Intro/titles barrage combining computer-warped old HoS intros (from HoS 113 ((the FIRST "quit smoking" show!)), mixed with typical Pink Dallas radio samples recorded last week by Jesus.

Stang blabs about recent events (SXSW, Survival Research Labs etc.) pausing to let the background music play:

JIMI HENDRIX "God Save the Queen" (From the bootleg, "Best of the Bootlegs." This is one of those rare pieces that justifies the hours we Hendrix researchers spend combing through horrible overpriced illegal CDs. I had never even heard of this one; it was a total surprise. It's a very crisp recording of a studio multitrack session in which Hendrix fiddles a bit flamenco-style, and then does "God Save the Queen" a la the studio "Star Spangled Banner" that's on Rainbow Bridge. INCREDIBLE!!! Tear-jerking.)

Stang introduces:

JEHOVAH HATES PHRED ""Bob" Down in the Saucer-0" (Rousing drinking song with many rounds. From their new album. St.@ndrew, you can relax now, I've "gotten to" your wonderful tape and we'll eventually play all of it.)

Stang reads "THE DARWIN AWARDS" (internet graffitti) -- news reports of incredibly stupid deaths.

Background music is by TIPSY (Excellent Space Age Bachelor Pad music. Stang briefly describes history of the TERM "Space Age Bachelor Pad Music", originating from Byron Werner.)

JOHN BARTLES "Super Predator Safari" and "Makes Me Feel Like Drinking"

Stang gabs pleasantly about Bartles while in the background we hear:

WENDY CARLOS/J.S. BACH, Brandenburg Concerto #5 (allegro pt.1 -- ONE of these days I'm gonna find a tape of HENDRIX playing this!!)

Stang also mentions upcoming
(April 10 to June 1 at WORDS & PICTURES Gallery, 140 Main St. Northhampton MA)

Some CLASSIC KPFA Berkeley Sub show (Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Howll, Gary G'Broagfran) lifted from HoS 113


More classic KPFA SubGenius show

Stang blathers re: bands at SXSW, introduces:


KPFA SubShow 10-11-96, "COFFEE/WORLD WAR II" improvs w/ Hal and Wellman

Stang raves about The Firesign Theater and listens with the audience for HIS first time to:

THE FIRESIGN THEATER "Eat or Be Eaten", Side One (GGG gave me a copy of this -- one of their last albums, and one I had missed entirely. In this one, "Player" enters a video game world and gets lost in it. I figure that well over half of the Hour of Slack audience has never actually heard The Firesign Theater... seemed like it was time to force some. This one has GREAT computer-oriented multiple-layer recursive humor. I might or might not play part 2 next week.

Sign-off, PO Box, credits Wandarer, quickie collage of Death of the Sampling Virus and Jesus's Dallas radio tape.


So okay, how's that for a CLASS LINE-UP?





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