95.7.12- IT IS DONE!!

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, BUT IT'S DONE. And I still have half a day to pack for Atlanta, run errands and mail a few things out. But after the last few weeks, culminating in a 6-hour upload last night, ANYTHING will seem like a VACATION in HEAVEN.

Check out http://www.subgenius.com.

Click on Dobbs' face. That's right, ON his FACE. (Some people seem unable to take the instructions literally.) That gets you to the basic first "Fist" page that's been there for some time, although McConville recently added the entire MIT SubGenius archives to it, and made the artwork a little smaller.

Now click on THE ONLINE STARK FIST OF REMOVAL and you'll arrive at what I've been killing myself over for all this time. The entire thing isn't complete; there's hardly any artwork yet, and several "departments" are still lacking a chunk here and there, but the basic overall MONSTROUS THING is BASICALLY DONE. So YOU on the WEB at least can QUIT GRIPING ABOUT A NEW "STARK FIST"!!!

I recommend the Hall of Answers to start with. But poke around. There's PLENTY to POKE. I KNOW which section you're gonna go to first, though... heh heh heh...

I am now going to either start packing, or collapse, or go to the doctor. When I get back from Atlanta, I hope to be able to DO THINGS again, like, oh, eating, sleeping, and even being on alt.slack jes' like in the good old days.

And I ... *ACK!!* -- Uuuuuuhhhhh........ *PLONK*


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