Log: Stang on AOL "CenterStage"

Subject: Log: Stang on AOL "CenterStage"
Date: 13 Nov 1995

This was something that I was invited into by AOL... one of their "Center
Stage" moderated chat things.

Obviously, you didn't miss anything earth-shattering.

The lines prefaced by a "$" were private -- seen only by myself and the hosts.

10/4/95 9:57:00 PM Opening "Chat Log 10/4/95" for recording.

Rattman21 : (2) How long?
MPaul44210 : (2) just about 2 years
Rattman21 : (2) About the same time I got married.
MPaul44210 : (2) congratulations
Misty XII : (2) Rev Stang, shouldn't you be on stage?

SubGStang1 : Huh? What? Sorry... I was sound asleep.
CJ GreyMan : $Hi there! Use a dollar sign and the audience will be
in the dark. :)
OnlineHost : Copyright 1995 America Online, Inc.
CJ Ellen : $Hiya :)
SubGStang1 : $Okay, am I here yet?
CJ Ellen : $Charlie, I'll leave you to it
CJ GreyMan : $you wanna go back to the audience, Ellen?
CJ Ellen : $Where? :)
CJ Ellen : $Yes. I'd rather be a master than the slave ;)
SubGStang1 : $Am I in the right place, y'all?
CJ GreyMan : $Hi! My name is Charlie and we'll do whatever you
like. :)
CJ GreyMan : $You are in precisely the right place.
SubGStang1 : $Okay... fire away.
CJ GreyMan : Hello everyone and welcome to the Bowl with the
Internet Connection! :D
CJ GreyMan : Tonight our guest the the Reverend Ivan Stang of the
Church of the Subgenius.
OnlineHost : The auditorium consists of two major areas: the
: audience, where you are right now, and the stage,
: where the speakers appear. Text which you type
: onscreen shows only to those in your row, prefaced
: by the row number in parentheses, such as (2) if
: you are in row 2. To interact with the speaker,
: use the Interact icon on your screen.
CJ GreyMan : $do you want to rant for a while or do you want to
deal with questions?
SubGStang1 : Oh, heave some questions at me... I'll rant from
there. If I get peeved enough.
SubGStang1 : Or SLack enough, as the case may be
CJ GreyMan : LunarLime asks...
Question : How can I make the power of the fingtn' jesus work
for me?
SubGStang1 : You meen the Fightin' Jesus? Well, that depends on
your level of donations to the Church of the SubGen
SubGStang1 : ius. Oops.
Comment : PRAISE BOB!
SubGStang1 : "Bob" Dobbs, our High Epopt, is tight with that guy.
SubGStang1 : It ain't what you kinow but who you know.
SubGStang1 : You CAN buy your way into Heaven...
SubGStang1 : ... IF you have enough money. OR, with Slack, you can
cheat your way in.
SubGStang1 : What we're selling by mail and giving away for free
by Web is Slack.
SubGStang1 : Slack through knowledge of "Bob" Dobbs.
CJ GreyMan : Speaking of the Web, GSubG13er writes...
Question : Stang! Who designed those wiggy web pages of yours?
The COLORS...ooh...
SubGStang1 : Plus all the keen pornological irritainment we
SubGStang1 : I did most of the layout myself. The colors are
actually caused by the VIRUS we infect you with when
SubGStang1 : ou visit the website. The virus doesn't affect JUST
your computer.
SubGStang1 : Rev. David McConville, the WhizKid at Sunsite, did
the fancier interactive programming,
SubGStang1 : like the Online Short Duration Marriage Ceremony.
SubGStang1 : Some complain that the SubSITE is TOO psychedelic.
SubGStang1 : *subgenius*
CJ GreyMan : ERISAND59 adds...
SubGStang1 : *subgenius*
CJ GreyMan : $do you have that? If you don't, we'll move on.
SubGStang1 : Hey, every time I try to type the website address, it
comes out only saying *subgenius*
SubGStang1 : *subgenius*
SubGStang1 : It did it again.
