers: www.dnaco.net/~ivanjs/jshp.html (various WEIRD PAINTINGS, etc.)

URBAN DESIRES magazine: desires.com/ud/1.2/art/docs/lovegrid.html

Heavy Water: http://www.well.com/user/corcoran/heavydef.html

ACID Prod: acid.extern.ucsd.edu/index.html

YUM YUM YUM: www.the-spa.com/rob.henery/ GREAT-- High Weird, OM, Kooks, Psychedelics, web links!!!

www.rahul.net/ndanger/index.html (kelly Lute-- ??) -- AREA 51 INFORMATION SERVICE (misc. weirdness, SG, David Lynch's Soap reviews)

http://www.nada.kth.se/~nv91-asa/weird.html Ander's Weird Page

World Wide Weirdness from WZRD: http://www.imagescape.com/wzrd/weird.html

JAY KINNEY: www.well.com/user/jay (Links to Fortean Times, many Other Mutants and High Weirdness websites plus Gnosis mag)

Factsheet5: http://www.etext.org:80/Zines/F5/

http://www.execpc.com/vjentpr/jroswell.html#Film is pretty much your one-stop shopping center for Roswell UFO graphics.

zeta.cs.adfa.oz.au/Urantia/ (URANTIA book on www)

MAITREYA: www.hooked.net/users/aquarian (pics of the New Jesus!)

CON theories: spirit.satelnet.org/Spirit.html (MASSIVE occult/new-age/UFOs website)

Steamshovel Press: http://www.umsl/~skthoma


New SCHWA address:
The Schwa Corporate Domain

In a storm of competing viewpoints, when information is falling like rain, you can find shelter. The Schwa Corporate Domain is your weather forecast. Updated monthly, we provide all the images, stories and slogans you'll need, without letting the facts slow things down. Where others shape opinion under the pretense of uncovering the truth, Schwa shapes the truth under the pretense of uncovering opinion. We are the only source of symbolism you will ever need.
You can relax. Make "http://www.theschwacorporation.com" the first bookmark in your web browser. You can find shelter. You should be feeling dryer already.

Nuclear Prccf Infcrmaticn
OR: New SCHWAA: http://fringeware.com/SchwaRoot/

TAZMedia (fringeware zine) http://fringeware.com/tazmedia/

Fringeware: http://fringeware.com/

Linkname: The International Conspiracy to Combat Conventional Wisdom
: http://www.nets.com/ic3w.html

The full text of TAZ and Radio Sermonetts by Hakim Bey and more works.

> | http://www.io.com/~shub/ram/rampage.html |

Christian Clipart: http://www.csi.uottawa.ca/~u565914/clipart/clipart.html

Links to the Underground: www.links.net/

asks for some input then generates a letter of recommendation for you
from a fictitious university. Basically a Mad Libs URL.

Roulette URL: www.cen.uiuc.edu/cgi-bin/ryl ("Bob's" Random Choice -- "You will learn what you need here"

Html Colors help: HEXCONVERTER: sunsite.unc.edu/id/hexconv.html

Always feel free to send your suggestions for more WEIRD or USEFUL LINKS!

You have a DOS DOBBS GAME that you'd like to add to the SubSITE game area for people to download? We have only Mac games there now.

ftp your stuff to:
ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/uploads and then drop a note about it to: id@calypso-2.oit.unc.edu
and to i.stang@metronet.com
to let us know it's there and what it is.

I've copped some DOS programs from a.b.s. and sent them on to SubSITE as raw data, but they never seem to go through the process unMac-ed, we dunno why. So now you can send them directly there. JUST REMEMBER TO TELL US!! Or they'll sit there, sad, rotting away.


There. Done. The INFORMATION has been TRANSMITTED in RAW FORM. I can now plunge into the JOYOUS TOIL of preparing that INFORMATION for more SEDUCTIVE presentation on SubSITE. That, and a whole hell of a lot MORE information. It's fuckin' with the backgrounds, text colors, and the NEW ARTWORK that I'm most up for.

By the way, many eager SubGenii have said to me, "Rev. Stang! Let me help you redesign those pages! I'm an html-in' FOOL!" Well, HAVE AT IT. Try any article or section past the main "HALL OF..." index pages. Most of it is REAL PLAIN LOOKING still. The "catalog" stuff and Other Mutants sections might be good for experimenting on. (It's been sorely ignored so far) Pick a section that hasn't been done up all fancy yet. View the source code as text. Save that. DO WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT WITH IT. Then email that revised source to me so I can look at it and decide whether it's WORTHY of the GREATEST WEBSITE ON EARTH!!!!

I'm not picky.

I haven't sent anything out to the text editing or scanning volunteers, but don't worry, I will. Again and again. You'll be SORRY.

Now I lay me down to sleep.

Your personal friend

Rev. Ivan Stang

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