A Report

Yanked from the Sunday Nite IRC Devival of 5-11-97, #subgenius on, with a caste of thousands of pixels:


Dr_Zach: The false golfer heads were all launched on June 7th 1984 and are still orbiting Uranus, taking pictures.
ogyr: stang: how did Atlanta go?
ogyr: i felt i was needed at the Sales Table
Dr_Zach: WILL THE REAL STANG PLEASE SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT is a movie starring Bruce Willis as Reverend Ivan Stang trying to rid the world of badly made B movies with a multimillion dollar budget. Coming soon to a video closet near you.
Stang: Zach -- you can tell it's really me 'cause it should say metronet somewhere in my address over there.
Stang: Apparently Iceknife was fucking with my SHIT earlier this evening... used my name, booted me, or something, I dunno, I'm fed up.
uglyking: that isn't the real Stang, that's iceknife again...
Dave: Stang: He was just fuckin' around.
Dr_Zach launches the bleeding head of Alfred E Neuman.
ogyr: iceknife doesn't know enough to log on from anywhere besides lanminds, Craig.
ogyr: zach: Stang = ICEKNIFE =
Stang: Oah. I feel much better now. Iceknife REALLY REALLY pissed me off earlier. I am exhausted from the Atlanta shows... haven't slept hardly. The show went great.
uglyking: How was the bachelor party?
ogyr: Stang: good to hear about Atlanta. how was the stripper joint?
Dave: Yeah, fill us in on the Atlanta thing.
Stang: We had a relatively huge turnout of 350 or so. Great line up of preachers. The Bleeding Head was launched from a VOLCANO on a TIKI STYLE SET!!! Honest.
uglyking: Bob and the volcano?
ChrisLee: wowee zowie
ogyr: Stang: cool! video for sale soon?
Stang: Friday Jones showed up in Atlanta!!! Ran the sales table all last night. Jesus and I said bye bye to Susie and Friday this morning at the airport, only about 12 hours ago!
Dave: Sounds very.. Howard Stern.
ogyr: friday: well, DAMN. Guess MY calling in this Church is right out then. Friday and her tits can sell more slag than I can with my wit, most likely.
Stang: The strip joint where Legume bachelor party was was... TOTALLY COOL!!! The Clermont... it's a JOKER STRIP JOINT!! FAT chicks! OLD chicks! I was in HEAVEN!!!
ogyr: Stang: right on.
Dave: Wooohooo!
uglyking: Well anythings better than RHPS geeks
Stang: We paid this large black stripper/comic book artist named "BLONDIE STRANGE" to pummel Legume's face with her tits, and crush beer cans between her legs.
Dave: Well, there you go! Phear not!
ogyr: stang: HA! did anyone take pictures?
Dave: Now THAT'S talent!
uglyking: gross
Stang: Seriously, it was a very interesting strip joint. Because the strippers were so plain looking, there were many couples... average looking dames could feel beautiful in this place.
Stang: To me they are all beautiful.
Dave: Uglyking, if you go into porno, that's what you'll have to do.
Dave: Pummel Legume's face with your tits.
Stang: Unfortunately I don't think there are any pics from that party. My video cam is busted, and ... it just wouldn't have been cool.
ogyr: i tried to pummel Legume's face with my tits, but he wasn't interested.
Stang: It was a great strip joint. More joker chick strippers I say.
being weird.
ogyr: stang: it doesn't MATTER, man! Seeing Legume's face get pummeled by tits would SELL, man!
Stang: Legume has pretty good knockers himself.
ogyr: stang: that he does. No wonder Suzie is going for him.
Dave: Everybody just start acting really BITTER.
uglyking: Pummle Legume's face with my TITS? Jesus christ on a pogo stick this porno thing is going to be harder than I thought!
Dave: It's not SUPPOSED to be easy.
Dave: If it was we'd ALL be pornographers, man!
Stang: Dave, I was pretty bitter not 45 minutes ago, but now I feel fine. I must be NUTS.
Dave: Stang: If so then I'm completely psycho.
uglyking: I suck the bitter out of everyone!
Stang: It was a wonderful teat-fest at times. I spent quite a lot of time in a back seat sqwushed between Friday Jones and Susie the Floozy... I was really in Stang Heaven.