CJ GreyMan : Oh dear... I forgot. That's a problem that has
recently cropped up with AOL. We'll make
SubGStang1 : AOL is censoring my blatant self endorsements, AIEEE!
CJ GreyMan : sure to publish the web site over in the Internet
Connection, and in the transcript here.
Question : Who is DOBBS?
SubGStang1 : And there's always alt.slack, the evil SubGenius
SubGStang1 : DON'T be fooled by clever imitations.
CJ GreyMan : MPaul4421 asks...
Comment : Mr Stang, could you please give me some info. on
yeti? It is needed for my anthropology
Comment : class.
SubGStang1 : *subgen.*
SubGStang1 : htm
SubGStang1 : The SubGeniuses of today are not fully human, but are
mixed-blood descendents of the Tibetan Yeti
SubGStang1 : or "Bigfoot" (which we consider an insulting term.).
We are "Yetinsyny."
SubGStang1 : You can usually spot us by our weird, seemingly
depraved senses of humor.
CJ GreyMan : $Perhaps if you replace all slashes in the web
address with exclamation points?
CJ GreyMan : $I'm sorry about this. It just started the other day.
SubGStang1 : That's SUBSITE at http:!!sunsite.unc.edu!subgenius
CJ GreyMan : Replace all exclamation points with slashes and
you're there!
SubGStang1 : *subgen.htm*
SubGStang1 : www.upx.net!subgenradio!subgen.htm -- that's the URL
of the real-time SubGenius radio site.
Question : Reverend Stang, I suspect that my boyfriend may be a
PinkBoy. How can I tell if he is, and
Question : what should I do if it's true?
SubGStang1 : You know, I think URLs look BETTER with exclamation
points. More exciting, somehow.
CJ GreyMan : Misty XII wrote that last, by the way.
SubGStang1 : If he tends to be afraid of everything weird and (at
first) sickening, or otherwise REALLY FUN,
CJ GreyMan : $By the way, my wife says hello. You signed her ass
on two separate occasions up at
CJ GreyMan : $Starwood.
SubGStang1 : he MIGHT be a mere human, a Mediocretin, a Ken, a
cage dweller. In that case, USE HIM but do NOT breed
SubGStang1 : with him.
SubGStang1 : That redhead babe was YOUR WIFE??? Man, I'd be proud
to draw another sunset on THOSE canvases.
SubGStang1 : Oops, I forgot the dollar signs.
SubGStang1 : Secret backstage code, folks.
CJ GreyMan : Yikes... moving on....
Question : Is Dobbs dead?
SubGStang1 : Dobbs is the living undead. He's barred from both
Heaven and Hell, so he can't be killed...
SubGStang1 : for long.
SubGStang1 : You too can be banned even from Hell, if you're BAD
SubGStang1 : As Dobbs said, "Too much is always better than not
SubGStang1 : It sounds like it's all saved SUbGenii here. I don't
want to preach to the saved... aren't there some
SubGStang1 : disgruntled Christians or Moonies out there?
CJ GreyMan : Hmm, I'm hunting for questions from those folks, but
don't seem to be finding any.
CJ GreyMan : Bobby53 asks...
Question : Where is 'Bob' right now?
SubGStang1 : Hey, I downloaded a simple V.R. program today called
Vitrus VR...
SubGStang1 : the demo has a VR walk-through of the Branch Davidian
SubGStang1 : We're studying the architecture to get ideas for our
cult compound at Dobbstown.
SubGStang1 : Only we're gonna have better defenses.
CJ GreyMan : DG995 writes....
Question : What kind of "church" do you have?
SubGStang1 : Bobby53, "Bob" Dobbs is, according to the latest
report, in the alley behind... my god... YOUR HOUSE,
SubGStang1 : fishing for garbage!
SubGStang1 : Who knows what weird experiment he has in mind.
SubGStang1 : I hope it isn't anything sexual.
CJ GreyMan : And Rippeffec asks...
Question : What is the Church of Sub Genius???
SubGStang1 : The Church is a ultimate disorganized religion for
non-joiners, mutants, misfits, disbelievers...
SubGStang1 : or those who will believe anything.
