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so the moral is, it's better not to
> start cleaning things at all than to get electrocuted and blinded, but
> since I didn't actually get electrocuted and blinded it worked out okay.
> But imagine if my wife had come home and found me dead on the floor with
> one eye burned out just because I wanted to clean the damn stove?

> Not my day, folks.
> --

Well, HELL, BIG DEAL!! I've had so many things explode in my face or come screaming into it at 90 miles an hour that I'd have been blinded TEN TIMES OVER were I not a four-eyes with these fine thick plastic lenses, and what about that time they made the primitive 1971 GLASS contact lenses WRONG and they GROUND DEEP CIRCLES into my CORNEA so that EVERY MINUSCULE EYE MOVEMENT caused HAIR TEARING PAIN, HELL NENSLO, you think you got PROBLEMS THAT ALMOST HAPPENED? Why I bounced a $300 CHECK on MYSELF -- YOU THINK YOU KNOW PAIN??? And my entire hard drive was BLANKED last week when the SYSTEM CORRUPTION finally got JUST OUT OF HAND. 600 megs GONE TO NHEEGHEE. Oh sure I had back-up -- FROM 2 MONTHS AGO!!!! Still rebuilding the lost segments of my website scale model remote control device. Lost last 3 weeks' worth of unanswered email. So if I didn't answer, you know why. Lost the last 2 months' worth of alt.slack savings. What there was of it. But it's ALL GONE.

HAS ANYBODY OUT THERE GOT A SCALE MODEL OF THE BEST OF ALT.SLACK, LAST TWO MONTHS?? Hell, last 6 MONTHS?? SubSITE is gonna be BEREFT of new alt.slack stuff. Not that anybody will KNOW they're MISSING anything or CARE -- I didn't see much of it and I'm still alive -- but it just seems a WASTE. DON'T EMAIL ME everything, check with me first.

I need more Syquest EZ135 disks. MUST BACK UP DAILY. There's no way around it. SHIT you think YOU got PROBLEMS!!! Muleskinner's back from the shop now and seems to be working FINE but I keep stumbling across the HOLLOW GAPS.

Hell you think you got problems, Papa Joe Mama bought a P-Mac 8100, fancier than mine, got it home, turned it on, everything booted up, he looked at the tutorial a bit, shut it down, left the room, and TEN MINUTES LATER heard a loud *FRAP!* like a little firecracker or a cap going off, FROM THE MACHINE. And it would not power up again at all. TEN MINUTES it was "off" but... who knows... the demon of the nicad kept FEEDING... it was STARVED... but hell you think you have problems, ARE YOU JANOR??? ARE YOU??? No. So don't be telling ME about how you got PROBLEMS, Mr. NOT-BLIND-AFTER-ALL NENSLO!!!



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