Dave: Preacherly perks like that and still ye're bitter. Maybe you ARE nuts.
ogyr: Stang: in between Soozie and Friday? DAMN!
ogyr: uh oh... what did you do?
Dave: Confess to us, Stang.
uglyking: was it very bad?
ChrisLee leans forward eagerly.
DZ_Peein: do tell!
Dave: Did you commit.. a SIN?
*** DZ_Peein is now known as Dr_Zach
N_X_K: dave:Practice sentence: "EYE PHEAR G'BROAG'FRANZ MANB00BZ"
ogyr: You had them kiss LITTLE STANKY goodnight, DIDN'T YOU!
Stang: Dave -- here's why I can gripe about the preaching perks. SURE I get to be skwushed between Friday and Susie. BUT... ONLY while late to the airport and after not having slept for 36 hours!
Stang: Also, the show went very well. Joe Mama , Dynasoar, Legume, Susie, and the contortionists all did just great.
Stang: OH YEAH!!! I am not PROUD of this... I am about to tell you of a BAD THING that Jesus and I did.
Stang: Jesus and I did a BAD THING. Okay. Susie happened to know that the grave of Jon Benet Ramsey is in Atlanta.
ogyr: Okay... Necrophilia... right on.
Dave: Gross!
ChrisLee: yeah? yeah?
Stang: We went to the grave site. It was definitely the real thing. Unmarked, but next to the older sister's, and covered with gifts and flowers and letters.
Dr_Zach: You peed on this grave didn't you?
ChrisLee: NO!!!!!!
Dave: Yow!
ogyr: ow.
Dave: That's OK- she was too young to read, wasn't she?
ogyr: that's... well, that's...
ChrisLee: YOU'RE #1!
ogyr: damn, Stang. You still have it.
uglyking: She's deead, covered with candy wrappers.
Dr_Zach: Well now when those people come back they'll think the kid read them. So you did a good thing.
ogyr: You are still the man.
ChrisLee: YOU'RE #1!
Stang: We stole letters from poebuckers to Jon Benet Ramsey. We are CURSED now. The letters are in my briefcase now.
ogyr: Stang: it's okay.
Dave: Um.. Phear!
ogyr: Stang: I would have just pissed on them, so you did a good thing.
ChrisLee applauds wildly
Dr_Zach: Have you READ them? DID YOU GET IT ON TAPE!!!!!!?????
Stang: I'm surprised our plane landed okay. I keep hearing this voice... "... DADDY..... DON'T HURT ME ANYMORE.... WHERE ARE MY LETTERS???"
ChrisLee: ouch
N_X_K: dave:"Phat" and "K-RaD" have been lowered to Po'Bucker-class usage. The vocabulary of these strange new beings arising on Anothernet rival us in terms of SHEER HATE INDEX CAPACITY.
Dave: Dammit, not only is she DEAD, she was ILLITERATE! Don't worry about it!
uglyking: "Bob" killed Jon Benet
ChrisLee: "Bob" didn't do that... did he?
Stang: I read the letters to the audience at the Devival. Jesus overheard a young lady say, "Wow, Stang is so punk rock!"
Stang: I am not sure what graverobbing has to do with punk rock.
Dr_Zach: punk rock?
ogyr: hehehehe. Stang: YOU ARE PUNK ROCK.
Dave: The ultimate HATE WORD is "UNK".
uglyking: Jon Benet was a Krusty the Klown Triple Chocholate Wammy addict...
Dave: We were discussing this earlier tonight.
Dr_Zach: Stealing letters from graves is punk rock? I should get out more.
Stang: It could have been worse. Legume could have been with us. He DID shit on the grave of a soldier at Arlington Cemetery. (It wasn't anything personal, he just had to shit just then.)
ogyr: Stang with a mohawk. It could happen.
uglyking: Stang is Black Metal
Dave: I think "PUNK ROCK" has something to do with "MANB00BZ".
Stang: Well at least the kid didn't say, "Stang's so... HIPPIE." That would be uncool.
uglyking: You SHOULD worship Stang
Dr_Zach: Manboobz? Wubba wubba.
Dave: Man! I wish they would bury me at ARLINGTON so LEGUME could shit on my grave!
ChrisLee: And then put his hand in a bowl of water!
uglyking: In the fog and the dew?
ogyr: Chris: yeah! YEAH!
Stang: Anyway these letters are sick... yet touching, of course. One letter included the phrase "MOM AND DAD WILL DIE!!"