SubGStang1 : "Bob" comes not to die for your sins, but to JUSTIFY
your sins... he brings not forgiveness...
SubGStang1 : but a great EXCUSE.
CJ GreyMan : $I've got a "how can you say you have to give money
to know Jesus" question. Do you
SubGStang1 : He brings ETERNAL SALVATION, or TRIPLE your money
SubGStang1 : No other One True Religion makes this offer.
CJ GreyMan : $want it? Remember the dollar sign.
SubGStang1 : $YES!
CJ GreyMan : DG995 asks...
Question : How can you say you have to give monetarily to know
SubGStang1 : We're not saying that. Jesus is free, I guess. But
"Bob" is not quite as well-connected as Jesus, and
SubGStang1 : he needs to know you love him by seeing you sacrifice
that which is most dear -- your $$.
SubGStang1 : We're selling "Bob," not Jesus. However, "Bob" IS
good drinkin' buddies with the Fightin' Jesus...
SubGStang1 : as opposed to the namby pamby, mealy-mouth, busybody
schoolmarm Jesus, if you get my drift.
SubGStang1 : We recognize many gods and demons in this Church. We
do BUSINESS with them.
SubGStang1 : Some are competitors. We're trying to catch up to the
Scientologists right now.
SubGStang1 : #2 tries harder.
CJ GreyMan : WolfCaver asks...
Question : Oh high and mighty Stang! Will you ever update High
Weirdness by Mail???
SubGStang1 : We suggest that the seeker study ALL religions, and
pick the Short Duration Personal Savior that fits
SubGStang1 : the needs of the moment.
SubGStang1 : That wonderful book is being updated all the time on
our web site... look at the Online Stark Fist sec
SubGStang1 : tion, then the KOOKS LOVE and KOOKS HATE sections in
the Halls of Hate and Bulldada.
SubGStang1 : Again that's http:!!sunsite.unc.edu!subgenius
CJ GreyMan : J1MESSIAH has something he wants to tell you Rev....
Comment : CLASS
SubGStang1 : There's also a link to HyperWeirdness by Web, someone
else's spin-off from the High Weirdness book.
SubGStang1 : You think you have problems, I got kicked out of the
Catholic Heaven just for WORKING on that book!
CJ GreyMan : $I don't mean to step on your lines like this. Let me
know when you're done and I won't
SubGStang1 : That fine Simon & Schuster book available at better
bookstores... in the HUMOR section (!?!?)
CJ GreyMan : $pop another question up until then.
SubGStang1 : $done
SubGStang1 : $Keep those questions flying, I can answer 3 at once
if I drink more coffee!
CJ GreyMan : Rev, a lot of folks are wondering if The Stark Fist
is still being published.
SubGStang1 : Again, THE STARK FIST magazine is on the web now,
5,000 pages long, in full color, with videos even...
SubGStang1 : we're saving up our $$ to PRINT one again. But darn
it, electrons are so much cheaper than paper.
SubGStang1 : Easier to ship, too.
SubGStang1 : $done
CJ GreyMan : LndSpdRcr wants to know...
Question : Why believe in things that make it tough on you?
SubGStang1 : Ah, a DEVOtee. That's the question we ask. We choose
the Path of Least Resistance and believe
SubGStang1 : only what gives us Slack!
SubGStang1 : Unfortunately, in my case, Slack seems to mean
endless toil for Dobbs.
SubGStang1 : $done
CJ GreyMan : And Pauladams asks:
Question : It seems there's an unbeliever in our midsts. Have a
chat with Pauladams1 in row 1.
SubGStang1 : Hey, if any of those chat rooms get real steamy, send
me the log!
CJ GreyMan : PercyX asks:
Question : Rev, Bob's image appeared on some bean silos nearby.
Should I be alarmed or is Bob
Question : spreading his word in odd ways?
SubGStang1 : We'll turn it into an existential play or something.
SubGStang1 : BEAN SILOS?? Man, those aren't BEAN SILOS! Those are
SubGStang1 : as bean silos. The Dobbsheads were probably put there
by the military to ward off evil spirits.
