Subject: Re: Stang & Viacom

From: (rev.nickie)
Date: 21 Feb 1996 17:53:47 GMT
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Dr. Doc Hambone ( wrote:
: Viacom, folks, owners of such atrocities as MTV, Blockbuster Video,
: Beverly Hills 90210, and .. Ivan Stang. Viacom owns Paramount, which is
: the largest book publisher in America, which owns Simon & Schuster, which
: published Revelation X. Glad to know old Douglass gets his paychecks from
: the same alien corporate overlords as Tori Spelling and Kennedy. Explains
: a lot. Like why he can show up to booksignings and Conan O'Brian but not
: put out one lousy issue of the Stark Fist in years. At his estimate, 4000
: subscribers, that's a good $120,000 to start. Ain't chump change, and it
: ain't that hard to throw together. Who's pulling the strings!!!!!!
: I get my mag I paid $20 bucks for way back when and I'll take it all back.

What the heck do you mean, $120,000?? Who's supposed to have that money,
now? What "Conan O'Brian"?? What universe are you living in? And why did
you post this to alt.religion.subgenius where no one will see it? What
are YOU trying to hide?

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-----Rev. Nickie

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