ChrisLee: that's sweet.
ogyr: Stang: wow.
Dave: Adorable!
N_X_K: Dave:BAH! MOCK ME, THEN! I've been planting the seeds among the Unchosen within them...YOU WILL SEE when they appear here...I've already found one that has a hate level that makes STERNO look like KEROPPI
Dave: Hey, is Tortoise "PUNK ROCK"?
uglyking: Stang, tell ogyr that you know what black metal is..
Dr_Zach: So Stang, when people send you tapes to play on the show, do you actually use them? Just curious cuz I'm thinkin of sending you one. WILL YOU KILL ME if I do?
ChrisLee: So Stang, when people send you zines, do you use them as toliet paper? Just curious, cause I sent you a zine.
Dr_Zach: I think he plays the zines on tape decks and reads the cassette tapes.
ChrisLee: Yep.
Stang: Chris, Jesus gets those zines now. I have seen 100,000 zines; he has only seen 10,000, so He sees and blesses them. I only see the ones that talk about what a great man I am.
ChrisLee: Oh yeah... i had paged dedicated to you...
Dr_Zach: Yeah the Stangian Hate Zines are used for toilet paper. =)
ogyr: mmmmm. blueberry muffin
Stang: Okay here's a short letter to Jon Benet: "The one's that say they love you the most is the one that hurts you. They will be judged by a New set of judges soon. GOD"
Stang: It appears to be signed, "GOD"
ogyr: wow.
ogyr: Stang: humans are sick.
Dr_Zach: And people call us crazy.
ChrisLee: God doesn't fuck around, does he?
uglyking: Twin Simpsons lives!
Dave: Well.. that's slack for ya.
N_X_K: Dave:Nah, they're Space Banker totems, Icons of Vii'viewtrae'uhr and the instruments of "Orderly Hatred." About the same level as the KKK's wimpish, single-subbasement-level hate
ChrisLee: as long as it gets blessed
Stang: Here's another: "JonBenet-- You are loved more now than you have ever been. My 2 1/2 year old son, Connor, gives his favorite lion to you. I wish you peace." There was a little plastic lion there among the toys and flowers.
ogyr: X-day can't come soon enough, Stang.
Dave: She's DAID! It don't make no nevermind!
Dr_Zach: Like she's gonna care now? I mean she was MURDERED. What else is gonna happen that can top that?
Dr_Zach: Necrophilia is the only thing that comes to mind.
Dave: Stang, when I am brutally slain I give you blanket permission to rob my grave.
ChrisLee: Did you leave a letter for Jon Bennet?
ogyr: yeah, STANG! DID YOU FUCK HER?
Dr_Zach: I give all you guys permission to WALK ON MY GRAVE.
ChrisLee: You can dance on my grave.
Stang: Man, you don't know what it's like having these NOTES STOLEN FROM A MURDERED CHILD'S GRAVE in my HOUSE. It's just TOO CREEPY. And on the plane, Jesus and I got ROW 23!!!
ogyr: i give you all permission to fuck my corpse.
ChrisLee: Preferably a nice "Jitterbug"
Dave: But don't put stupid shit on it like they do with Jim Morrison's.
ChrisLee: dun duh duuuu
Dave: But you CAN give me your zines and tapes!
Dr_Zach: Stang, this sounds like the opening sequence to a real bad Outer Limits episode.
ogyr: Stang: that's just the CON fucking with you. Telling you that you did something "WRONG". You need to exorcise those feelings
N_X_K: Dave:Smurfs are totems of the Greys, in turn the result of accidental Yacatisma jack-off. Smurfs are only CHAOTIC "bland," as even PINKS have hated them enough to relegate them to the Corner.
Stang: OH YEAH !!! At that same graveyard there was a set of DOBBS graves. Big tombstone: "JANE C. DOBBS". "Hey "Bob." We fucked yer mother. We dug up her up and we fucked her. We fucked her skeleton."
ogyr: Stang: SKULL FUCKS!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!
*** Dr_Zach is now known as DZ_AWAY
Stang: "I fucked an old gal by the graveyard. God damn her pore soul she was dead. The maggots crawled out of her asshole, and her hair slipped off of her head."
Stang: "After I'd finished my business, I seen I'd committed a sin. And so from my pockjet I pulled out a straw and sucked out the load I'd shot in."