SubGStang1 : The Conspiracy is behind everything, you know.
SubGStang1 : Even the Church of the SubGenius!!
SubGStang1 : Jes' kiddin'.
SubGStang1 : Some Yeti boy probably spray-painted those "Bobs"
there to impress his Yeti grilfriend.
SubGStang1 : $done
CJ GreyMan : And Kelvin101 comments:
Comment : what redhead?
SubGStang1 : I was refering to an offstage comment secretly made
by CJ Greystoke conserning his wife, Jane.
CJ GreyMan : That wasn't Kelvin's comment, by the way. He
suggested that this religion was for the
CJ GreyMan : feebleminded. I think he must have been referring to
me... I lost the comment.
SubGStang1 : He is right, up to a point. The term SubGenius means
anyone UNDER genius level. Sadly, thousands of ge
SubGStang1 : geniuses are always trying to sneak into the Church
SubGStang1 : It's not the intelligence that counts, but the SENSE.
Common sense, sense of humor...
SubGStang1 : and dollars and cents.
SubGStang1 : That gag works better at a live devival on stage than
it does as text, hmmmm...
SubGStang1 : $done
CJ GreyMan : KVonStub asks:
Question : Rev. Stang...Kojo VonStuben here-- Are you planning
on doing any services at the DragonCon
Question : in Atlanta next year?
SubGStang1 : Kelvin is probably a genius. I don't think he'd want
to come to OUR parties. HEH HEH HEH.
SubGStang1 : I think so, although we're also planning to be at
Phenomicon, a smaller but weirder convention
SubGStang1 : in Atlanta... in April I think.
CJ GreyMan : ClarkJazz sez:
Question : this is really slow. what are you guys on?
SubGStang1 : The Dragon Con sermons are currently being played on
I-Wave internet radio, incidentally... Hour of Sl
SubGStang1 : ack #500.
SubGStang1 : That's at http:!!www.upx.net!subgenradio!subgen.htm
SubGStang1 : $done
Question : how should i go about converting others?
SubGStang1 : We are ON TIME. Literally, tripping on TIME ITSELF.
SubGStang1 : That depends on how charismatic and good looking you
are, and how rich you are.
SubGStang1 : Most of us just try to live lives of eye-watering
Slack and ecstacy, and let others learn from
SubGStang1 : our example.
SubGStang1 : Why is it, that when one tries to explain the simple
truths of life, the Normals always think one
SubGStang1 : is on drugs??
SubGStang1 : This is a sick society.
SubGStang1 : "Bob" is the emetic to purge it... the finger down
the throat of life to make it ALL COME UP.
SubGStang1 : $done
CJ GreyMan : Skarekroe asks:
Question : how is the kool-aid at dobbstown?
CJ GreyMan : stat
SubGStang1 : The kool-aid at Dobbstown is much much faster-acting
than what that amateur, Jim Jones,
SubGStang1 : used.
SubGStang1 : Him and Koresh... what pikers.
SubGStang1 : We'll show those guys how a REAL cult does it!
SubGStang1 : $done
CJ GreyMan : $Okay... this is about it. If you want to wind up
with anything, you can do it now. :)
SubGStang1 : I just want people to remember that there really is a
conspiracy of normal people out to steal the
SubGStang1 : Slack of the abnormals, AND THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW
THEY'RE DOING IT. That part of it is NO JOKE.
SubGStang1 : One last thing: "BOB" at PO Box 140306, Dallas TX
75214. Send SASE or even better, one evil BUCK.
SubGStang1 : $done
SubGStang1 : $hey I'll keep going as long as anybody wants.
CJ GreyMan : Thank you REverend for taking the time to speak with
SubGStang1 : $This is fun.
CJ GreyMan : $And I'd love it if you could but we gotta get out of
here. We're 5 minutes over as it is.
SubGStang1 : Visit out website... it has something to offend
SubGStang1 : And yet it's the most religious thing in the
SubGStang1 : Right.
CJ GreyMan : Thank all of you who sent questions and comments to
the stage. I'm sorry we couldn't use
CJ GreyMan : all of them.
