More Bothersome Stang Questions

AHHh YES, my dear new friends. Every day we end up having to cut a new reality check around here. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut until I finish reading this Internet Starter Kit book. For instance -- now, don't laugh -- it hadn't sunk in until now that to have a Web site, one must have ANOTHER COMPUTER AND A FULL-TIME EXPENSIVE ACCESS LINE THAT COSTS $300 A MONTH or something like that?? NO WONDER, when those two people offered the Church a free Web site, they seemed to expect me to be REAL GRATEFUL!! Why, I reckon I AM!!

You people certainly have been patient with me. But here's some questions that people keep asking ME, and I'm clueless as usual.

1. Who started up alt.slack?
2. How long has it been around? I've been hearing about it for at least 3 years, it seems like.
3. Who among ye are the "oldest" alt.slack old-timers?
4. How long do posts "stay"? Or is there a, um, "space" limit? (Or has AOL been deciding that for me?) Is there a machine somewhere that "holds" alt.slack, which dumps messages after a certain time, or after it gets "full?"
5. Is that last question, like, totally stupid, with an answer that will be clear if I just shut up and quit reading email and finish my instructo-book?

Or are alt.slack's origins swathed in the mists of time, wrapped in mystery, tortillas and grape leaves? Will we be forced to invent creation myths to explain its existence?

I agree with Dad's recent assessment of alt.slack... this IS better than a STARK FIST! Sure there's no artwork, yet, and you have to wade through some waves of trash, and I DO still have to find time to print up a paper FIST before I go to jail for mail fraud, but... jeepers, I just feel sorry for the folks who either don't know Church exists here, or else find it too complicated to dogpaddle through, or CAN'T AFFORD THE COMPUTER!! All I know is, I CAN'T LEARN THIS SHIT FAST ENOUGH!!! -- and still get the radio shows produced on time, and answer the mollusk mail too. Not to mention making a living... I HATE that part of it...

And I JUST NOW GOT THE CALL -- my Texas Metronet access IS!! It's now time for me to wrestle with the process of configuring and LEARNING all these programs. Will it take a week? A month? I dunno. Will my 4 megs of RAM be enough? Will my mystery modem be up to snuff? I guess I'd better hang on to this hideous AOL account until I earn my "wings." Wish me luck, brothers and sisters. Once I'm fully clued in, I'll start dragging in folks that will liven this place up even more. Wait'll Mavrides and G. Gordon Gordon, for instance, get on line. They'll give even CrankMaster NENSLO a run for his money!!

And I DO have MOUNTAINS of great SubGenius material on disc to ladle out. I think I'll start with the older Stark Fist material, until I get some more advice on Net copyright ins and outs, and more comments from YE regarding the shape of an online FIST. We've never reprinted back issues, so only 4 or 5 thousand people have ever seen most of it.


RoboScribe Ivan Stang

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