Stang: Andrew -- Friday is COMPETITION for your post as GREATEST SUBSALESMAN!!
Stang: Friday sold over $800 worth of swag.
ogyr: Stang: I know, I was going to say: her tits could probably sell slag MUCH better than I.
ogyr: Stang: now! Imagine her and I BOTH working the tables!
Dr_Zach: So Stang when idiots like me send you tapes to play on the air, which ones do ya actually use?
Dr_Zach: What are ya looking for?
Stang: Zach -- The ones that surface when the Time Is Nigh. I'm sorry, all I can say is, if it's too badly recorded and hissy, it had better be REALLY fuckin' weird.
Dave: I used to be a FAT GEEK, but now, by gum, I'm turning into a SKINNY GEEK!
uglyking: Is swag a quaint southern colloquilism for tits?
Stang: @ndrew -- it's PHRED they love. "Why do they always love the STYUUPID one?" -- Ren
ogyr: Stang: I know it's Phred that they love. And, that's great, since he NEEDS to be loved. Phred IS love, dammit!
Dr_Zach: bob is phred
ogyr: I'm in JHP because I'm into the MUSIC, man!
ogyr: ANd the MONEY!
ChrisLee: bob is fried
ogyr: and the beer
Stang: Phred Is Sex
ChrisLee: bob is beer
uglyking: noun is noun
Stang: Craig -- no, SWAG means "
uglyking: lol
Dave: I don't buy that for a second!
ChrisLee: and beer is funk and funk is slack and slack is...
Dave: And I am he as you are me as you are we as we are all together.
Stang: "LOOT" -- Swag means LOOT or "GOODS, when used in the rock and roll vernacular. We picked up the jargon term from GWAR.
Stang: The t-shirts and crap they sell at concerts is called "the swag" by the bands.
ogyr gets off selling Church Swag.
ogyr: dave: yes. enjoy it.
Dave: I can't enjoy it. It doesn't feel good.
Stang: I get off selling swag. The moment when the MONEY passes from them to me, and the T-shirt to them, that is the divine moment. In that respect, Friday fucked a hundred Bobbies last night in Atlanta!
ChrisLee: unh.
ogyr: Stang: that's what it's all about. Making YOU money, and ME *cum* from the sales.
Stang: As we say, we are "BUY SEXUALS." When you buy, we cum.
ogyr: stang: YES. I've been using that catchphrase on people.
Stang: Friday apparently really enjoys selling Dobbs stuff. Or she just REALLY likes to help the Church. She certainly does. She also keeps my old wizened blood circulating by her endless flirting. Ya'lled have been proud -- we both "fucked" a giant blow-up Godzilla while packing up the swag. It was a big baloon that had to be deflated. But Friday and I publically humped it thinking, Wow, if only the IRC people could see us now."
Dave: Yee-gah.
uglyking: What will John Winston think?
ChrisLee: Hey boo-boo buddy, fuck the ranger... i'll maul his ass. i want this pic-a-nic basket.
Dave: Which I suppose is good.
Stang: That Friday, what a sport. What a good sport.
Stang: What a good spurt.
Stang: I mean...
Dave: But when I stop sleeping and stop being on fire.. THEN I"ll know I'm getting somewhere.
ogyr: Stang: why do you think I like selling swag? because *I* make money? FUCK NO. I owe this church my fucking LIFE. therefore, I'm going to get OTHERS to PAY OFF THE DEBT by BUYING BOB SWAG, DAMMIT!
Dr_Zach: Swag?
ogyr: swag.
Dave: Well, I'm swagged out.
Dr_Zach: Jimmy Swaggart?
Dave: I'll see you folk type.. uh.. idioms.
uglyking: My tits are swaging
Stang: @ndrew, well, I must say, after many years of dismal failure, the Church now DOES seem to help SOME SubGenii actually get laid, and other good stuff like that, like get decent jobs.
Stang: Or at least get FED.
uglyking: FED?
ChrisLee: i'm hungry
uglyking: oh fead
Dave: One day world dominance will be within your grasp. Really.
Stang: Unfortunately, I am in that similar Living Hell that Howard Stern is always bitching and griping about.
ogyr: Stang: fuck yeah. I have a full stomach most of the time, and i can't complain. It's not BOB that DOESN'T COME THROUGH, it's the CON THAT FUCKS ME OVER WHEN BOB'S BUSY OFF FUCKING CONNIE.