CJ GreyMan : $we'd love to have you back any time you like.
OnlineHost : Copyright 1995 America Online, Inc.
SubGStang1 : $Garsh, thanks. Well, no such thing as no p.r.
CJ GreyMan : $I'm sending you back to the audience now....
SubGStang1 : Copyright 1995 The SUbGenius Foundation

(((At this point I am yanked from the stage and back to one of the
audience chat rooms or "rows" from whence I entered... I switch back and
forth from Room 1 to Room 2. Meanwhile I was also being bombarded by
those horrible "Instant Message" things from individuals.))

Pauladams1 : (1) I was more amusing than that sap!
Pauladams1 : (1) oh sorry...YOUR the SAPP!
Pauladams1 : (1) you *are* a sapp....right?
Sapp41575 : (1) Heh. Yeah.
Sapp41575 : (1) Heh.
Sapp41575 : (1) Something happened.
Pauladams1 : (1) is that a half hearted laugh?
Sapp41575 : (1) Yup
Sapp41575 : (1) I'm trying to be polite
SubGStang1 : (1) S.A.P.: "SELF AMUSING PERSONALITY." Another term
for a SubGenius.
Pauladams1 : (1) H
Pauladams1 : (1) that's a eighth hearted laugh
Sapp41575 : (1) Ok man.
SubGStang1 : (1) I'm gonna go elsewhere and see who else is
badmouthing me. This is fun.
Pauladams1 : (1) Man?
Sapp41575 : (1) Wait
Pauladams1 : (1) Man?
Sapp41575 : (1) Where can I get the book?
Pauladams1 : (1) I"m a lesbian traped in a mans body
Pauladams1 : (1) I like girls
Sapp41575 : (1) Geez.
Pauladams1 : (1) H's
Pauladams1 : (1) eighjez
Sapp41575 : (1) Damn. I didn't think people could be so corny.
Pauladams1 : (1) Corny? I gotta Pea
Pauladams1 : (1) hehehe...
Pauladams1 : (1) (full heared laugh)
Sapp41575 : (1) ok. that's enough. goodbye
Pauladams1 : (1) bye....
Pauladams1 : (1) hehehehe
PMX : (2) f..k you if you cant take a joke
Misty XII : (2) whos said subgenius aint legal?
Skarekroe : (2) not legally a minister i mean. you're not tax
deductable as a subgenius reverend.
Misty XII : (2) NO salesperson may leave the floor without the
permission of a superior. The mgmt
SubGStang1 : (2) That doesn't sound like good clean laughter to
me, kids.
Misty XII : (2) dont pee yourself Ska!
Skarekroe : (2) too late. damn.
Misty XII : (2) Hey Rev, I'm gonna use my boyfriend for a few
weeks more but then he's gone. Thanks
Skarekroe : (2) we were discussing the merits of being a legal
universal life church reverend. what do you think?
Misty XII : (2) At least we were before Ska wet himself
SubGStang1 : (2) I'm Universal Life Church reverend too. Just in
case the state won't accept my SubGenius ministership
SubGStang1 : (2) at weddings. I've done 5 legal SubG weddings now,
SubGStang1 : (2) Got paid $200 each the last 2 times.
MKim777 : (1) hello everyone
MKim777 : (1) is anybody at this place
Skarekroe : (2) bastard! i knew it was too good to be true.
Skarekroe : (2) wait, it says he's still in this row...
Misty XII : (2) he's back
Misty XII : (2) Hey Rev, can you marry someone in VA?
Cennobyte : (2) Hello, I've finally found you, Stang!
SubGStang1 : (2) Probably.
Cennobyte : (2) I figured that as soon as I found you.
Misty XII : (2) cool, can I call you when I need your services?
Cennobyte : (2) ???
Skarekroe : (2) do you really want to pay him $200?
LOSTGuys : (2) how was the chat with stang?
Misty XII : (2) Absolutely!
SubGStang1 : (2) If somebody needs to tell or ask me something
important, the email address is
Skarekroe : (2) why don't you ask him?
