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> Rev. Ivan Stang ( wrote:
> :
> : QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE: "Pride of Man" (That this classic
> : gospel/psychedelic tune has not been covered by some modern day band is
> : itself a DEFINITE sign of the End Times)
> Not modern, but Hendrix hisself covered it as "Valleys of Neptune" with
> different lyrics..

!! I be damn!! Somebody who knows about Valleys of Neptune. I love that
tune and am actively searching for a complete version of it. I don't know
if there is a finished studio version. I only have one version with lyrics,
but it appears by other names in 3 instrumental jams, one of which is
called PRIDE OF MAN on the bootleg MULTICOLORED BLUES (another version is
called SLOW TIME BLUES. The sound quality on those two instrumental jams
SUCKS, though... warbly sounding. On a Japanese bootleg called FLAMES there
is an EXCELLENT instrumental version of it, called "LONELY AVENUE". The
version with lyrics that I have is on the LIFELINES boxed set.

This will sound stupid to non-Hendrix-collectors, but one of my dreams is
to find a finished studio version of Valleys of Neptune. It's a real shame
he didn't finish it... far as I know. It sounds like it had the potential
to be another "1983".

One of the elaborate scenes I'm planning to build in Bryce is an
illustration of that song! For some reason it's an inspirational song for
me. Jimi Hendrix music in general is one of my "meds." It honestly is. I
find his attitude very therapeutic.

"Valleys of Neptune is risin'" ... indeed. Hendrix's grammar left
something to be desired, but I have always found it easy for excuse him for

However, I do not think that Valleys of Neptune is the same melody as Pride
of Man! Maybe they are alike in some musical notational way that I don't
recognize, since I don't know jack shit about music... but they sure don't
sound at all alike to me, tune-wise, and I've always wondered by that
series of jams is titled PRIDE OF MAN, which it's called on several
bootlegs. The jam is actually 3 or 4 instrumental run-throughs of Hendrix
standards, EZY Rider I think or Astro Man.

This discussion is probably more appropriate to the Hey Joe listserve. I
believe that Hendrix was a proto-SubGenius of the type Pope Meyer
identified, the kind of guy that can do ONE THING PERFECTLY but screws up
just about everything else. The way he died -- because of a STUPID ACCIDENT
-- proves his SubGeniushood. His sometimes atrociously dumb lyrics, with
all the space-time weirdness, are further evidence. Obviously he was a
musical genius, but from what I've gleaned from the various biographies,
Hendrix was a real fuck-up when it came to things like driving, remembering
where he left the master tapes, double-checking the relative potencies of
German pharmaceuticals, etc. His eyesight was not very good and he was
supposed to wear glasses, but he lost them all the time. He had a number of
car wrecks mainly due to driving around half-blind. Not necessarily stoned
but... wait, that's somebody else's line.

Another thing that everybody who knew him seems to agree on is that Hendrix
was an extremely FUNNY guy, and terribly polite. You hear him do "bits" now
and then in studio out-takes on bootlegs, or while tuning up on stage. He
also made references to oddball comedians of the time, like Bill Cosby (who
was hip back then) and The Smothers Brothers.

And Dobbs says that Hendrix was reincarnated as an entire TRIBE of Xists,
so... take it from there!

I will admit that on the subject of Hendrix, I'm probably at least a B-3
level kook. But what can I say. It's my hobby.

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