Eileen: nah...I didn't fuck andrew cause he was subgenii...though it may have helped...hrmmmmm
uglyking: she's fread, wrapped in plastic
ChrisLee: lol
ChrisLee: that was bad
Stang: Tons of beautiful willing babes around, and not a drop to drink.
Dr_Zach: It's the multipeni that gets the babes every time. That and the third nostril. Turns them on.
Dave: In the meantime, I have to go soak my body in wet towels.
ChrisLee: it's not that "Bob" doesn;t come through- it's that I WANT CONNIE TO COME TOO!
ogyr: later dave
*** Signoff: Dave (Leaving)
uglyking: same here, but three times zero is zero
Stang: Well @ndrew has the unfair advantage of being young and cute. In fact those are the only reasons why we have let the obnoxious show-off LIVE.
Dr_Zach: My sex appeal quadrupled when I joined the church, but it was zero to start so that didn't help much.
N_X_K: Stang:Perhaps that's why no SubGenius in this channel EVER BOTHERS TO MENTION Stern. He's the reiteration of B'Deen the Lonesome Yeti.
ogyr: SHOW-OFF?!?!?
Eileen: thanks for letting him live're improving my sex life
Stang: Ogyr -- I said that? Well pick up on it then.
Eileen has seen ogyr show off
Stang: "Dear Jon Benet, your a beaiutiful young lady who was treated very wrong by 2 people who say they loved you. You were in pain and knew what was happening. If only ever one else could see, you would still be here with us.
Stang: The one's who love you the most are the ones who made you life hell and end in such tradegy and pain."
Stang: "GOD WILL GET MOM AND DAD. We love you and we miss you but your free at last and in a better place. We hated to see you go, but Jesus has His arms around you now.
Stang: And no one can hurt you anymore. Here is a beautiful horse (unicorn) and he sets an example of how free you are. My three (3) children really love you, and they talk about you all the time.
Dr_Zach: Why do people care about that kid anyway? I don't get the whole Benet thing.
Dr_Zach: I guess I don't read enough Wide World News or National Enquirer.
uglyking: It's a cheap satanic imatation of twin simpsons...
ogyr: zach: it's a kid. therefor, the entire country's heart will go out.
Dr_Zach: like that kid in Midland/Oddessa or wherever? the one that got herself stuck in the pipe?
Devolver: Anyone know what I'm supposed to do with my life?
Stang: "We love you Sweetheart."
ogyr: Stang: that is sick shit, man.
N_X_K: Don't you GET IT? Well, I don't either, but if I didn't know worse, I'd say that JON BENET ONLY EXISTS IN PHOTOGRAPHS
uglyking: Jon Benet spelled backwards is lonesome cowboy dave, but only if you can't spell too good..
Stang: JON BENET RAMSEY was raped and strangled, then her head was bludgeoned with a gold club.
Dr_Zach: "Dear Jon Benet, why is your first name a guy's name? Huh? Come back to life and explain this to me. Oh, and your parents are wastoids and Bob will FUCK them! Thank you. Here's a prairie squid I put by your grave. I have no kids or I'd kill them myself. Signed, Zach."
N_X_K: The Con said something of MENENDEZ BROS. IN REVERSE, and Reality ANSWERED.
Stang: WHO would rape a child, and then try to LAUNCH THE HEAD without detaching it from the body?
Stang: I think I have PEGGED the killer, friends. NUFF SAID.
uglyking: NENSLO!
Dr_Zach: Well obviously this wasn't the work of a SubGenii. We know how to properly launch heads.
uglyking: And to think, if it weren't for you kids I would have gotten away with it...
Dr_Zach launches the head of Jon Benet.
Devolver: Who is Benet?
Dr_Zach: I think Jon Benet was part of a suicide pact.
Stang: Jesus left a note on the grave to replace the ones we STOLE. It said, "Dear Jon Benet -- we love you and miss you. Your parents did a terrible thing to you, and we will not rest until we see them judged and tortured and killed. We love You, Jesus, Rev. Stang, and Rev. Susie the Floozy
Devolver: Who is Benet?
Dr_Zach: Yeah she raped herself then she hit herself with the club.