SubGStang1 : (2) i.stang@metronet.com
Misty XII : (2) Ask him yourself LOST
SubGStang1 : (2) I don't use AOL except in emergencies.
Cennobyte : (2) 200 bucks!?!?? The guy wants SLACK, but not THAT
Skarekroe : (2) yeah, it's pricy
Cennobyte : (2) Wait - how can you NOT want that much????
Misty XII : (2) 200 bucks is cheap
Skarekroe : (2) for a wedding? hell, i'll do it for $10!
SubGStang1 : (2) $200 is cheap pay for spending a whole weekend
away from home, being FORCED to party with strangers.
Cennobyte : (2) I got suspended from school because I had Bob's
head plastered all over the place....
Misty XII : (2) Yeah but you aint a SUBG REv, are you SSKA
GSubG13er : (2) Ah...civilization again.
Skarekroe : (2) but it's tax deductable, right?
SubGStang1 : (2) I'd do 'em for my FRIENDS for FREE, but hey, I
have to make a LIVING doing this!
Misty XII : (2) I want a SubGenius Wedding, for 200 bucks it's a
good deal
GSubG13er : (2) Well, hey, Stang, I didn't want to insult you
with such low pay for MY wedding.
SubGStang1 : (2) Cennobyte, you got suspended? I guess that makes
you a martyr.
Skarekroe : (2) cool
Cennobyte : (2) ME??? A martyr? Hmmm.....doesn't sound bad....
Misty XII : (2) Martyrs get all the chicks
SubGStang1 : (2) The wedding price depends on the distance, the
hassle, what else is going on, etc.
Cennobyte : (2) Yeah, I guess that explains it...
SubGStang1 : (2) Actually, we don't encourage people to be martyrs
in this church.
SubGStang1 : (2) We encourage them to be PERSECUTORS.
Cennobyte : (2) I didn't ask for it, Rev, you labeled me!
Misty XII : (2) Persecutors just TAKE all the chicks
SubGStang1 : (2) There you go.
Cennobyte : (2) Yeah, I guess that explains it....
GSubG13er : (2) I quit my job for "Bob." But "Bob" gave me an
INFINITELY BETTER one. Temporary martyrdom, then?
Skarekroe : (2) i tend to persecute myself.
SubGStang1 : (2) What you need to do now, Cennobyte, is suspend
Cennobyte : (2) I do however continue to preach this stuff....
SubGStang1 : (2) I'm wondering if maybe I should quit MY job. I'm
such a hypocrite.
LOSTGuys : (2) hey stang, there's a book similar to "high
weirdness" by the whole earth cat. people. what
SubGStang1 : (2) But my job is Sacred Scribe!
Cennobyte : (2) I do not however take the name of Reverend....
GSubG13er : (2) Stang, you have the job BECAUSE you're a
hypocrite. Who else could do it?
Cennobyte : (2) But I go by Cthul'hu constantly!! Am I sinning???
Skarekroe : (2) hey cen, what would they do if you took principia
discordia to school?
SubGStang1 : (2) That book, FRINGES OF REASON, has reprints from
an article that later BECAME High Weirdness... it's
SubGStang1 : (2) ol.
Cennobyte : (2) I already DID!!!!
LOSTGuys : (2) ah so.
Cennobyte : (2) I got Suspended.
GSubG13er : (2) Too cool, Cennobyte.
Cennobyte : (2) I try.....
SubGStang1 : (2) No, I mean, YOU should suspend THEM.
Skarekroe : (2) you got suspended for revelation x AND principia
LOSTGuys : (2) well, yours is better.
Cennobyte : (2) You know....I shall do your bidding.....
Misty XII : (2) Cennobyte is a regular cultophile
SubGStang1 : (2) Now that you're hypnotized... WHERE'S YOUR $30??
GSubG13er : (2) Suspend them...from ropes?
Cennobyte : (2) I SHALL suspend them!!!!
Skarekroe : (2) bring illuminatus! next time. threes a charm!
GSubG13er : (2) Hey, I ask you this, Stang: I joined when it was
$20. Am I out of the Church's good graces now?
