Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 15:03:13 -0600

To: FilthDoks
From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <> Subject: SubSITE DRILL Report finished

FINALLY! After logging and frame-grabbing and dubbing and copying and Hour-of-Slack-ing for a WEEK, I FINALLY got an extremely illustrated set of pages onto SubSITE about the X-Day Drill.

That's one way. You COULD just go to and click on the EVENTS, NUDITY button on Page One. Either that or the Updates page will get you straight to the Drill stuff.

You'll notice that I also changed the opening pages again.

This Drill report has not only many stills, like the last report, but this time I Gooed and captioned a whole lot of them. Also, this year we have the graphic (as well as fleshly!) baubles, bangles and dingleberries of Friday Jones, who cranks out nifty animated GIF headlines and browser-bait.

Also, this time you can hear THE ENTIRE DRILL -- 9 hours of recordings -- in RealAudio.

All of the digital photos snapped by TheCharlie (as seen on alt.binaries.slack) are also included. (I posted some of my favorite Gooed frame-grabs to a.b.s. last night, incidentally, so if you hate the Web and prefer to just nab binaries offf newsgroups, you can do that too.)

I know for sure how to crash several servers at once. This ALWAYS works for me. First, you work on a very elaborate Web presentation for a whole week. It takes way longer than you expected. You go without food or sleep (but not coffee or frop). Then, you FINISH, and (here's the key) TRY TO UPLOAD IT. At the moment that you try, your local access server will first have router problems lasting all day, but on-and-off, so you never know if it's you or the website server in North Carolina. Then when your local access server comes back online, your North Carolina web server machine goes wacky for all night long.

That sequence of events ensues EVERY time I get a big mess of stuff ready for SubSITE. EVERY time.

But YET we persevere, and the stuff is up.

The new front page takes a little longer than usual to load because we're displaying a Church Logo Made on a Slab of Meat by Paul Mavrides right at the top, and the rich red of the meat makes it a big file... lots og hemoglobin, which slows transfer time. (Vegetarian GIFs and jpegs move much faster across the wires.)

This has been a form letter. Thank you. Now I must hurry up and produce a SECOND X-Day Drill special Hour of Slack before it's as late as the first one. Then, back onto the Steve Jackson game art. By tomorrow. We just never slow down for a second here. I haven't even seen MEN IN BLACK. Probably not missing much.

Check out the site!

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