Before I go on, AN ANNOUNCEMENT. From a memo passed down from on-high and recently deciphered:


What's it gonna hurt? You won't need the money and it probably isn't much anyway... what, $100, $200 total for Eudora Lite, Newswatcher, etc. etc., all that stuff you started out on and may still use. But think about it. Dobbs has always said, before X-Day, you should max out your credit cards, spend like there's no tomorrow, etc etc... and that's so. But if there's anybody that probably deserves a little extra Slack despite never having paid lip service to Dobbs, it's those shareware authors whose hard work and enlightened attitudes (SUCKERS!!!) made the Internet affordable for so many of us.

Anyway, just a thought. Shareware Fee Procrastination is a definitive form of Slack, but on X-Day our cups will be overflowing... so why not. Buck the nonsystem and buck 'em well.


Hour of Slack 577 last week was a rerun of the ancient #257 or something like that.

I, Stang have not had time to answer email hardly, nor to do anything special but work on THE PROJECT. (See alt.binaries.slack, "BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE ANTICHRIST") And clean up blood. Gouts and gouts of dog blood. And preach devivals and mix this show. And all like that. I'm not griping, NOW; I'm just explaining en masse why I haven't answered YOUR close personal request/donation.

Beast's nose is getting better.

Despite staying up all the night before trying to bring the Dobbs thing to life, the Rutgers devival last Saturday went very well, for me anyway. Rev. WANDARER was the most GRACIOUS host for my short visit to New Jersey... we picked up DK Jones in a LIMO (yes a LIMO!!! -- first time I've been in one of those since "Bob's" first funeral!) on the way to meet Dr. & Mrs. Legume at the Cook-Douglass College Rec Center Gymnasium. Dr. Ed Strange and HIS newly-ordained, lovely little squirty honey were there... Pastor Craig was there... why it was a regular old folks homely week.

I got home Sunday, to find the dog still gushing from the snout, and the email way way stacked up again. However I ESCHEWED it all and dove right back into my EXPERIMENTS, and last Tuesday night I succeeded in breathing life into the Image of the Beast... well, you'll see. It's only the beginning. Only the barest beginning. I am excited to say the least. Last night I posted the results to a.b.s. and then collapsed, having been running on about 4-5 hours a night for the last week and NOT ANXIOUS to experience antisleep throughout this weekend's ATLANTA DEVIVAL!!!!

But I had to produce SHOW this morning no matter what, and so I did. By 11:30 I had it DONE and the sumbitch is dubbing now -- although I'm listening instead to the Hendrix jam on "Born Under a Bad Sign" from the The Compleater bootleg... and that is calming me down.

Maybe I shouldn't mix the shows in the mornings. I'm almost always in a fit of pissedness in the mornings. In fact I had to go back over this show and blank over personal insults a couple of times.

By the time I got to Side 2, I felt much better, and, thanks to the contributors, managed to turn the Hate around and divert it into The Promise of X-Day.

That last sentence sounds like the story of my life SO FAR.


Stang bitches about Bobbies pestering him, threatens to murder entire audience


A HALO CALLED FRED -- "Please Stop Kicking My Head"

Stang bitches re: Bobbies kicking his head, the Slackful SubG Scribe lifestyle, the creation of the 3D AntiChrist (now observable on alt.binaries.slack), hanging with Rev. Eyre Rend, Rutgers devival in New Jersey, where this band A Halo Called Fred played, and I never heard of 'em before, but by Gobbs they're a GREAT DOKTOR BAND and they aren't even SubGenii. I invited them to the X-Day Drill 97.

A HALO CALLED FRED -- "Mexican Love Song"
(Note: This Church has more bands with the name Fred or Phred involved than any other world religion or obscure mind control cult that I know of. Note-2: this is the only love song I know of with MST-3000 references in it.)

Stang bitchin', yakkin' re: Bobbies blackmailing and bribing to get their tapes played, companies named, etc., general hate spew. Plays some very short clips from

Fernandinande's HEBEPHRENIATRICS tape (just the first couple of lines... to the first "fuck").

DR. HOWLL and PUZZLING EVIDENCE (KPFA Berkeley subshow, 7-19-96) -- Chinese Infant Spontaneous Human Combustion.

Stang bitches about hate and hating, and bitching... reads hate letter from Bob Larson fan. Becomes philosophical and draws unhateful conclusions from this lesson on Hate.

DR. HOWLL and PUZZLING EVIDENCE (KPFA Berkeley subshow, 7-19-96) -- "Janor's Coming!", Superman versus Braniac, Lex Luther's problems

JANOR HYPERCLEATS -- "My Girlfriend's Car"

DR. HOWLL and PUZZLING EVIDENCE (KPFA Berkeley subshow, 7-19-96) -- Aunt Bertha movie, History of Hell



SUSIE THE FLOOZIE's Apocalypse Show, Intro Rant re: The End of the World. Very sexy rant about radiation sickness, etc.

William Burroughs "Apocalypse"

Jack Vam Impe End of the World preaching


Duck and Cover

TOM LEHER -- "So Long, Mom"


Stang raps re: how WWIII is for the Pinks -- but for us, all these petty hassles, all our woes will be over.... our troubles will end on X-Day as we are ruptured up into the saucers, The Queen of All the UFOs will descend down the ramp... etc. Leads into:

JIMI HENDRIX -- "Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)"

Old REVELATION X UNCUT FIRST VERSION X-DAY RANT read from notes by Stang, GGG -- The $20, The Rupture, The Sex Goddesses, The Escape Vessels. -- from Hour of Slack 348, the X-Day special

PO Box and end rant re: X-Day, invitation to the Drill at Brushwood



Now we have to pack for Atlanta. There are some new pics of Susie & Legume on SubSITE (new last week anyway -- the Upcoming Devivals page).

PAPA JOE MAMA will also be at the Atlanta devival this Saturday. And some contortionists! The Devival will go till 4 in the morning.

Thus the Atlanta Devival will boast a FULL RETINUE of HUMAN CARTOONS: Susie, Legume, Joe Mama, Dynasoar, Jesus Christ, and god only knows what else. Me, but I'm not a human cartoon...

Jesus says he posted the just-decided location of Legume's Bachelor Party, Friday night. The Clermont, on Ponce de Leon Ave. in Atlanta.

Have you noticed our new email addresses?



The old metronet ones still work, but won't forever.

However, please pardon me if I am very slow to answer mail, this week, still. I am desperately trying to further THE PROJECT before the Steve Jackson Games SubGenius OTHER PROJECT slams into the office full force.

That project suffered a scheduling setback, when the offices at Steve Jackson Games were ROBBED AND RANSACKED the other day. This time, probably NOT by the Secret Service.

SubGenius arteests -- don't feel dismayed if I haven't contacted you about this with details. We don't know any of THOSE kinds of details yet. Much of the art we need probably already exists, and you may well have already produced it, it's just up to me to sort it out. Regarding specially commissioned art, just for specific cards on this specific project, a la Revelation X, NENSLO is up at the head of the line, and don't even THINK about cutting in ahead of him. I am going to generate as much of the art as possible MYSELF for the simple reason that there is very little budget $ and I hate to UNDERPAY PEOPLE. (How's that for logic.) DON'T WORRY, YOU'LL BE INFORMED. I sure as hell wouldn't think about using anybody's stuff without arranging it all fully with them first.

Just like you artists wouldn't chainsaw a Dobbshead onto a paying client without sending Dobbs a cut.

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