9-21-99 The Old Buzzard Has Landed!

I don't have my own phone line yet, so I'm using Princess Wei "R." Doe's computer and modem still, but THE ENTIRE SUBGENIUS FOUNDATION ARCHIVES, plus me, arrived successfully and SANS HITCH in Cleveland right on time, after a SUSPICIOUSLY easy journey; the 24 foot Ryder truck has been returned, emptied into Wei's Palace and ACE's basement by the mighty team of Jeff Rosenbaum, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Lou Duchez, "Norm," Joyce Levine, Wei, me, and two very professional hired gorillas.


Wei's Palace and the bACEment are TOTALLY CRAMMED with UNPACKED BOXES, which will take two weeks to empty and disperse to their proper places, but, by Gobbs, my computer DIDN'T BREAK on the Arkansas highways, my huge desks are in their new Throne Office, and I have Amorphis blaring LOUD AS HELL in the background. The cotton is high and the 'Frop is green (with red hairs). EVERYTHING IS OKAY AND NOBODY GOT KILLED OR EVEN HURT!!

I am excited as all git-out!

Soon my Command Module will be completely re-outfitted, the bookshelves will be filled with my art books and videos, and Tarzan's Radio Station (my Hour of Slack mixing "studio") will be up and running... but there's NO HURRY because there IS SLACK. The stuff sitting in the bACEment represents a SMALL FORTUNE in auctionable E-BAY CRAP -- DAMN am I glad I kept all that junk until the Internet was invented -- and soon I will be able to hit the new CD projects like a house-afire.

But first, SLACK! SLACK! Gouts and BUCKETS of Slack. Washtubs and small RESERVOIRS of Slack. Lakes and OCEANS, mighty RIVERS and WATERFALLS of Slack... GEYSERS! SLACK VOLCANOES! Slack supernovas and subatomic Slack cold fusion reactions in EVERY ATOM of EVERY CELL! (Maybe even some Slack Pils!)

On the 7th day, Sunday, We/I rested and, believe it or not, went to see a DINNER THEATER production of MY FAIR LADY in Warren, Ohio, with her mom and dad. Then we went to YOM KIPPUR SERVICES, first time I ever went to Jewish services! And you know what? The whole weekend was TOTAL ALL-OUT SLACK. Don't worry, I'm still the MOST orthodox Stangian Dobbs-Yeti-Resurrected SubGenius. But I have to admit, after what I've been through recently, that Yom Kippur service kinda got to me and I realized that it's time for me to let go of the built-up Hate Squared and angers and let them fly off at top speed like escaped buzzards, and maybe work on the Slack and, uh, forgiveness end of things, seeing as how we're swiftly approaching the End of Things. The very SEAT of the century, the ass of the millenium, the butt of the thousand year joke. "The more Slack you have, the more Slack you can radiate to others." Somebody said that. So that's my goal. SLACK. Simple enough.

I am very lucky that one of my favorite forms of Slack is compulsively, anally organizing disorganized things. And I have here before me THREE HUNDRED BOXES OF THINGS awaiting new, improved STASHING.



It was all weepy and gleepy my last week in Dallas, saying goodbyes to folks, but now it's FULL SPEED AHEAD! I'm about to start downloading my stacked-up week's worth of email. That shouldn't tke more than about 12 hours... just in time for spaghetti and a great big giant Italian sausage dinner over at the Smiths'. Maybe I'll go down to my NEW SEMI-SACRED P.O. BOX for the first time!

MAN!! Talk about a "NEW YEAR"! AIEEEEEEEE!

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