95.1.23- Subject: Ivan Stang is really Kibo

deadslug@cats.ucsc.edu (David C. "Davy Baby" Brogden)

"Ivan Stang is really Kibo.
Think about it, won't you?
* Both "rule" their respective newsgroups, alt.religion.kibology and alt.slack.
* Both have fake "real jobs" when they're not online.
* Both have an affinity for capital letters.
* Ivan Stang secretly kibozes AOL's news feed (which is quite expensive ;)
Don't fall for it! Ivan Stang and Kibo are one and the same! And this "Bob"
guy is really Andrew Bulhak! Ha ha ha ha!"

Ah hell, the jib is up. Might as well come clean. You unraveled the puzzle. I AM the GOD(s) of both newsgroups. Forget pipe-boy. This has been the Turf of His Majesty Ki-Stang-bo since the git-go. And I want to finally point out that, while I invented alt.slack years ago, up until now I was able to ALMOST convincingly act like I'd hardly even heard of it until recently, didn't know what a computer was, and so on. At one point, back in the middle 1980s, I was writing a "Bob" story a day AS KIBO and submitting them to my Stang self for use in the STARK FIST (also fictitious, OBVIOUSLY!), as if I needed "exposure." Yes, it's fun being the GOD of TWO newsgroups. And the best thing about ruling is that I get to PRETEND that I'm actually a "newbie," sort of nervous about what I say here, not wanting to step on toes, as if I were in awe of the old-timers whose presences as alt.slack Gods was (I allow them to think) long since established. Come to think of it, what you said describes everybody here! (Except that part about fake "real jobs." That's a BLACK LIE. I am PROUD of my real "fake job!") Have you noticed that, in my vast and incomprehensible generosity, I grant Philo the right to his delusion that HE rules alt.slack? Same with Lou Duchez. He gets to think HE lords over us all. And my Sterno serf thinks he has a whole newsgroup named after HIM, too! Pope Charles and Dad get to think they rule alt.slack AND have "their" "own" "radio shows." And so on, as above the belt, so below the belt.

You figured out THAT much, but here's the rest -- might as well spill it all -- not only am I, Kibo, so clever as to be able to invent and dominate TWO entire virtual universes, but... you know all these other characters you see on alt.slack? I invented them, too.

Now it can be told. We're ALL Kibo!

My Master Control Program has these plug-ins, see -- Nenslo 3.1, SirWill1 v.4.5, DynaSor Update 1.1.1, etc. (I'm still working on the Janor Module and an improved Vreedeez 1.0.) All this time, you, deadslug, have been UTTERLY ALONE. Except that, I, Kibo, am here with you. That's right, it's just us. And there ain't ROOM in this newsgroup for the two of us. DRAW, pardner!!

King Sti-Kang-Bo, Master of the Universe, "Knower" of Hobo Chang Ba and Mongo Faugh Faugh-faugh, Groundskeeper of the Great Putting Green, 51% owner of the Janor Tongue.

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