If I have sent this message twice already, forgive me. Something is acting up here and it ain't me.

I'm on a tear. I'm gonna glut alt.binaries.slack. I'm gonna max it out. Should have been doing this all along.

Today I uploaded:

DIE DOBBS DIE -- new Macintosh game by the great Robert Carr. Small, simple, deadly.

"BOB" LOVES U -- also by Robert Carr. A start-up screen & voice for Macs. OR you can just keep the icon out to click on. It gives you a handsome but brief Dobbs and a vocal reassurance of his love.

2 .wav sounds (digitized by Rev. Zachary Carleton):

"CONSMELL," a funny, queasy sounding sound bite from some movie... HIGHLY pertinent.

"WHAT IS THE LAW" -- the voice of JHVH-1??? From an old Hour of Slack

4 color .GIF pics from the GWAR tour --

Slymenstra's fire dance (x2)
Oderus ejaculates on 2 Grey Aliens
Sexicutioner tries to abort the crucified Slymenstra's muatnt baby by Ceasarian

Legume Wake & many more SubGenius devival pics & clips, coming soon. I'm just getting back into practice.

(All this stuff will be on the SubSITE too, eventually).


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