We sat outside at this landmark restaurant. Like I said, it was a gorgeous

day. We sat there for over an hour, relaxing. I rested my lungs, which were
still showing the signs of the weird bronchitis stuff.

But we could not stay forever at Grendel's Den and we paid and left. No, we
did not dine and dash in Massachusetts. We walked around and checked out a
few bookstores. I found some anti-homophobia zine with an intro by Ivan
Stang. In general, it wasn't such a bad introduction, although I felt that
he was a puerile and infantile man who unfortunately possesses an ounce of
talent and an annoying amount of luck. Several people I know disagree with
me. Several others do not. Enough about Ivan Stang. I don't know, at least
he's not Bob Black. Okay, okay, enough petty, catty, backbiting...

We walked around the Harvard environs and bought a box camera, but did not
use it in Cambridge. Probably because I was anxious to get going. I don't
know why, it was sort of stupid. Perhaps I was afraid of appearing like a
tourist, which is stupid because I was a tourist, although, of course, I
would prefer the titles renowned and beloved world traveller or esteemed
visiting scholar. Regardless, I wasn't going to see the place for a while
and should've gotten a photo snapped.

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