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Subject: Official Church Update 4/22/97
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 01:50:18 GMT
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Official Church Update
Rev. J.C. "Steve" Bevilacqua

Ok, the big reason I'm putting out this news is the
addition of a new show that is only two weeks away
and I wouldn't want anyone to miss it:

Rutgers University's Counter Culture Convention
New Brunswick NJ
May 2nd - 3rd
web site

The Right Reverend Ivan Stang Himself will be
appearing for, count em, 2 different personal
appearances. The first will be a classy and dignified
forum discussion on the value of the freedom of
RELIGION, PINK BOY! The second will be a
Devival, of sorts, we hope, but at least there will be
some sort of lecture/show/ranting/sacrifice/orgy.
There should also be a holy sales table set up in the
sales room on Sat.
At first, we were worried about this event, being
that we were asked on at such a late date. But then I
discovered that the group bringing us in is none
other then the ROCKY HORROR fan club, so I
knew Rev. Stang would have me torched if I let this
one slip by. So we signed on under the condition
that if ANY showing of the Rocky is displayed at
Rutgers during his stay, the Rev Stang will, without
question, play the part of Frankfurter. In fact, I just
signed the contract making this official.

Any questions about this show can be directed to
Jeff Mack (908) 342-9497
Atlanta Devival is on Fire.

Legume, Suzy, RocknHand, Stang, Jesus, Dynasor,
maybe even Mama... need I say more. May 10 -
10pm CRC - 800 Marietta St

24 hr Devival Hotline (216)556-0338
Austin Devival
Just a rumor at this point
Stark Fist
Laying it out as we speak. Not sure if it will be 16
or 32 pgs. Lack of advertisers says 16, amazing
content says 32.... Your donation of $500 could
decide it. I need that $500 champion.
Dallas SubGenius Meeting
still on as planned
May 16th
Ice House 5627 Yale
7:30pm - ?
Free, all invited, card carrying members = .50 off all

Yes we came, we saw, we got yelled at.
Turns out the self proclaimed "world's most
persecuted church" feels it's not SO persecuted that
it can't tell the Church of the SubGenius to stop
preaching. Now who's really the UGLY STEP
Revs' Nickie, Matt, Demonica and me, Jesus,
loaded up the DeathChick Pimpmobile and headed
off to Waco for the holy anniversary. For those not
familiar with what's left of the compound here's a
run down of the sites: Davidian Swimming hole #1,
Davidian Swimming hole #2, Anal Government
stacks of important and thorough investigative
search (such as doors, windows, toilets, etc.),
Torched Bus #1, Torched bus #2, Smashed and
twisted trailer home, disinformation center, main
trailerhome HQ, a memorial of trees for each
cultmember killed by the New World Order Boot
Thugs, each with a memorial stone showing name,
age, and date killed (these surprisingly were all the
same date), and a few other memorial stones from
various organizations using the tragedy as a
foothold for their agenda. That was it. It was
amazing to see how completely the War Machine
can OBLITERATE the home of 80 people. I mean
there was literally NOTHING left of the
"compound". Except for the buildings foundation,
filled with water from the recent rains, you would
never know there ever was a structure there. When
we arrived, (about noon) there were maybe 50
people. B-3's of all types abounded... well, I ment
to keep this short. After looking around we made
lunch, and I began preaching. I guess it was the
bullhorn that upset them, or maybe it was the
But anyhow the security guard came by and asked
us who we were and that I "better not be talking any
about this "Koresh was Jesus" bullshit." I attempted
a discussion of religious freedom and was escorted
to HQ were I talked to the Main Mama. She looked
at a pamphlet (Groovy G's "Are you different?")
And said, "Any one who follows you... DESERVES
I said "Yes ma'am your absolutely right"
She then said we could stay, preach and hand out
literature, but no bullhorn, as it should be a day of
peace. So, as it turns out they were quite nice to us.
Only 2 people ever came over to talk to us , fans of
the HOS form Fox TV. But we got to see a lot of
interesting people including: David Koresh's
brother, or Dad, the President of the Republic of
Texas, The leader of the Texas Right to Life--
Bombing and Poetry Division, Billy Bob "Church
of Christ" Thorton (...some people call it laziness, I
call it Slack... I don't supposin I need to be killin'
nobody, uuhh hmmm, here's a pamphlet, we're not
with the Branch Davidians, we're totally corrupt,
uuhh hhmmm...), the Men in Black (one was a
woman), and a Jewish Christian ranter, at least this
is who I think they were... I guess the best part
was we were all on CNN headline news, of course it
was only the back of our heads, but WE knew who
it was. It was a great picnic and I recommend the
visit to everyone. You never know who's religion
could be next.

Waco was my wakeup call.
Is your Church BATF proof?

Just another waiter for the new world order.....
your servant
Jesus Christ

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