Hollywood to EXPLOIT YETIS!

Date: 13 Nov 1995


Seagal battles the Abominable Snowman

[Steven Seagal's next project: Abominable]

After completing The Quest and The Colony next year, Steven Seagal will star
in Abominable, an action film about a United Nations task force
investigating the disappearance of a Red Cross rescue team.

Taking place in the Himalayas, the script by Troy Neighbors and Steven
Feinberg will allow Seagal to battle a frozen foe: the Yeti. Universal says
that Moshe Diamant (TimeCop) will produce the feature. A director has not
yet been tapped.



The Normals must really be starting to feel that X-Day noose tighten.
They're getting desperate.

As if HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS wasn't bad enough... now THIS!!!

And I'll bet they have HUMAN ACTORS playing all the YETI, TOO. They won't
hire ONE SINGLE YETI. Probably not even any YETINSYNY!! It'll be like
those Westerns where all the Indians are played by white poebuckers, only

Lo, how my people have fallen.


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