Jesus and I got to fool with SubSITE over an ISDN line (or somesuch really fast thang) at the South by Southwest conference -- MAH GAWD MAN!!! It almost gives one hope for the Web. If everybody had this kind of speedy modem, why, the mind boggles. The tables that SXSW had set up for "panelists" were covered with computers and VCRs so that one could project whatever the hell one wanted up on a huge video screen, and I must say it was MOST INVIGORATING to hear Hour of Slack coming off those speakers in Real Audio, straight off the Net, and SOUNDING BETTER THAN IT DOES IN MY STUDIO. Which isn't saying much because my studio has SHITTY speakers. And there is no wait for graphics. None to speak of.


The panel I was on went well and the mini devival and SubSITE art mines show-offing went well, Dobbsheaded Goods sold well at our booth, and all in all, the SXSW Multimedia thang in Austin was well worth the trip. I copped some nifty software, gabbed with gobs of geeks, and the hotel they put us in had a nice pool. Each night, Jesus, Rev. Nickie, someone else and I held secret meetings and arms sales talks with Dr. G. Gordon Gordon and the Dual Sts. Deuel, Joe Newman, Colonel Sphinx Drummond, Mark Hosler from Negativland, and Steve Jackson from Steve Jackson Games. GOD we are SO COOL. We are all just SO DAMN COOL.

And I have one day to do an Hour of Slack, and one day to do my Internet Underground job, and then I'm going back to SXSW on my oddy knocky to hold down the SubGenius Sales Booth in the Exhibition Hall from noon to 6 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, during the SXSW MUSIC fest, which is far far bigger than the multimedia thang, and at which I am not preaching but merely SELLING because so many thousands will be there and we'd be idiots NOT to. JESUS "has" to go on a "vacation" to ARUBA (!!!).

I would rather sit here and geek out, but souls must be saved, DAMN IT!!

And then after that, it looks like we're gonna be doing SOMETHING at the Survival Research Labs show in Austin... I ran into Fringeware guy Paco, and he said we MUST be there. I'm hoping that perhaps we can strap Devilacqua in His loincloth and robes and Crown o Thorns, to one of those giant SRL thresher/flamethrowers and let 'er rip while he hollered about "Bob".

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