Look at SubSITE!!!

From: i.stang@metronet.com (Rev. Ivan Stang)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Subject: Look at SubSITE!!!
Date: 5 Oct 1995


DO IT!!!

I've been busting my already-wasted fanny tweaking up the mighty SubSITE
to match my original concept a little better -- and when I found out that
Netscape had listed it in their "What's New" section this week, well, that
put quite a fire under that aforementioned ass.

I can only say, "CHECK IT OUT." But check it out thoroughly, at least
around all the front indexes and their various tributaries. The giant
bowel of it, the interior "online Fist" section with all the text, hasn't
changed much YET (except the KOOKS HATE section is in now!), and I
especially need to update all the web connections; the real changes are
cosmetic and on the front end, but BOY ARE THEY! This has GOT to be one of
the most MADDENING web sites ever. Pay particular attention to any dares
and warnings. If it asks if you really want to Exit, TRY IT!!! It's LOADED
with booby traps and mindfucks. All of the front end has been majorly
improved. There's a Church News section, New Devivals, special Hour of
Slack news; check out "AFRAID?"; there's a Legume Memorial and Stang's
Internet Diary.

The Funhouse now has about a DOZEN NEW GAMES... really keen stuff for
Macs. HOWEVER!!! You'll notice that it says the LAST THREE "GAMES" will
run on ANYTHING. Well, TRY 'EM. I don't want to blow any punchlines, but
there aren't games there; you won't be stuck downloading something

Investigate the E-Z Quick BrainWIpes.

It looks like very shortly there will be HOUR OF SLACK available at all
times by I-wave. There is probably also going to be a mirror site. The
GWAR tour is still on.

This afternoon I threw caution to the wind and started jacking with
audio-video programs on my Mac. It's easy as hell. I have the whole
MTV-SubGenius one-minute commercial in living color and stereo sound on my
Mac hard drive now, as a Quicktime movie. However it fills 1.5 MEGS so I
won't be depositing THAT on a.b.s. Although I'm gonna experiment with
compression factors and breaking it up into chunks. Mainly I want to be
able to load up the EAR and EYE sections of the website with shitloads of
cool sounds, pictures and movies. Especially movies. Tiny little clips of
my old porno claymation and Dobbsmorphing scenes and YOU NAME IT. Devival
clips, etc. I had no idea it was so damned easy. All I needed was a
zillion bucks worth of gear...

So that's what's going on. More massive changes at SubSITE will happen,
but gradually... meanwhile I think those of you with good graphical Web
browsers will "lak to SHIT" at the huge changes.




Incidentally, World Wide Web Weaver works like a DREAM except that it's a
demo version and it only works if my computer thinks it's still September.

Sorry I haven't been friendlier but there's suddenly LOTS of traffic at
Subsite and we don't want to let those newcomers off lightly.

Copyright 1995 by Rev. Ivan Stang / 1st Orthodox Stangian
MegaFisTemple Lodge of People's Covenant Church of the
Wrath of Dobbs Yeti, Resurrected / The SubGenius Foundation,Inc.
PO Box 140306 Dallas TX 75214 / Fax 214-320-1561 / PRABOB
http://www.subgenius.com -- SubSITE of Slack

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