I'm having guilt feelings about working on this, because I'm not sure that it glorifies Dobbs, yet, but... WELL FUCK DOBBS ANYWAY!!! WHAT'D HE EVER DO FOR ME besides... uh... THAT, yeah, and, uh... well yeah THAT TOO... eh... give me a day of Slack and I'll be wrapping his inverse 3D file head around the camera with a link in the eyeball so you can zoom into his "BRAIN"...

As I've explained before, I've been seduced by the Metatools program, Bryce. Building virtual worlds, EASILY, is FUN. They came out with an update, whereby one may place the virtual "camera" into the middle of that world, and record a panoramic view of it in the QuickTime VR format (ultimately a .mov file that'll play on anything with QTVR capability). The result is a screen within your screen that's like a periscope peering out into this invented reality, such that you can swivel it around, tilt up and down, and zoom in and out on the scene. It's a KEEN GIMMICK. I revised some of my existing Brycescapes and converted them to this format, and made some new ones just to exploit it. These are the BAREST EXPERIMENTS compared to what COULD be done, given... uh, PAY.

They're in the NEW NEW NEWEST ART MINES TUNNEL on SubSITE, as well as the new Video Stash #5, both accessible from the EYE OF BOB link on the main front page.

Making them was easy. Getting them to spew out of SubSITE right was tricky. There are 3 ways to cop them now.

1) and 2), you download either the .zip or .sit version (depending on whether you're all-PC or all-Mac) and play them later in any movie viewer that works with QTVR -- if that baffles you, there's also a link to QuickTime.

3) You download the original, uncompressed file. If your browser runs the QuickTime plug-in, you'll be swivelin' around in it right then and there. If it doesn't... it might get confused and you might have to just download that Stuffed or Zipped version.

I wouldn't make such a big deal out of these except that I LOVE the QTVR format. The first time I saw any examples, about a year ago, I HANKERED and YEARNED to someday be able to pull off such stunts. And I've ended up gazing at my collection of old QTVR scapes over and over again. Funny thing is, they're crude compared to what can be done nowadays.

I THINK I've already mentioned here that we inflated the FUNHOUSE section of games and apps considerably last week, and revised the ones that didn't work. And the ART MINES are ALWAYS new, any given weekend.

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