8-05-99 Back in Dallas; Scanning-Linking

Praise Dobbs.

I'm back in the Dallas lab from my long preaching stint in Ohio. I just added to SubSITE a STARWOOD pictures section, at:


Or just go through the Updates/News or Upcoming Devivals pages.

The Starwood pics are mainly for those who were at that neopagan festival, and my cousin Chas Smith can cop some dandy ESO shots off the ESO section.

Starwood was a gas for me, and these pics don't get the idea across, but I compiled a whole Hour of Slack (#694) composed entirely of the nifty Starwood "ACTS", and it's one of the better Hours of Slack recently. (Co-starring Big Brother and the Holding Company -- seriously!)

I've also been working on compositing the various excellent devival recordings we have from XX-Day, Starwood, and several previous shows, plus radio highlights from the ESO live radio show on WCSB in Cleveland. Since Rev.Dr.Jack sent us this CD burner, I have been going NUTS with SATISFACTION making digital safety copies of all our old analog tape stuff. It's so FULFILLING to get this material onto a more FRESH medium than cassete tape or quarter-inch reel to reel! Plus it makes me think in terms of the BEST-OF edits that the Time Vortex has been leaving room for...

You may have noticed that most of the SubGenius showbiz that I do also involves Einstein's Secret Orchestra. Well, YOU WOULD TOO.


Pictured here, clipped from Time mag itself, is the very skeleton-head of Rev. Del Close, SubGenius, Secretly-Famous-Guy. Del (of Chicago) was one of those Rogue SubGenii who worked behind the scenes to make many freaky scenes happen. When he was a kid he ran the first "Psychedelic Shack" in Dallas, Texas (WAY before my time, in the 60s). He was a pal to such ill-luminaries as Lenny Bruce and John Belushi, directed the Second City comedy troup for many years, and was instrumental in getting his buddies Belushi and Akroyd their jobs with SNL.. He was a theatrical director and actor who brought seriously fucked up BULLDADA into prime time television.

In the 80s movie version of THE BLOB, Del is the preacher at the very end... the maniac fanatic who is CULTIVATING the Blob in order to expedite X-Day.

Del is also well known in the Lovecraft afficionado subculture, and in the O.T.O. He was first introduced to the Church by Pope Mike Flores of Chicago.

Took this picture somewhere in Arkansas on the way to Dokstok I or II or III. One has to wonder if their funny name would indicate any receptivity to the Word of Dobbs. We didn't check.

Dr. Pissoff took this snapshot at the X-Day Drill 1997, during the Blood Wrestling. Papa Joe Mama and I appear to be suspended in the air, perhaps in the process of being abducted by saucer men. SHUCKS! It's just a great photo coincidence. I remember the moment. It was the ultimate Holocaustal fascist asshole jock short-hair against the Ivangelical asshole long-haired hippie dipshit. In keeping with the doctrine of Patriopsychotic Anarchomaterialism, the attempted head-on collision went grossly awry as the combatants flew in precisely the wrong directions during their savage attacks. Papa Joe and I did not plot this stunt ahead of time; we both just "knew" that it was the thing to do.... run head-on at each other, and, Stooge-like, miss each other and pratfall spectacularly.


Rev. Susie the Floozy and I were M.C.s at a costume contest at the huge DragonCon sf convention in Atlanta in 96 or 95 or so. This guy should have won, although the troup that mimiced the Aurora monster model kits were pretty jaw-fropping. This Klingon came onstage and did an excellent Elvis imitation -- AND THEN DID A STRIPTEASE, REMOVING THE ELVIS CLOTHES TO REVEAL A SKIMPY FRENCH MAID OUTFIT!!! WHoooo-DOGGIES! Folks in the big city sure is WILD!


Pope Jimbo of Cleveland, or one of his friends, wearing the OverMan mask that he commissioned, campaigning for Dobbs 4 President. He had a shitload of 4-color posters printed up in the election year, and plastered so much of Cleveland with themand our little ad sheets that we had to "settle out of court" with the Cleveland Transit Authority.

Film producer, actor and comedian Rudy Ray Moore, aka "Dolemite," with Yours Very Truly on the set of the fantastic video game DUELING FIREMEN by Run-N-Gun of Chicago, which never got released, damn it. Rudy Ray Moore/Dolemite is the godfather of rap, a brilliant comedian who brought prison boast brags to "party records" and nightclubs. He also produced and starred in such blacksploitation films as THE HUMAN TORNADO and THE DISCO GODFATHER. THE BRAG OF THE SUBGENIUS is directly inspired by Rudy Ray Moore's Dolemite brag (and old cowboy campfire brags).

This is as famous as I ever got while in Dallas.

At XX-Day-99 at Brushwood, Rev. Susie the Floozy was constantly and nonchalantly presenting almost all participants with this seal of approval.

From Susie the Floozy's '97 Atlanta devival -- note the simply fantabulostic FLOOZE ALTAR in the foreground. This "Puking Dobbs" altar has made it to all X-Day Drills and every noteworthy devival in the Deep South (all 2 of them, in Atlanta).

A classic moment from the 1997 X-Day Drill. Jesus Christ is crucfied while MOCKERS laff it up: Chris Lee on far left, and St.@ndreaux grinning at the camera.

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