Sorry about the late notice, but tonight, Tuesday, May 13, there's a show in Dallas at The Orbit Room in Deep Ellum called


costarring our Circus Apocolypse friends, David Apocolypse and Mandy, from Pittsburgh. Also, Rev. Groovy G is in town. So it looks like tonight, after a big bowl of Stang Chili at my house, the Dallasians of SubFoundInc (me, Will, Nickie, Jesus, someone else, Matt, etc.) will be down at the Orbit Room watching something that has been described as a cross between Survival Research Labs and the Jim Rose Circus... there was very little P.R. in the papers for this, but it'll probably be one of the weirder shows in Big D this year.




The Monthly Dallas SubGenius Meeting
Friday May 16 7:30 pm
Yale Blvd. Ice House
5625 Yale between Greenville and Central

Just for hangin' out. No Devival. Although the Ice House themselves sent out a postcard about this to everybody in the Metroplex so it may be nuttier than we thought when Jesus first decided to do this.

First beer is free to Subs...



has been printed, looks good, and will be mailed out during this week by the fulfillment company. Yes, we actually PAY OTHERS to handle our bulk mailings... the P.O. regulations pretty much make it impossible for civilians to do bulk mail themselves. The days of a dozen Zombies licking labels and stamps at the Stang house are over and done, I guess.

Despite the disaster which befell Jesus's PC, the layout looks WAY better than the last one, which was thrown together in 2 days and looked awful. We strove to make the artwork look right this time (as newsprint goes) and even though we ended up having to print the halftones on my crappy psuedo-laser-printer (Personal laserWriter LS), and glue 'em to the paper pages like in the olden days, it's not bad. I culled my faves from alt.binaries.slack and thus we have some gorgeous illustrations by superstar graphics whizmasters FERNANDINANDE, POINDEXTER, ATOM FUNWAY, THE PROPHET JIM, NENSLO, M.C. ESCHER, STERNO, and FRIDAY JONES.


I just bought more RAM for my computer, Muleskinner -- 2 16mb DIMMs to bring my RAM up to 48 so as to get the in-progress 3D Dobbs into full blown porno scenes with the 3D Connie, and whatever other illustrations I can pull off. (The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will have to wait, it looks like). Yesterday I pried open my computer and peered into its guts for the first time, preparing myself for the ritual of RAM INSERTION which will happen tomorrow when Fed Ex delivers the goods. I have never handled memory chips before and it's a little scary, but somehow I have a feeling that it won't be long now before I'm one of those guys whose computer NEVER even has its chassis cover on, and is bare naked to the world with all manner of wires and cables running into it with alligator clips and scotch tape and spit holding it all together -- much like my radio mixing setup.

I can already tell that the new RAM won't be nearly enough. I'm gonna need the cache chip and the VRAM and all that other shit. I'm gonna need every fucking bit of speed and memory I can get, forever, PERIOD, that's just something I'll have to adjust to. There is no way, now that I've monkeyed with 3D graphics, to stop or even pull back. I was able to quit nicotine, the most insidious drug in the universe, but I don't think I'll ever shake this new monkey off my back. The drug of staring at the screen while it gradually renders ever-more-detailed versions of glowing 3D art wads... I might as well just amputate my legs and replace 'em with memory chips and storage space.

And this is just the STATIC GRAPHICS end of 3D. I have deliberately kept myself from the animation aspects, yet, until I get caught up on shaping and texturing and so on.

I started out as an animator, in the days of sprockets and pull-down claws in Arriflexes and Bolexes, and big hot lights and giant heavy tables covered with miniature sets, bolted to the floor. The gear is so much LIGHTER now, than in the days when one had to carry aluminum dolly tracks across factories in the dead of summer in Oklahoma just to get the one shot. You can well imagine the appeal of computer graphics by comparison. I would rather be animating 3D monster shapes than eating, sleeping or watching TV or fropping or JUST ABOUT anything else.

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