95.8.16- ROBT. ANTON WILSON in Dallas "Devival"/Devival hotline

THIS WEEKEND, Robert Anton Wilson and Rev. Ivan Stang will be performing Dealy Plaza Cleansing Rituals, book signings, lectures and unspeakable rituals in Dallas.

These events are sponsored by Forbidden Books and Rev. Dealy Lama.

Friday, Aug. 18, around 8:30 pm, something disorganized will happen "under the radar" in Dealy Plaza. Probably, we will sit around griping and bitching and blabbering, then go get pizza.

Saturday, Aug. 19

2 pm: Stang and RAW signing books and acting like hotshots at FORBIDDEN BOOKS, 835 Exposition near Fair Park. Snake-oil-style Sacred Church Goods sales from Stang car trunk in parking lot.

7 pm: ROBERT ANTON WILSON LECTURE at the MAJOR THEATER, 2830 Samuel. This is the "main event." I, Stang will provide a 15 minute intro of some kind. Will O'Dobbs, Nickie Deathchick and I will have a DobbsGoods Sales Table set up at the theater.

10 pm?? Late, anyway: "PARTY" with music and impromptu rituals (that probably means a ShorDurMar ceremony in my case) at the club S.O.A. -- CRAP, I dunno the address. It's the building near Fair Park that USED to be Club No, where we had the '92 New Year's devival. I'll bring the SubGenius Video Wallpaper.

or email

P.S. I'm still sick as a DAWG, but seem to be able to put in a few hours a day without total relapse into Snot Universe. Slowly but relentlessly catching up on chores. (Email is still stacked up almost as bad as the squid mail.) Worst of all, the rest of the household has contracted this flu-like bug as well... AND IT'S THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL!

Any Dallasites who show up at this RAW thing, you might be wise to speak to me from outside of coughed-out-particle range. "Tubeneck" is no laughing matter.


The sponsor of the last 2 Cleveland shows, Steve Bevilacqua of The Flying Lemur Bookstore, wants to produce a 15-CITY SUBGENIUS DEVIVAL EAST COAST SLACK JIHAD TOUR!!! In 2 WEEKS in OCTOBER!!!

And to that end he has set up a DEVIVAL NEWS VOICE LINE:

Before we can put much news on it, though, we need YOU to put YOUR HELPFUL SUGGESTION on it, if you have any.

The cities we plan to "hit":
St. Louis
New York

And if you live in one of those towns and "know" the "scene", WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need to know WHAT CLUBS, DIVES or PROMOTERS we should call. We need LOCAL LIAISONS. We need to know what LOCAL SUBGENIUS BANDS, PREACHERS or FREAK-SHOWS might be available! And we need to know NOW! So email me or CALL 216-556-0338, the DEVIVAL HOTLINE, if you can suggest a good place in any of the above towns to throw a Devival, big enough for 300 people or more, in which papers to advertise, radio stations to pester, local weirdos who can help, etc. etc.

Thanks. You will be rewarded in Heaven. SubGenius Heaven, that is.


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