Cennobyte : (2) No....I was thinkin somewhere along the lines of
CHAINS, with fish hooks on the ends....
LOSTGuys : (2) stang, we were just in Dallas as part of an AOL
Lost in America roadtrip. how could i have found...
Cennobyte : (2) Get it? Hyuk, hyuk....
GSubG13er : (2) No, Skarekroe...Cennobyte, bring "Reality is What
You Can Get Away With."
SubGStang1 : (2) I need to get back to digitizing the GWAR concert
videos I shot so I can put them on alt.binaries.slac
SubGStang1 : (2) k
Cennobyte : (2) I think I saw that one somewhere....
LOSTGuys : (2) you to interview, if i had thought of it at the
time? are you all in a top-secret batcave?
Skarekroe : (2) yes gsub, i forgot. "bob" connection and all
GSubG13er : (2) All Slack to you, then, Stang.
Skarekroe : (2) have a good life stan
Skarekroe : (2) i mean stang
SubGStang1 : (2) Yeah, I gotta get back to the secret bat-cave. We
have a big skyscraper, but that's just a front. The
SubGStang1 : (2) cool stuff is all underground.
GSubG13er : (2) Cennobyte, have you read "Reality..."?
Cennobyte : (2) I am now plastering CTHUL'HU SAVES posters all
over my school halls.....
Cennobyte : (2) I haven't READ it....
SubGStang1 : (2) Oh, and that $20 is still good, in fact we
probably owe YOU a magazine.
Skarekroe : (2) i tried to look up subgenius in the dallas
phonebook but it wasn't there.
GSubG13er : (2) You need those C'thulhu for President kits. It's
time for those again.
SubGStang1 : (2) HELL NO, we don't want every poebucker and bobbie
showing up here.
SubGStang1 : (2) Because the white supremacists and the feds would
be right on their heels.
LOSTGuys : (2) bobbie here
Cennobyte : (2) Cthul'hu-head here....
Skarekroe : (2) bobbie there, bobbies flying everywhere
SubGStang1 : (2) Occasionally some poor devil leaves a note taped
to the OUTSIDE of the PO box.
Windeatr : (2) anyone here read any robert anton wilson?
Cennobyte : (2) I'm an absolute Cthul'hu worshipper.....
Cennobyte : (2) Cthul'hu rocks!!!
SubGStang1 : (2) READ any?? Hell, I've had to sit next to the guy
signing books with him! His line is always WAY
SubGStang1 : (2) longer than mine!
GSubG13er : (2) I really feel that "Bob" helped me quit my job
and get my life started. Praise Dobbs.
LOSTGuys : (2) anybody read any "lost in america" tee-hee
Skarekroe : (2) ia shub niggurath! black goat of the woods with a
thousand young!
SubGStang1 : (2) Hey, watch what you're invokin', kid!!
Misty XII : (2) yikes!
Skarekroe : (2) i know what i'm doing dammit!
SubGStang1 : (2) Whatever you do, DON'T OPEN THAT TRAP DOOR!
Misty XII : (2) I dont think theres room in here for that!
Cennobyte : (2) Yes, praise Dobbs, but
GSubG13er : (2) Oh great, next we'll get Shub-Internet. This we
don't need.
GSubG13er : (2) NO, CENNOBYTE! Every time you say something
that's never been said before, you invoke a new
SubGStang1 : (2) Yuggoth... nheeghee... fugazi... kreegah...
GSubG13er : (2) Babies are the WORST cause of this!
Cennobyte : (2) Aaaaiiiiiiieeeeeeee!!!! Get off my throat!!!
Cennobyte : (2) Vile being!!!
Skarekroe : (2) es gibt ein leben nach tsathoggua
Cennobyte : (2) MakkiWakkiFakkiDakki! Nyek!!
SubGStang1 : (2) This is starting to sound like an all too typical
SubGenius chat line.
Cennobyte : (2) Now THOSE are good words to live by...
Misty XII : (2) This really sucks, somebody get rid of thes
demons, there stinkin the place up!