Stang: Oh yes, and Jesus drew a picture of "Bob" on the letter. Said "Jon benet, I drew this picture of "Bob" for you."
Dr_Zach: The scary thing is Jesus can DO it!
N_X_K: Hmm...If what you say is correct, Jon Benet was BRED to have her head launched. Perhaps she was meant as a COUNTER-HEAD on X-Day and the gun was jumped by the same Glorp breeders, who couldn't restrain themselves
uglyking: Was it the real Jon Benet or a clone?
Devolver: Who is Benet?
uglyking: Jon Benet Ramsey, CC
Dr_Zach: Devolver: Benet is some girl who died and everyone's pissed. She was a beauty pageant kid at a real young age.
Stang: Devolver -- yeah, and me and Jesus stole things from her grrave in Atlanta yesterday. It proves that we are "punk rock".
Devolver: What did she die from? Overexposure?
Stang: Anyway I have to go sleep. Onan, we did a big devival in Atlanta LAST NIGHT, launched the Head from a VOLCANO!!!!
N_X_K: Jon Benet is a Popular Statistic, bred to be sacrificed as Media Fodder. Nyaradam-Thotep's BREAKFAST CROISSANT.
uglyking: She was killed by killer "Bob"
ONAN: stang: well done! did you lose money?
Devolver: Stang, you go girl!
Dr_Zach: You should have left one of those glass jars with some pennies in it for people who walk by the grave.
Dr_Zach: If you need a penny take one or leave a penny if you don't need it.
ONAN: 'killed somebody? leave a penny. need to be killed? take a penny'
Stang: Devolver -- the popular theory is that the young beauty queen was being routinely buttfucked by her very rich powerful daddy, and one night he choked her just a wee bit too much so they made it look like some OTHER type of killer had done it.
Dr_Zach: Popular theory? Wubba wubba.
Devolver: Hmmmmm. So which one of you is her father?
Stang: It's all quite disgusting and seedy and awful... all the Pinks know everything about it. I try to know what the Pinks know, as well as what i know.
Dr_Zach: Luke I am your father.
ONAN: it was that damn comet
Devolver: Is this going to be another TV movie?
Dr_Zach: I think Selena did it.
ONAN: benet was a proto-gate-er
Devolver: Stang, you are a braver man than I then.
Dr_Zach: Are there going to be Jon Benet t-shirts? I see Selena t-shirts everywhere where I live.
Dr_Zach: South Dallas still has not forgotten about Selena. It's spooooky.
Stang: JonBenet Ramsey was a darling little saint and I feel like HELL for having desecrated her grave by stealing the letters to her from it and reading them at a devival.
N_X_K stands on his conviction that Jon Benet was bred for a Menendez Bros. Junior Edition.
ONAN: guilt is the gravy: we are the meat of the gods
Devolver: Oops, you didn't say guilt. Sorry. Didn't mean to put words in your mouth, but my foot wouldn't reach.
ONAN: stang: what did you do with that squeeter videotape? did the cops give it back?
Stang: Onan, they still have it. I kept a copy of course but it's almost unwatchable and you can't really see the body in the bonfire.
Stang: I hope to hell the cops figure out who those guys are, if that really is a body.
ONAN: did you other doctors get the squeeter tape?
Dr_Zach: squeeter?
Stang: That tape is FUCKING scary. I hate to think SubGeniuses are actually doing thast kind of shit.
Devolver: What tape?
ONAN: dr zach: go back through alt.slack postings & search for 'squeeter'
ONAN: stang: if they didn't pay up, they aren't subg - just tell it to the judge, eh?
Stang: Onan, some mornings I wake up, and think about that tape, and think, "Man, the Church needs to be unplugged; this has gone too far."
ONAN: dr zach: use dejanews & search for 'squeeter' - that's teh whole story
Dr_Zach: Okay. Will do.
Stang: Onan, I think the squeeter letter is in SubSITE but it's some off spot, like off the Updates page or something. I wasn't sure what to do with it because of the legal issues.
ONAN: stang: well, just remember the _wrong_ "charley" listened to the beatles... if the right one had 'got' Healter Squealter, thing's'd be different now. don't blame yourself or 'bob' for 'squeeter'
N_X_K: Stang:Get your hit of the Void drug after your hit of 'frappy. You need it to face the next morning somewhat tolerant. Night.
Stang: See ya'll later. Keep on squeetin'

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