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> (Actually Jesus is out there in my yard, carving stones for the walkway
> again... He always does that on Sunday, and I always sit up here griping
> about how I am forced to go to too many swinging parties with wild naked
> babes and mutants and all manner of intoxicants and insane loud art. Sunday
> the the SubGenius Compound... we DO get Slack each in our own ways. Oh well
> Simpson's'll be on presently.)

I never did watch the Simpsons because I read a post here where Iceknife was kicking Pastor Craig for wearing that big kick me sign, and it made me really want to kick Iceknife's ass, and I got so steamed up... then I checked my email and there was a letter from Dr. Dynasoar basically saying, "Don't be a big baby." And I thought about that and decided basically, "Okay." (I am, after all, insane. Ever since I had that realization it has been easier to "let go".) So I got on the Sunday Nite Devival IRC, tried to spread a message of peace and love, and that's what I'm doing now.

Peace. Love Slack.

Now I am going to try to wake up in the morning just brimming over with Love and Slack for my fellow SubGenii, and Bile and Hate only for the Norm-Worms whose foibles I'll read in the paper. Yes. I won't think of IT... I'll just... BLOW IT OFF. Whatever IT is. (It's been cycling through 5 or 6 ITs lately.) I'll just "Keep the Virtual Fropstick Lit." Not the Virtual beer, not the virual cigaret. The Virtual Fropstick. A great big ol' bomber. Just keep a puffin'. The Others can't see it, can't smell it, but AAAhhhhhh yes.

I will see how the Prophet Jim's new skin fits the 3DDobbs8. I will see what the 65 new pieces from alt.binaries.slack look and sound like. Yes. Peace. Love Slack.

Short fuse. SHORT damn fuse, gettin' shorter all the time. 417 days, oh lordy. Grant me Time Control and if not that, then shitloads more patience.

"Newt" Stang

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