Skarekroe : (2) it's starting to sound like the voices in my
SubGStang1 : (2) Do you people ever check out alt.slack? You can
actually express a sustained thought there.
Cennobyte : (2) Okay...get out demons....
GSubG13er : (2) (spraying demon-off)
Cennobyte : (2) Demonic Raisins, I REBUKE YOU!!!!!
Misty XII : (2) lemon scented demon-off?
Skarekroe : (2) yeah, i remember a post about average penis
length on alt.slack
GSubG13er : (2) No, the citronella scent.
Misty XII : (2) ahh
Misty XII : (2) I'm not sure what a sustained though is
SubGStang1 : (2) The average MIDDLE penis of a SubGenius is
generally regular-sized. It's the OUTER penii
LOSTGuys : (2) how's life with gwar? too wholesome?
Misty XII : (2) those are the fun ones!
SubGStang1 : (2) that grow really huge. And they all have teeny
little penii growing off of them like French
GSubG13er : (2) Oh jeez, I must go. Slack to you all. Praise
"Bob." Stang, Revelation X is THE SHIT. Nighto, all.
Cennobyte : (2) My brother once swallowed a whole quart of
Misty XII : (2) *goodnite*
Skarekroe : (2) noght gsub
Skarekroe : (2) agh, typos!
SubGStang1 : (2) Hey listen up you people, AOL is a rip-off. Buy a
book like INTERNET STARTER KIT and do it for $15
SubGStang1 : (2) a month UNLIMITED TIME like the real Doktors do.
LOSTGuys : (2) too right! fight the power
Cennobyte : (2) AOL IS a ripoff....
GSubG13er : (2) Wait! Before I go...is there any IRC channel you
hang out on ever, Stang?
Misty XII : (2) we know Rev,
Cennobyte : (2) I'm getting it for free....
SubGStang1 : (2) Everything works better, cheaper.
Skarekroe : (2) are you actually trying to tell us how to SAVE
money, stang?
Misty XII : (2) Free AOL beats cheap internet
SubGStang1 : (2) I don't do much IRC stuff.
GSubG13er : (2) Only to channel the savings to "Bob," of course.
Cennobyte : (2) Boy, this guy is good for EVERYTHING!!!!!!
Skarekroe : (2) i can get onto the internet for free, but it
GSubG13er : (2) Okay okay. Slack goodnight.
SubGStang1 : (2) FREE sucks. $15 a month PPP connection is the way
to go.
Cennobyte : (2) Is this goodbye for the reverend???
Misty XII : (2) I hear and obey!
SubGStang1 : (2) Actually a FREE ISDN line would be PERFECT but...
Cennobyte : (2) YOu leaving??
Skarekroe : (2) mulling it over...
Cennobyte : (2) Mark those words.....I shall FIND this FREE ISDN
Misty XII : (2) and the ISDN shall be FREE!
Misty XII : (2) let it be so
Skarekroe : (2) FREE in the land of the FREE
Cennobyte : (2) Oh yes.....FREEEEEEeeeeee........
SubGStang1 : (2) Whew, I'm going to bed, or back to work on the
sicko videos I'm putting on the web site.
Misty XII : (2) Free at last, Free at last
Cennobyte : (2) (I'm humming soft tunes of slack now)
SubGStang1 : (2) Whichever it is, LET THERE BE SLACK!
Misty XII : (2) thnak god almighty this ISDN is Free at last
Cennobyte : (2) I don't exactly know what they sound like....
Cennobyte : (2) YES!!! LET THERE BE SLACK!!!!
Misty XII : (2) sicko videos rule
Skarekroe : (2) i don't think you can get more slack than being
asleep or being dead. gnight stang.
Cennobyte : (2) JALLEY-HOOLIA!!!!
Tdahlen278 : (1) hell yeah. I think its supposed to get pretty
cold tonight
10/4/95 11:30:11 PM Closing Log file.


Copyright 1995 by Rev. Ivan Stang / 1st Orthodox Stangian
MegaFisTemple Lodge of People's Covenant Church of the
Wrath of Dobbs Yeti, Resurrected / The SubGenius Foundation,Inc.
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