Strange day yesterday. I woke up about 11 am, alone in the house, to what sounded like a tornado outside. Thought, "Well hell, if it's a tornado, I'm probably about as safe here as anywhere else in this house." And rolled right back over to go to sleep.But the incessant chirping of the security system wouldn't let me snooze. I got up and looked out the window. The wind sounded like a million tormented banshees and my wife's trees were all horizontal instead of vertical.

About a mile away, Jesus crawled out of bed and discovered that his van, Sorceror 2, already in bad shape due to the treachery of the Eritreans, had a tree atop it.

The power was off throughout the city. And it stayed off at the offices here, all day and late into the night. Will O'Dobbs and Nickie came by to work off their debts and penance, but there was NOTHING DOABLE without juice except putting labels on tape and suchlike busy-work. This was frustrating since Jesus and I are busting ass on a deadline -- we have to get an Interim Fist 8-page mailing finished by Monday and to the printers if the Members are to get it before the X-Day Drill. Luckily we had written most of it and my main job was to sort out artwork for it. That sounds easy and fun, but there was rather a LOT of artwork that remained unsorted since Revelation X. 4 large boxes of it. I sat and worked by candle-light, sifting through TONS of great stuff I'd forgotten we had. My daughter said that I looked just like a crazy little madman, hunched amidst all these piles of sick art and skulls, lit by candles.

Before the sun went down, we went out for a spin around the neighborhood lake. The parks looked like the jungle from KING KONG, with huge trees uprooted and scattered around "like matchsticks," as they say.

It was COOL!!

Now it is time to get back to the mailing. Oh shit, and clean up the house before Mrs. Stang returns from her trip. OH NO and I said we would do an IRC thing tonight. Me and my big mouth.

But you know, the Unabomber was right. We ARE too dependent on technology. Oh, I could still boil water with the power off... but HOW COULD I GRIND THE COFFEE BEANS???

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